Best VR Porn for Women in 2023 – Female POV Videos

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#9 Live Experience

(-> VirtualRealPassion)

Enjoy a nice movie with your BF- and give it your favorite ending. This weekend it’s you and him. And you just reached the “Chill” in “Netflix and Chill”

#8Fucking my best friend

(-> LustReality)

Watch two sexy friends fucking with a tempting strap on. Girls having fun with girls watching – what could be better in this world?

#7 Paris And Lily Adams

(-> VRHush)

Forget about friendzone – invite your good friend to feel the warmth of your pussy. You suspected he had a big dick before, but you were never sure – but now you know! Enjoy!

#6 Virtual Mating Room

(-> BaDoinkVR)

Sitting in the waiting room at the Doctor’s office is boring. But you’re with your boyfriend, and this stud doesn’t miss a chance to fuck you, ever. Time for some risky action!

#5Home for Thanksgiving

(-> VirtualRealPassion)

Your needy boyfriend wants you two to spend Thanksgiving together this year. Only in bed. Forget food and everything else: All you need this time is his fat cock inside you!

#4 After The Orgy

(-> Reality Lovers)

The morning after an unforgettable orgy, you find yourself stranded with the hottest guys at the party. Lucky you, because you didn’t feel you got fucked well enough the day before. Time to rewind!

#3 Virtual Sexology II

(-> BaDoinkVR)

Get treated as you’d like to be treated while you guide a handsome brunette guy around your body – for the ultimate VR porn experience!

#2 Live Experience

(-> VirtualRealPassion)

Take part in an insane orgy where two sexy chicks and a horny guy take turns touching, licking, and fucking you like it’s their last time!

#1 Date Night

Date Night Female POV(-> HerPOVR)

Nothing turns a girl on like a perfect date does.

Take part in the most intense moment that follows any date night and have the best sex EVER!

VR porn for women: Virtual reality presents new hope

female_pov_brunette_studFor a long time, the porn industry ignored the desires of women. This ignorance is mainly due to the porn industry being male-dominated.

VR porn for women will change that. Many companies believed that producing porn for women was unnecessary. “Women don’t watch porn.”

This idea, of course, is false.

A recent study shows that 20% of visitors to porn sites are women. So why is there no specific porn for females? Well, the study also shows that 70% of women keep their cyber activities a secret. In contrast, do you know any male actively proclaiming not to watch porn?… The porn industry is looking over, no wonder women. Do women watch porn?

Please don’t take me wrong. There are a few specific -> top VR porn sites for women. However, they are rare. The CEO of Sssh, by the way, is Angie Rowntree. She made it her mission to offer women what they are looking for in porn: “Intimacy, mutual pleasure, and enjoyment.” Check out her site. There is a cheap trial, and they do offer a lot of anonymous payment options. So, no worries.

Woman VR porn oralWomen are looking for intimacy, mutual pleasure, and enjoyment. VR porn sites (-> Top ranking) can finally provide those desires.

Interestingly, Virtual Reality porn has some great videos for women. Various providers released full-length VR porn (-> Top 10’s for all categories) for women. So it is changing. Finally, through Virtual Reality, women are no longer ignored by the porn industry.

One could argue that VR served as a kind of reset button for the whole industry. And, I am sure VR will be viewed as a game-changer in a few years. -> XXX VR content offers excellent new possibilities and ways we watch porn. Both male and female porn videos are being enhanced way beyond anything seen before.

Besides, VR Porn Games (-> Top ranking) are another innovative section of this new technology that offers story-driven and sexy gameplay. Those erotic stories are definitely worth a look, even for women who are not known to be gamers 😉

Why do we need VR porn for women?

So, why now? Why is now the time for women to get their fair share of porn?

To understand this, we must first understand virtual reality. Virtual reality will give you the ability to experience another reality.

lesbian vr porn for womenIt sounds unbelievable, but it is true. As soon as you put on your headset (-> Best for VR porn), your brain will believe that you are somewhere else.

So in the case of sex, you will feel like you are actually with him. You will not feel it, but you will see and hear everything. This technology has vast implications.

Virtual Reality fulfills one of the most important desires of women: Intimacy. Regular porn often is designed around the man. It is mostly a monotonous in-out game.

VR porn, on the other hand, gives the producer the ability to create porn around women. Especially now that recording porn gives the manufacturer the possibility to make it feel real and exciting. In the end, both male and female viewers profit from increased intimacy. VR porn, like HTC Vive (-> Porn Guide), has finally the ability to give something normal porn has lacked forever: The perceived closeness to the partner.

Major brands start to realize the possibilities coming with the new tech.

Female POV orgy virtualrealpassionProducing VR porn for women has become an essential part of the content for some providers of Virtual Reality porn. Just look at this list of best VR porn sites (-> Top Ranking).
VirtualRealPorn, for example, realized quickly that this new technology could be used to produce pornography that is cut out for women. And, they instantly got to work.

