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Quick and Easy: Is POVR worth it?


  • Huge variety
  • 18.000+ videos to watch
  • The hottest pornstars ever
  • Top video quality
  • Content from the best sites
  • Competitive price
  • FREE trial
  • Exclusive content


  • Too many positives!

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POVR is the best VR porn stream! It brings us over 20.000 high-quality VR porn videos from the best VR Porn sites (➜ Best Sites Ranking).

Check out their VR Theater in the sidebar!

POVR – The best VR porn stream EVER!

POVR is a rising star VR porn stream that brings us a massive selection of videos: at 20.000+ right now.

povr 1 They gather their content from popular, high-quality VR porn sites like ➜ VRBangers, ➜ VRLatina, ➜ VirtualTaboo, ➜ BaDoinkVR, ➜ VRCosplayX, ➜ BrasilVR, etc.  So, you get a total of 100+ of the best VR Porn Studios. The grand total is 117 VR porn sites you can watch right now!

Their content covers a wide range of categories (➜ Best VR Porn Videos by Category) as they don’t want to satisfy a specific public but instead have a lot of different videos in various niches for everyone to choose from.

"If you love variety and enjoy VR porn in all its wondrous forms, then POVR is probably the place for you."

It’s a porn tube similar to (➜ Review), the best VR Porn site we've ever reviewed and tested. All the scenes are premium and high-quality from the most well-known and appreciated studios.

I’ll talk about every important aspect of this site. From visual quality to content and pricing. Finally, I'll draw a conclusion for the reader – because you’re here to determine whether this site is worth the money. Don’t worry; I tested it and watched all I could watch on it, and I’m here to provide all the insights!

Let’s see what this site is about!

The content – World-class videos and hot pornstars, all in one place

On a massive site like POVR, the most important thing is the XXX VR content itself. All the other qualities are a direct result of this. You’ll be paying a subscription to get a selection of videos from different high-quality studios.

povr 3"Naturally, these videos should satisfy your VR porn cravings with no issues. And you should have a lot to choose from once you’re on the site."

So, how well does POVR do these things? They’re pretty darn good at it, in my opinion! From the beginning, once you read the “available studios” list at POVR, you’ll know they just got the best stuff out there.

But of course, as we all know, not every VR porn video (➜ Top 10’s in every category) is flawless. So, are the videos selected on POVR good enough? Well, you’ll find everything you need on this site. ➜ Milfs, ➜ teens, ➜ blondes, ➜ brunettes, ➜ anal, ➜ orgies, ➜ Latinas, ➜ Asians, you name it – they have it all.

povr 4

That’s a great thing from the start regarding content variety. You get videos ranging from 6 to 45 minutes in length. You also get a lot of plot diversity. From the wildly imaginative ➜ VR Bangers to hot ➜ MilfVR plots and kinky, “daddy” scenes that you can only find on ➜ VirtualTaboo.

I can’t complain when it comes to content – you can find many legendary scenes from ➜ the best VR porn studios on the site.

For content, I’ll rate POVR with a 5/5!

Visual Quality – Is it the same as on the best VR Porn sites?

We already know that all the videos on POVR come from great sites. But are the original files available for download on POVR? Will you get the best quality at POVR, too? Yes! If you also use VR Theater, those 8K (➜ Best 8K Videos) scenes will rock your life!

Yes, you’ll find the same high-quality video files that the studios themselves offer on POVR, too. The quality is the same; nothing changes. You get videos ranging from 4K to 8K depending on the source, and they’re compatible with every popular VR Headset (➜ All Porn Guides) out there. 

"The great majority of the scenes on PoVR are sharp and very well optimized. At the industry level and beyond."

realjmavr 5

There’s the occasional “not quite perfect” scene. However, as long as you have so many videos to choose from, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. And it really wasn’t for me.

I enjoyed most of the content on POVR on my Quest 2 (➜ Porn guide). The quality was outstanding, with no complaints whatsoever. I look forward to testing everything again on any new ➜ Meta Quest 3!

"These girls are hot, and their bodies are a wonder to see in VR!"

Thanks to the visual quality, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience, at least from this point of view. It’s a 5/5 for Visual Quality from me!

