The Handy Review – Most Popular Interactive Male Masturbator in 2023– Worth Your Money?!

Is The Handy the BEST interactive male masturbator you can get right now?! Is it better than Kiiroo Keon?! Scroll down to find out what this VR Sex Toy can do!

How to watch interactive porn on The Handy:

  1. Plug in the Handy and go through the initial setup (Instructions are on
  2. Once your VR sex toy is up and running, get a -> Czech VR subscription (220+ interactive videos in up to 8k resolution!)
  3. Go to “Interactive” and choose any video
  4. Connect your Handy to Czech VR by adding the unique number you got during setup when requested
  5. Enjoy the most immersive premium quality scripts!
  6. There are no high-quality free scripts, it take up to 10 hours to make one!

The Handy is one of the best interactive male masturbators on the market right now.

It only has one legitimate competitor – Kiiroo Keon (-> Review). We’ll see how they compare later in this review!

You can sync The Handy with some of the -> best VR porn sites for the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had! Just follow the easy tutorial above!

In this article, we’ll take a close look at this fantastic piece of technology. I’ve used it for more than 6 months now, and I think I’m ready to answer the most crucial question: is The Handy worth it?

How The Handy became the most popular interactive male masturbator

The handy czech vr behindBefore getting into details about how The Handy gets the job done, let’s talk about the basics.

The Handy is an automatic male masturbator. This means that once it’s on, it will automatically move its sleeve up and down your cock without help.

All you have to do is hold it in place using your hand. It’s a powerful handjob machine with a high-quality, arousing sleeve for anyone with a dick!

The most important thing about The Handy is that you can sync it to the -> best VR porn videos!

This means that your Handy will move on its own simultaneously with the pornstarand for the same length!

With your VR headset (-> Meta VR porn) on, you’ll feel like you’re having real sex with any VR pornstar you choose. Isn’t that just mind-blowing?! Just wait until we’ll all watch foveated rendering -> PSVR 2 porn!

Because of this incredible feature, the considerable power of The Handy’s motors, and the high-quality build, The Handy is a go-to for any interactive VR porn enthusiast. 

So whether you’ve tried interactive videos or not so far, you have to consider getting a Handy masturbator!

FeelMe AI – An awesome AI platform that turns any porn video into an interactive experience!

Brace yourself for this one. Kiiroo has released their FeelMe AI – something we’ve been waiting for a long time in the world of porn!

feelme ai featured image

This AI system will take any porn video you throw at it and make it interactive. What does that mean? Well, think of the possibilities. If you’ve ever watched a VR Porn video and used a VR Sex Toy at the same time, you know how fantastic and groundbreaking that experience is. And the best part? It’s compatible with The Handy, and it works like a charm!

What is The Handy, and how does it work?

The concept is straightforward: The Handy has a motor that moves up and down and a silicone sleeve attached to it with a velcro strap.

The Handy threesomeThe velcro is adjustable – you can loosen or tighten it according to your girth and preferences.

The Handy only works when plugged in – so no wireless capabilities here.

But this toy packs a punch! You lose the comfort of a wireless toy, but you get a lot of stroking power!

Once you plugged it in and turn it on, the toy is ready to be used.

Lube up the sleeve, adjust for girth, and you’re ready. You don’t need to be erect – I prefer to start flaccid and let it slowly make my cock hard.

You have to test it out and see what works best for you, of course. Everything depends on your own tastes and preferences when it comes to sex toys.

The side buttons help you adjust the speed and length of the strokes. It’s simple, but it does the job if you like pressing buttons multiple times while masturbating. But that’s not ideal for anyone, of course.

The Handy is light, and it’s meant to be held with one hand, though – so your best bet is interactive VR porn content!

Watching VR porn while The Handy synchronizes with the movement of the model is just like real sex. This is why people love this toy – the interactive scripts that you can find on premium VR porn sites!

The producer instructs us to orient the buttons towards us for better control. Personally, I didn’t find this to be the best position.

I still use one hand for it, but I tend to change the grip and the hand during my sessions.

Whether this is an inconvenience or not depends on each user.

So, this is how you use The Handy… the boring way.

The fun way is to synchronize it to -> Czech VR interactive scripts, as I explained earlier!