Now they launched a site dedicated only to VR porn for women: -> VirtualRealPassion!

How does the VR Porn Female POV feel?

realitylovers female POV threesomePOV stands for Point of View. In the case of the female’s POV, the eyes of the woman served as the camera. Not literally, of course. Still, when you watch female POV VR porn, you will experience everything she has out of her view. This point of view leads to what is called immersion.

Immersion describes the feeling of being totally immersed in Virtual Reality. Forgetting that you are in your house and believing you are somewhere else. In this case, you are the woman having sex with a male or female partner.

It is fascinating and exciting to look down and suddenly have a different body. Seeing beautiful, full breasts and a sexy stomach. Then there is this guy, or girl, going down on you. Pleasuring you. It truly changes everything. It is an experience you will never have with regular porn.

I never would’ve believed this. That was incredible. Where can I get this stuff?!

My girl agreed to try some of the female VR porn. First, she tutored me on what exactly women are looking for in porn. After watching the VR sex and getting some special treatment during her experience, she was in such high spirits. “I never would’ve believed this. That was incredible. Where can I get this stuff?!” She especially loved the lesbian experience. Seeing another beautiful beauty in pleasure did it for her.

Amor Andaluz

Hetero or lesbian VR porn for women – what’s best?

badoink female pov oralYou will find two primary experiences when looking for VR porn for women: The hetero and the lesbian VR sex. The hetero experience is a female POV video. The woman lies on her back while the male either uses or pleasures her. So it can feel a bit rapey simply to the nature of VR porn. The camera has to remain steady and can’t move. That’s why the man takes what he wants. It is not like you don’t like it.

The close-ups feel so real that you will believe that licking is possible if you stick your tongue out.

The lesbian experiences have more variety because they are not solely produced for women. However, some do offer female POV. If you ever wondered how it feels like to be on the other side, lesbian POV VR porn is just the right stuff for you. To be licked by and licking a beautiful woman is so exciting. The close-ups feel so real that you will believe that licking is possible if you stick your tongue out. Also, there are many observing VR videos where you watch two women treating each other. Two beautiful bodies in pleasure is a great sight.

There are many a lot of good VR porn videos for women if you know where to look for them. Our top 9 has some amazing scenes for first-timers, but you can look for more on your own. 

Primary providers of VR porn for women, which one is the best?

Professional VR porn producers offer high quality.

virtualrealpassion_independence-day_femalepovNow to the greatest problem so far: All VR porn for women comes with a price tag. There is no way around it. However, I have some comforting news:

First, the payment is anonymous. There is no way someone traces back to you.

Second, it honestly isn’t that expensive. The -> BaDoinkVR Trial costs 1$. Third, the quality is amazing. Those are professional productions that are so worth their money. Take the step; you won’t regret it.

Nearly every Virtual Reality provider has one or two female POV videos. So, I will focus on two main providers who have the best and the most content!


VirtualRealPorn was the first provider of premium VR porn for women.
They have a lot of full-length female POV videos. And a few lesbian voyeur videos.

That is quite some content! They have the most content and are your number one choice looking for VR porn for women.

You can read our -> VirtualRealPassion Review for more details!


BaDoinkVR released only a few female POV videos.

But -> BaDoinkVR also offers great lesbian POV and voyeur action. One of the most awesome videos being “My first lesbian crush.” My girlfriend loved this video. It’s one of the greatest VR sex scenes for women.

BaDoinkVR has a great offer compared to other sites, but not as much content for girls only as VirtualRealPassion.

You can get a 1$ Trial and test it out!

Other providers for VR porn for Women

As I said before, there are quite some providers who tried female POV videos. Some are quite good. You have to decide for yourself if they are worth the subscription cost.

  • -> CzechVR‘s “Foxies Gold & Lola Lesbian” is one of the best lesbian POV VR videos.
  • -> VirtualTaboo‘s “Joel Tomas, Masseur” features a great couple.
  • -> HoloGirlsVR‘s “-> My 1st Lesbian Experience” another great lesbian POV.

Are there any free female POV VR Porn videos?

Lesbian oral female POV Lyia SilverThe Virtual Reality industry is young. So young in fact, that there aren’t even amateur VR productions yet.

The cost for producing VR content is so high that only professional established companies can afford to produce it.

So, I am sorry to say, but you won’t find any high-quality free VR porn for women. There are some trailers here and there, but I don’t think this will do for long.

Conclusion – We need more VR porn for women!

Virtual Reality changed the way we watch porn. Through this technology, we can watch porn with a high degree of intimacy. This intimacy was absent in regular porn but is desired by women and many men. Producers can now film VR porn for women offering intimacy, mutual pleasure, and enjoyment. Giving women finally the porn they deserve.

With sites like -> VirtualRealPassion, we finally understand what VR porn for women means and how good it gets when a studio dedicates all of its time to it.
Let’s hope we’ll have more “VR Porn for women only” studios soon!




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