Best VR Sex Toys in 2023!

The future is here!

We prepared a short list with all the Premium VR Sex Toys out there – tested in detail just for you!
You can sync them with -> VR sex or your partner’s toy!

Never compromise when it comes to your personal pleasure!

1. Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon best interactive stroker

  Fully automatic

  Up to 230 strokes/minute

  Realistic Real-Feel sleeves

  Premium materials

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2. The Handy

 ✔ Fast and powerful

  No battery issues

 Small and easy to handle

  Best price-value toy

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4. Kiiroo Pulse

  Intense vibrations

  Fits any size

  Waterproof build

 ✔ Premium materials

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

3. Lovense Max 2

  Unique stimulation

  Contracting rings and air bags

  Very soft, Real-Feel sleeve

 ✔ Premium materials

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

kiiroo gif 360The newest, most anticipated high-end VR sex toy from Kiiroo is here! The Kiiroo Keon (-> Review) has arrived, and it’s starting to rock everyone’s world.

The Keon is basically a highly improved version of the Launch – veterans know what I’m talking about!

But for those of you who are looking for their first VR sex toy, don’t worry; I’ll provide all the info you’ll need!

The device is straightforward to use, and once it’s in your hands (imagine a completely hands-free experience with a new -> Meta Quest 2!), you’ll be minutes away from the most intense orgasms a sex toy ever gave you!

The Kiiroo Keon is a very unique device compared to everything else on this list.

While all the other VR sex toys here are strokers that provide some stimulation inside the sleeve itself, Keon is different.

This sex toy will move your stroker up and down for you! Once you’re inside it, hold it on your crotch, and it will do the job! 

It works for any length, so don’t worry. Size doesn’t matter with Keon! It feels amazing for everyone!

Just like every VR sex toy here, Keon can be synced with special scripted VR porn videos. I highly recommend VirtualRealporn (-> Review) for this; they have a dedicated category with some amazing scripted videos! This way, your -> VR sex experience will get to the next-next level! Imagine what could happen in the new Meta (-> Porn guide) world where so many people can meet and fuck online! VR sex toys are amazing!

kiiroo imminent pleasureTo further improve the immersion, I have some tips for preparation.

Since the Kiiro Keon is producing a little noise, it is best used together with noise-canceling earphones.

You might also make sure that you are alone at home and you have enough time. Especially in the beginning, it took me a long time to cum, like 15 to 20 minutes.

Maybe this was because a mechanized tool is stroking my chunk on it’s own! It felt amazing afterward though, and now I’m literally addicted to it!

Kiiroo Keon is basically a fuck machine, but for men!

And as always, don’t forget to use lube! Keon comes with two high-quality lubricants in the box, so you’re ready to go right away!

-> The Handy is a revolutionary VR sex toy that will bring your VR porn experience to the next-next level!

The Handy is a small but powerful stroking machine that can sync with the -> best VR porn videos. With almost no limits to speed and usage time, this automated VR sex toy sits comfortably among the best toys ever made.

Do you think there’s a pornstar who could fuck you faster than The Handy can move?! I’m sure there isn’t, but if there’s a girl so eager for cock somewhere, then you’ll find her at -> Czech VR!

The Handy uses a group of powerful motors to move an exceptionally soft and exciting sleeve up and down your cock.

All you have to do is to connect it to your favorite scripted VR porn video, lay back, hold it in place, and… climax like it’s a wet dream come true. Imagine this toy paired with some nice -> VR hentai. Unlimited pleasure!

Although still present, the noise is minimal, and the build quality simply says “Premium” no matter how you look at it.

If you’re fascinated by VR porn and you’re wondering what would make the experience even better, then The Handy is the answer. Don’t take my word for it… just try it and thank me later.

Lovense Max tubeTeledildonics. That’s how they call all the VR sex toys that managed to grab a place in our ranking.

Don’t worry, it’s not a dildo. It’s another very special fleshlight, this time with vibration inlets as well as a special feature that allows very natural contractions to occur inside the device during use.

Both features improve the feeling of the regular fleshlight essentially.

As a fan of the old Max, I loved the Max 2 right from the beginning!

The Lovense Max 2 (-> Review) is a great male VR sex toy. It uses a unique approach to stimulation – airbags and vibrations.
It pumps air in different locations of the sleeve, making it softly embracing your penis while vibrating either synchronized with VR content (-> Best VR Porn videos) or with other compatible devices from Lovense, like the increasingly popular Nora.

The ability to change the tightness of the fleshlight is another big plus. You can choose how much air gets pumped inside by rotating a small valve controller at the end while also controlling the device from the App. Once you find your sweet spot you’re in heaven!

The cleaning process is very similar to all the other interactive fleshlights and I would say it’s manageable. It requires extra attention but the toy being splash-proof helps a lot.
Also, extra attention is always recommended when using and cleaning VR sex toys because staying healthy is, indeed, very important. So nothing to complain about here.

