Reality Lovers – VR Porn Site with High Quality Content

RealityLovers truly feels different. The scenes are both in POV and Voyeur!
Is Reality Lovers worth it?
  • New Visual Quality and Scale
  • POV and Voyeur Perspective!
  • Variety in Settings and Pornstars
  • Forum and great Help section
  • Works with every device
  • Irregular release schedule
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

What I noticed most during my review time with Reality Lovers is that they truly try to be different than your standard VR porn site (-> Best Sites Ranked).

They want to bring the quality of their 2D videos to the Virtual Reality world. And they are starting to succeed after some initial drawbacks and failures: I love their idea of bringing the voyeur perspective to every video they shoot. Their scenes (-> Best VR Porn Videos by Niche) is one of the most polished looking with good scale and clarity. And they did cast some really hot pornstars. All in all, one could say I am happy with the way Reality Lovers is progressing.

Only the subscription cost is high if you also consider something like VRBangers (-> Our Test) and their prices, but I guess that’s how much Reality Lovers asks good quality. Let us go through everything from the beginning: The content, the quality, the website, the subscription and how to download and watch the videos.

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Reality Lovers Content

RealityLovers offers over 300 videos and counting with 2 new releases a week. The quality really improved over time and thus videos are of excellent quality. So, if you count in that most new videos have to perspectives, POV and Voyeur, you get another good share of scenes. Believe me, it is enough to have quality wanks for quite some time. I also like their motto:

Experience the Porn of your Dreams!

Choose Voyeur or POV

Finally: POV and Voyeur

Reality Lovers is the first company to offer a Voyeur and POV perspective on most of their video they releases. I personally am a huge fan of voyeur perspectives and with this option, I can doubly enjoy what I like! The way this works is that they film the scene twice. So, in addition, you get a different video with a different atmosphere, depeding on your preferred version. The scenes are always fitted towards the point-of-view. I am so jealous of the guy getting to fuck those hot pornstars twice

I can double-enjoy every release!

In my opinion, they could work even more with a moving camera in the voyeur perspective and get closer to the action. Sometimes the camera is still too far away. So, that just might be a personal preference. However, in nearly every voyeur video I found some highlights I really enjoyed 😉

The POV perspective is pretty standard. You watch the scene out of the man’s (or girls’s (-> VR Porn for Women) point-of-view and enjoy the usual joy of being immersed and fucked. The camera perspective is often too close and not on the exact right place on the body of the actor. However, in recent scenes, it is getting better.

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Good Pornstars make a good scene

Lots of the quality of the video is dependent on the pornstar. They need to feel the scene and be natural. It is astounding how much more you can perceive in Virtual Reality than you can in regular porn. You will see her joy and her erotic arousal very clearly and notice if it’s fake. So, the quality of the cast is very important. Over the last few months, Reality Lovers improved greatly on casted talents. Like Kristy Black, Alexis Crystal, Nikky Dream, Aida Sweet or Rachel Evans. Still, they could use some top gear talent like -> BaDoinkVR, -> WankzVR  or VRBangers (-> Our Test Winner) offer.

However, I do enjoy some not so famous and often viewed pornstars, too. Variation is always a good thing as long if there are not too many failures.

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The importance of Visual Quality

The quality of the recording and the presentation in Virtual Reality is one of the or the most important things in VR porn (-> All sites ranked). Your brain needs to be utterly convinced that you are in this virtual world and getting fucked by a hot-hot girl. So, the image quality, the camera position, and the scale are of utmost importance for your experience.

Where do Reality Lovers stand?

Currently, Reality Lovers can be counted among the better providers when it come to visual quality. They’re far from the best but still, their rig produces very clear images. There are still some problems with close-ups and distances. Sometimes I feel too far away and sometimes to close to the action. That might have been acceptable in 2016, but it’s not something that should happen in 2020.

Nevertheless, they have gone a long way from their initial setup. The early videos had problems with the scale being too big. However, there have been a lot of releases since and it all looks good now!

They record in 4k, 60 FPS, 180° FOV and binaural sound. All these specs are not in the industry standards anymore. The used camera-rigs make a HUGE difference. We’re waiting for a decent upgrade.

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The Website: Clear and Helpful

Reality Lovers website is fast and offers everything you need on the first sight. They do have an interesting Blog, a Forum which is very helpful and an option to get Help in the Menu. Here’s their Twitter page. The Help section is very… helpful and offers guides to all devices  (-> VR Porn for All Headsets) you may have.

That way you can be sure that the videos run on your device.

On the Forum you can give feedback, get help or just connect with other VR-Lovers. I love these options, it makes one feel welcome. The Join process is clear and without traps and once logged in you can easily download your chosen scene.

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The Subscription

Now let’s come to finally downloading and watching these high-quality videos. Reality Lovers is a subscription-based premium site, so you will have to pay for a sub. However, let me tell you:

It is safe, it is anonymous and you will not have any problems with the membership.

Why go with a subscription?

There just isn’t any quality free VR porn. If you truly want to have a quiet and relaxing Fap without searching endlessly – just go with a subscription. And Reality Lovers is perfect for that. They offer lots of different style videos like Solos, Gangbangs, -> Threesomes, and even Female-POV. All scenes are available in Voyeur and POV. Which means essentially that they release 4 videos a week, so a subscription is totally worth it. Currently, the pricing is at $29.99 for a month and $59.99  for three months. And they also offer a 12 month options for only $9.99 a month.

Subscription RealityLovers

Single Billing Plans

Reality Lovers also offer a unique way of purchasing videos. If are just interested in a few particular videos you can go with buying one of the Single Billing Plans. Then you can download those videos you specifically want. I would personally not choose this option cause I have a huge external and love collecting porn… But well, not everybody is a freak like me.

Managing your downloads

Downloading all the videos from Reality Lovers can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t have the disk space. Honestly, always download the best quality video. Even if you’ve got a -> Cardboard. The quality of the -> Oculus options is way better but the file sizes are huge. Luckily you can preview the videos because every scene has a trailer and lots of images. So you can choose which video fits your mood best.

Conclusion: Is Reality Lovers worth the subscription money?

I do think getting a subscription to Reality Lovers is worth it. They have some great videos and they continue to release two (POV and Voyeur = four) a week in high quality. There are still greater websites that offer much better content for the money, like -> VRBangers.
If you watched a trailer on Reality Lovers and you think the videos are worth it, though, then you shoul probably subscribe to them.

A good rating for a decent. Definitely one of the better VR sites!

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