The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon – In-depth comparison – What’s the best interactive male masturbator?

So, Czech VR is the best VR porn site for Handy interactive content.

The Handy vs KeonBut there’s still an important question that needs an answer:

Should you get The Handy or the Kiiroo Keon?

I’ve used them both for more than 6 months. I’ve actually had my Keon since launch, so that would make it my longest used VR sex toy.

I NEVER use either of them without VR porn. It feels like a waste!

Let’s talk pros and cons for each of these amazing -> VR sex toys.


Kiiroo Keon 

  • No cables
  • Well-optimized app
  • More synchronized content
  • You can use a variety of strokers if you collect them
  • You can connect it to other sex toys

The Handy 

  • More power
  • Perfect for any penis length
  • Easier to hold and control
  • Easier to clean
  • Better build quality
  • Easier to transport


Kiiroo Keon 

  • You can run out of battery
  • Heavier and bigger
  • Very long charging time

The Handy 

  • The charging cable can get in the way
  • You can only use one sleeve
  • Harder to adjust to penis girth

The handy big titsAccording to your needs, you can use the info here to decide what’s best for you.

If you’d like a lighter toy that can make you happy quicker without much of a hassle, The Handy is absolutely fantastic.

Czech VR still has tons of interactive videos compatible with it, with more to come, so don’t worry – you won’t ever run out of content!

The standard sleeves from these toys feel very different from each other.

Keon goes for a more natural-looking, soft, vagina-like sleeve.

The Handy has a simpler, more stimulating sleeve. I personally prefer The Handy sleeve, but other people don’t.

They both feel great, though!

Another thing that I like more about the Handy is the mobility. I can move it around while in use to make it stimulate different parts of my cock.

Suppose you don’t have a particularly sensitive dick. In that case, this is very useful – I cum way harder and faster while using The Handy.

The Kiiroo Keon, on the other hand, wants to guide you to orgasm itself. At the same time, Handy gives more freedom to experiment around.

This and the fact that Handy has a lot more (almost) unlimited power makes me prefer it most of the time.

The handy threesome crazyI say almost unlimited power because even though you can theoretically use it as much as you want, the Handy tends to overheat after prolonged use, depending on the script’s intensity.

It didn’t happen too often to me, but it might be an issue if you like to edge a lot.

In the end, these two interactive sex toys are very similar in what they’re trying to achieve. What makes a real difference between them is the personal tastes of each individual.

It’s hard to decide what to buy unless you can actually test these toys yourself in real life.

Personally, I liked the Handy more, but not by far.

If you want a powerful, lightweight, wired sex toy that you can travel with, get the Handy.

If you want a more complete build and the possibility to connect to a long-distance partner, get the Keon.

In the end, both of these sex toys are good at what they do, and there will be tons and tons of scripts for each – I wouldn’t worry about that.

The Keon and the Handy will last for years under regular use, so the price isn’t that high for such a complete interactive VR porn experience.

Is The Handy worth it in the end?

You obviously came here looking for an interactive male masturbator that you can use with VR porn.

If you want one, The Handy is probably your best bet.

Yes, it’s more expensive than most “normal” sex toys – but what these synced masturbators can do is heavenly.

It’s the closest thing to real sex ever, minus tons of related issues.

Whether you have a partner or not, if you watch VR porn, a toy like The Handy will change your life forever.

If you consider buying a VR sex toy, then YES, The Handy is more than worth it.

It’s arguably the best VR sex toy right now, and I’m definitely not the first to say that. It became so popular for a reason, after all! Or multiple reasons for that matter. 

The handy eden ivyIf I wouldn’t have my Handy anymore for one reason or another, I’d buy a new one tomorrow. It’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys high-quality VR porn videos and wants to go even beyond that!

Interactive videos are the ultimate trick to complete immersiveness.

Once your session is over, you’ll feel like you fucked Stacy Cruz, Vina Sky, Sybil A, or whoever else you chose that day.

You didn’t just watch them being fucked – you fucked them, and they fucked you!

And your cock knows best – once it’s lubed up and there’s a warm sleeve around it and what you’re seeing is a hot horny pornstar… yeah, you just had sex with a freaking Instagram model!

It’s a mind-blowing and addicting feeling! There’s no reason not to try this as soon as you can.




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