The price stands at $99 now, but it’s just temporary so if you want to buy it you should hurry up. Normally, the Lovense Max 2 to can be bought for $199. Price-performance winner!

Kiiroo Pulse (-> Review) is the latest interactive sex toy from our favorite pleasure bringers: Kiiroo.

The toy is actually called Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive. It’s made in collaboration with one of the best sex toy brands, Hot Octopuss.

So, what does this so-called “Guybrator” bring to the table? Well, a lot!

It’s an entirely new type of VR Sex toys from Kiiroo with a design that proved to be successful already under the Hot Octopuss brand.

It’s a vibrator for penises of all shapes and sizes. It’s waterproof, compact and you can sync it to VR porn.

Kiiroo Pulse is also perfect for long-distance sex with your partner if they own a Kiiroo toy too. Any toy!

Kiiroo Pulse is a small vibrator that you fit around your penis, hard or flaccid. But don’t get fooled by its size – it really packs a punch!

You have 12 pre-programmed vibration sequences at different intensities. The turbo button ramps everything up to the max.

You can control this VR sex toy independently or within the FeelConnect app.

Your partner can use the same app to control your toy from a distance, or to sync both of your masturbators together!

Kiiroo Pulse can also sync to special scripted VR porn videos for the greatest, most immersive VR porn experience of your life!

#5: KIIROO Onyx+- A unique approach to stimulation

onyx+ best vr sex toysKiiroo managed to make us happy with every release! After the Onyx 2 (-> Review) which is now outdated, it was time for a drastic improvement.
Let’s look at the newest addition to the Kiiroo line-up, the Kiiroo Onyx+ (-> Review).

This is simply a modern piece of art; just the design of it looks futuristic enough to make you think “DAMN, that’s gonna feel good!”

After you mount the Onyx+ on your penis, motions placed on the enclosure are transferred to the Pearl, which is the female counterpart that your partner must have for some incredible long-distance sex! She will feel every movement of your penis, you will feel every contraction of her vagina. Or mouth, or whatever you like. The possibilities are endless!

This way, couples can have VR sex in e.g. long distance relationships.

Gladly, KIIROO got things straight and gave the Onyx the ability to also synchronize with general sexual web content; this includes e.g. live shows but most importantly, VR Porn (-> All VR Porn sites ranked)!

A tool synced to a porn movie just feels insane. I love it when the speed adjusts to her movements!

Currently, BadoinkVR (-> Review) is releasing a lot of scenes that are compatible with the Onyx+. Surprisingly and soothingly, this works extremely well! With this high-end device, her every move was noticeable.

You just have to move it up and down at will. The Onyx+ automatically takes care of everything else so lean back and enjoy! So how does it feel? I for myself have to say: it feels different to real sex but it never the less felt excellent. I hope this is enough to spoil your imagination!

kiiroo onyx+ interactive

It starts to feel more natural the more you use it. And finally, use lots of lubricants!

This will make the feeling incredibly real.

The only real drawback is the price: $300, which can be a lot for some.

However, the price dropped to $219 not long ago so now is your chance to get one of the most elaborate VR sex toys out there! 

Titan by Kiiroo Best VR Sex ToyThe Kiiroo Titan (->Review) is a great toy that uses vibrations at different intensities to stimulate your penis.
It’s 9 motors can make anyone come faster than they ever thought they could. It feels amazing!

It uses the same quality materials as the other devices (it even improved in some places, like the grip) and can be synced with female VR Sex toys from Kiiroo for the ultimate synchronized experience.

You can pleasure your partner and vice-versa no matter the distance!

But what makes the Titan truly a BEST BUY is the special pack from Kiiroo that you can get for a limited time only!

Buy the Titan now and get a FREE VR headset so you can watch the best VR porn (-> All VR Porn sites ranked). You’re ready to go as soon as you open the pack because they provide you with lube (much needed!) and a cleaner, all for the price of the original device alone at $162.

Don’t miss this one. You can sync your stroker with a TON of hot content for the lowest price ever to this day. VirtualRealPorn (-> Review) has the best synchronized videos in our opinion, that if you need help deciding.

So, what are you waiting for? The future is here!

#7: KIIROO PowerBlow – An automated blowjob add-on for your stroker!

kiiroo powerblow featured image vrpmKiroo PowerBlow (-> Review) is an excellent add-on for your stroker that will turn it into an automated blowjob machine straight from paradise!

It’s really easy to use! You just replace your old suction cup with the automated one, and that’s it!

The PowerBlow has many different suction levels and patterns to choose from, so you’ll never be bored! Also, it gives you a lot of freedom to find what works for you.

Moreover, you have the ability to connect with different apps, such as FeelMe AI, FeelConnect and Video Watcher, which is essential when you want to sync your PowerBlow to your favorite -> VR Porn videos (best videos)! Oh, yeah, and it works like a charm!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to step up your stroker game and boost your pleasure levels through the roof – here’s your chance!

#8: KIIROO FeelSensation – The king of strokers!

kiiroo feelsensation featured image vrpmKiiroo FeelSensation (-> Review) is a stroker by Kiiroo that’ll rock your world!

