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Kiiroo Keon

The BEST VR Sex Toy ever made!

You can sync Kiiroo Keon with VR porn (➜ Top sites ranking), connect it to your partner’s toy, or just use it as a normal, automated stroker for the most intense orgasms ever!

Luckily, I got my hands on the new Kiiroo Keon pretty early, gave it some time, and used it more than 30 times before writing this review. I can safely say that this is not only the best VR Sex toy right now but the best VR sex toy ever made.

What is the Kiiroo Keon? What makes it special?

Kiiroo Keon held in handKiiroo Keon is a teledildonic toy (➜ best VR sex toys). In other words, it is a motorized stroker that moves on its own to stimulate your penis.
The remarkable thing about it is that Keon can also synchronize its movements with those of your favorite pornstars. For this to happen, you need special interactive videos. You can find those on VirtualRealPorn (➜ Review) and other VR Porn sites.

"It’s basically the equivalent of a fuck machine but for men!"

Previous VR Sex Toys from Kiiroo, like the Onyx+ (➜ Review) or the Titan (➜ Review), use different mechanisms to simulate intercourse. From contracting rings to vibrating motors that were hidden underneath the silicone sleeve. The rings or motors on these older toys would move and vibrate depending on the mode you’re using: manual control or automatic with special movements that were programmed into the device.

These two toys, Titan and Onyx+, were excellent at different things – Onyx for a blowjob-like feeling thanks to its contracting rings and the Titan for enhanced masturbation with the help of its vibrations.

"Well, the Keon does all these things at once, and it does them better! Way better!"

Kiiroo keon compatibilityTo control such a device, connect it to your phone using the FeelConnect 3.0 app from Kiiroo and pair it. It can be controlled without the app using the buttons on the side. The real experience is within the app, though!

One more way to use these unique sex toys is by connecting them to your favorite scripted VR porn video. This can also be done within the FeelConnect 3.0 App. Your Keon will move just like the pornstar in the video moves – both in intensity and length! The Kiiroo Toys also move according to what signals they receive from your partner’s synced female toy from Kiiroo. Your partner’s movements are transferred in real time to your toy!

How does it feel to use the Kiiroo Keon?

"Once your penis is inside the Keon, you can just hold it on, and it will go up and down on its own, delivering waves of pleasure."

Virtualrealporn toy syncIt’s so realistic that you’ll feel like someone is actually fucking you there and then. And suppose that special someone is a hot pornstar on VirtualRealPorn (➜ Review). In that case, this device can rock your world over and over again.

One more fantastic thing about the new Kiiroo Keon is that it can connect to Live VR Sex Cams (➜ Best VR Sex Cams) if the stream is compatible. Most of the girls are using Kiiroo female toys. This can dramatically change the game!

It’s so much better than a normal stroker that you have to move on your own that they can’t even be compared, ever. Keon is basically the future of automated strokers! It is an almost autonomous VR sex toy that does everything for you.

Kiiroo Keon sleeve

Keon doesn’t hide any mechanism inside the sleeve like the previously mentioned toys. This sex toy has a standard, high-quality stroker with an insanely realistic silicone sleeve that feels like a real vagina (and better at times!).

"The Keon’s secret is that it can move the whole stroker up and down! Just like a real girl would do with her vagina when she’s on top of you."

FeelMe AI – A revolutionary platform that turns any porn video into an interactive experience!

Kiiroo also launched ➜ FeelMe AI (Review), and it’s set to revolutionize the way we experience porn! It’s something we’ve been waiting for a long time, and now, it’s finally here!

If you’ve ever searched for interactive scripts, you know how tough it can be to find a flawlessly functioning one.

Well, those days are over, as FeelMe AI enables you to turn any porn video out there into an interactive piece of heaven! It connects to your toy and “watches” the video you’re watching while telling your toy how to move based on the video. In real time! Just connect it to your toy and let it work its magic!

How does the Kiiroo Keon work?

As I mentioned above, the Kiiroo Keon is basically a big, sturdy support for a stroker. It can move the sleeve up and down with faster or slower motions and on a short or longer length.

The Keon can stroke up to 230 times a minute – so be sure you won’t feel the need to go faster anytime soon. The stroker can be removed quickly, and it fits back flawlessly with a straightforward “twist-and-click” mechanic. It won’t come off unless you somehow twist it too much during use, but there’s no real reason to do that.

Kiiroo Keon underside

"You’re safe no matter the speed and length you’re using it at and no matter how long the session lasts."

Never too long, trust me; this made me cum faster than my ex ever did. Twice.

It’s basically a two-piece device – a stroker + the actual mechanical unit that moves it. The toy weighs a little more than 800 grams, which doesn’t really feel like much, considering you don’t have to hold it. Thanks to its shape with a broad base and being just as tall as a stroker, it sits nicely on your crotch area so that it needs minimum help from your hands to do its job.

The standard sleeve that comes with the device has a nice ridged interior meant to caress your dick like you didn’t think it was possible. I enjoyed it a lot, and it definitely feels different from a stroker with no textures whatsoever.

As I mentioned before: you can use the Keon either as a standalone device or connect it to VR porn videos (➜ Top 10’s for all categories). If you’re lucky, you could also sync it to your girlfriend’s toy from Kiiroo for a realistic long-distance sex session!

How long does the battery last on Keon?

Official specs say 30 min to 2 hours, depending on usage. This means that you can get full speed for half an hour or around 1h30min with moderate use.

I think it’s more than decent for any fapping session. Never ran into battery problems – I used it three-four times, and the Keon still had battery juice every time.

Does Keon work with any penis size?

virtualrealporn feelconnect video"Yes! Anyone who uses a normal stroker can use the Keon, too. The strokes can be adapted to any length, from zero to about 22cm."

You’re okay, no matter what, even if you’re a really hung guy. The end of the stroker is open, meaning that your penis can exceed the total length of the stroker without hurting or touching anything else than what’s intended.

Keon is the best toy for any man, and this is the definitive proof that this is true – everyone can use it!

What’s in the box?

  • The Kiiro Keon
  • The RealFeel Stroker
  • A USB charging cable
  • Guides and an introduction to the “FeelX Interactive Videos” offer
  • An instruction manual
  • A warranty card

Kiiroo Keon modes of operation

Kiiroo Keon has two modes – you can control it manually or sync with VR porn content or other devices in Interactive Mode.

"It’s effortless to use it both ways."

Kiiroo keon modes of operation

To use the Kiiroo Keon in Manual mode, you don’t need to connect to the app. You turn on the device, and using the buttons on the side, you control the two levels of intensity for length and speed. Turn speed up? The toy strokes faster. Turn stroke length up? The stroke is longer.

Combinations of these settings feel different, and you will find what you like by playing around with them. This is perfect for when you want more control.

Four LEDs next to each button show you what settings you’re using at all times. Very simple and very efficient.

Now, the Interactive mode needs the app. As I mentioned before, be sure to download FeelConnect 3.0! Through the app, you can connect to a device or a website where you can watch VR content.

Once you have the FeelConnect 3.0 app installed, you can do three things:

1. Connect Keon to a partner

If your partner has a compatible device that you can buy from Kiiroo, you can connect your toys to each other and make them move in sync. Long-distance sex that brights up the sparks again! You will get full instructions within the app.

2. Connect Keon to a VR Porn Video

This is very easy, too – on a compatible site, special videos can sync with your toy, as we explained earlier.

kiiroo keon virtualrealporn synced

You just add the address, log in on the site in your VR Headset (➜ Meta, ➜ Vive, ➜ Meta Quest 2, ➜ Meta Quest 3, etc.)/PC/Mobile, scan a QR code (each site with its own methods), and you’re good to go. The video starts, and the Keon moves at the same time as the girls. Some videos make the toy lag, but don’t worry- there are tons of scripts. You just have to find the right ones!

3. Control Keon from within the app

This is just like manual mode, but you get to experiment with extra controls or just tweak the settings on your phone instead of the buttons. We’re waiting for future updates where you can get custom patterns. Creating your own mode and then forgetting about the settings would be awesome, and Kiiroo is planning just that!

The Design of Kiiroo Keon – What a premium VR Sex toy looks like

To me, the Keon feels like a high-quality, very well made device!

Kiiroo Keon held in hand"It’s simple, made with high-quality materials, and feels very durable and sturdy – just like it should."

I don’t think I’ll ever have durability problems with it. It’s well made, and it’s made to last. The sleeves are available in more shapes with different interiors. They can simulate a mouth or a pussy. They even have one with an anus instead of a vagina, just for us anal VR porn addicts!

It looks and feels premium, the center of weight is pretty well balanced so that it can be used the way it’s intended to be. No complaints here!

Does the Keon work with other strokers? Can you change the sleeve?

If you have a stroker collection and want to play with your favorite sleeve, you might be able to. The socket has a standard shape that can probably fit a variety of sleeves of your own.

I wouldn’t bother with this because the RealFeel sleeve feels fantastic, but maybe you have other opinions about it. It can fit lots of strokers as long as they can be inserted into Keon’s socket.

Conclusion: Is the Kiiroo Keon worth the money?

Yes, if you’re into VR Sex Toys, then you should definitely buy the Kiiroo Keon.

It’s not only my opinion – each review of the Keon I saw or read agreed that this is the best VR sex toy available right now and possibly ever made. The price is also excellent. You get the Kiiroo Keon and a very high-quality water-based lube together with a cleaner to make your life comfortable after use.

"The Kiiroo Keon is an incredible piece of technology that can enhance your VR sexual experience to a new level that you didn’t think was possible."

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