This amazing piece of gear will make you forget everything you know about strokers. It’s got great build quality, and it’s designed specially to bring you as much enjoyment as possible!

It’s got an awesome, non-anatomical (non-gendered) entrance followed by a series of specially placed nodules inside the tunnel. Oh, it’s a joy to use.

The FeelSensation is compatible with Kiiroo PowerBlow and when you add the Kiiroo Keon (the best sex toy of all time) into the mix, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

It’s designed to fit all penis sizes, and the cleaning process is a breeze!

VR Porn Sites with the best Interactive Scripts for your toy!

We’ve made a list of ➜ the best Interactive VR Porn Sites in the industry to save you the trouble of looking for them manually! Hey, time spent browsing the Internet may well be time spent watching VR Porn – just saying.

If you’re a seasoned VR Porn pro and you’re already syncing your favorite content with your toy – you know just how goddamn awesome it is! I mean, there’s no feeling in the world that can be compared to watching Kira Noir sucking you off while your toy replicates her exact movements!

Lucky for us, a lot of the top VR Porn studios recognize how awesome Interactive VR Porn is, and they’re giving us new scripts daily! Thankfully, there’s a ton of different niches and fetishes that these awesome sites cover, so there is something here for everyone!

Strap on your headset, find your favorite ➜ VR Porn Video, slap that toy on your crotch, lay back and just let the magic happen!

FeelMe AI – An AI system that makes ordinary porn videos Interactive!

feelme ai featured image➜ FeelMe AI (Review) is something we’ve been waiting for a long time! This incredible AI platform made by Kiiroo will turn any porn video out there into an interactive experience

You know how frustrating it can get to find a good script. Often times it happens that there isn’t a script for that particular video you’re looking for. Well, those days are over. You just need your favorite sex toy, lay back and let the good times roll!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, and this revolutionary platform is set to change porn forever!

VR Porn toys compatible with PSVR

Since the Playstation VR is one of the most affordable VR headsets and there’s even a second version (➜ PSVR 2 Overview), there must be some popular porn toys that can work with it.

Actually, almost all the sex toys you can find on the market are compatible with the ➜ PSVR. Teledildonics can let you experience the best feeling while making your deepest fantasies come true. There are some things that simply can’t be reproduced in reality and it’s great that in 2020 we have the option to do so.

What are some VR sex toys that will be released in the future?

If you’re looking for a VR experience that’s reminding you of the movie “HER”, look no further than the present, to predict the future. Some concept VR game and Toy called VirtualMate promises an experience akin to VR Artificial intelligence that basically is similar to a girlfriend experience inside an Alexa device.

Combine this with a good VR Headset and a VR stroker and you got yourself a reason to not leave home anymore. The Virtual Mate is a fleshlight like no other, and you can tell that’s the case, by looking at small details like “self-warming”.

This VR game is something so interactive and realistic it blows my mind!

The fleshlight VR Suit (future concept)

There are quite a few developers and companies who have working prototypes of full-body VR suits that connect to your home headsets like an HTC Vive (-> Porn Guide) or Oculus (-> All Headsets Porn Guides) and complete your VR experience.

These are originally made for games, but the pussybilities are limitless, especially if used in VR porn. A suit like this, combined with a fleshlight module could make for the best interactive VR porn experience you can’t even fathom yet.

The Tesla suit has many functions including Enterprise training and can even be used in Rehabilitation or even by professional Athletes, so you know it has the potential to become the next VR phenomenon… if used right.

Choose one toy for every girl in the video! Is she alone? Okay, then one for every hole 😉

The best VR strokers (porn toys for men)

Yes, I had to specify, as there are also a lot of girls who use VR porn toys (even more than men in some situations).

In this list, we’re going to have a look at the 3 of the most popular VR stroker masturbators that can give you pulsating feelings of pleasure all through your body. And a special mention!

Why pick the most popular?

Being some of the most popular VR toys on the market, you can make sure there’s enough compatibility with them and the VR porn videos (-> Top 10’s in all categories) out there. This is only useful if you want to use them in synchronization with what you see in the porn movie itself.

We picked the best VR toys for you because you don’t want to put unknown objects on your dick, do you?

Conclusion: VR Sex Toys

This is the decade of great VR sex toys for men, and there are more to come! To conclude, there is no bad sex toy among all of the above. They all function and feel different.

The Kiiroo Keon (-> Review)  is an absolute beast capable of stroking your dick faster and for a longer time than even you are capable of. Without any help!

The Onyx+ (-> Review) is the ultimate motorized stroker. There’s nothing like it on the market and the way it feels around your dick is revolutionary.

The Titan (-> Review) is very affordable, has an incredibly soft sleeve that feels amazing to the touch, and comes with a great offer (Check the review for details!)

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you use a Meta Quest 2, a -> Pico Neo 3 Link or any other headset to watch VR porn – choose what you think will fit your needs best. That’s the most important thing here – your own pleasure and how you obtain it!




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