Variety in Plots and Content – The main advantage on POVR

Suppose you are looking for videos in a great number of categories starring a lot of different pornstars. Well, POVR is a really good place to be in that case. A VR porn aggregator like POVR doesn’t commit to a niche and has the option to basically choose videos of their liking from the best VR porn studios. It’s just a matter of time until their site is filled with high-quality and high-diversity videos only. 6POVR has done very well in this aspect so far. You get schoolgirls, beach parties, cosplay (➜ Top 10 Cosplay VR Porn Videos), anal scenes, teens, milfs, trans videos, and even hentai in VR.

"If you want to try out VR porn and go through everything at once, POVR is just perfect."

And you’ll get the same feeling when browsing through their “Pornstars” page. Blondes, brunettes, big tits, small tits, fake tits, young chicks, babes, milfs, big asses, skinny girls, hot trannies, Asian girls, ebony (➜ Top 10 VR porn videos), and more. They’re here to fuck you in VR, and you can choose any of them anytime. 7

It’s almost impossible to get bored or to feel that “all the girls look the same.” There are too many girls on the site for you ever to get this feeling. And, of course, because the videos are brought to you from all over the VR porn world, the plots are a mix of everyone’s creativity:

Plots and genres almost vary a little bit too much. But there’s no such thing as “too much” in this case! This means that you’ll always have different moods and porn cravings, and a site that satisfies them every time is a goldmine. So, I can safely say that POVR will help you with anything you’d want to watch in VR.

For Variety, I’ll rate them 4.5/5!

Will POVR get even better in the Future? The great potential of VR porn tubes

POVR seems like a fantastic VR Porn site for now, but how well will they do in the future? Will the need for tubes like these increase, or will the studios keep their influence for themselves?

badoinkvr 8 The differences between the two are pretty obvious from the very beginning. On a tube site, you get a lot of content for the subscription and have the advantage of variety.

If you subscribe to your favorite VR porn studio, you get exclusive videos right as they’re released. It's a great advantage for us, the faithful fans. You have a ton of content to watch for the money, and you won’t get bored. On top of this, new content is added much faster than single studio sites. 9As for the future of POVR, I think they’ll do very well if they choose their videos well. They have a very well-designed site, a great price, and a new feature that we’re going to talk about in a bit called “VR Theater,” perfect for a site like this.

It has great potential, and as long as the subscription price remains reasonable, they will always have new people paying for the content. Their POVR originals are some of the best videos I’ve ever seen! Of course, you have to try them out, and thousands of people will be mesmerized by them, too!

I’ll rate them 5/5 for the future!

Site and Extras – Are there any notable features?

POVR has a very intuitive interface, something that’s missing from many new VR porn sites (➜ Top Sites Ranking).

You can find a handy search bar at the top of the site, something we always appreciate. You can then browse to Videos (➜ Best by Category) and sort them by New or Best, go to the “Studios” page, and find videos from every available producer on the site. 12

Next, you can visit your favorite VR Pornstars on the specific page and watch any video you like! You can go straight to the categories and see all the videos in your favorite genre. You can even choose to see only “Transgender” videos or “Female POV.“ Moreover, on the same left-side menu, you have a list of the most popular VR Studios on the site – just in case you need it… And we’re still on the homepage!

czech vr 10Finally, the last option on the home menu is “VR Theater. The POVR Theater is the most immersive way to access the growing number of feature-length VR porn productions. Never leave virtual reality as you navigate seamlessly from one award-winning VR title to the next. Enjoy a new way to experience premium virtual reality porn and stay inside your own virtual space.“

"I enjoyed it a lot as it allowed me to go from video to video without breaking the VR wall. Such a nice idea!"

We highly recommend using VR Theater for the best possible VR porn experience! Otherwise, the site is very fast overall and has a simple dark theme. The search and filter methods that help you quickly get to what your mood asks for are very useful and more than necessary.

Great site from this point of view!

I’ll rate PoVR 5/5 for Site and Extras!

Conclusion – Is the POVR subscription worth it for what you get?

For me, the answer is simple. If you’re not a “Mr. Exclusivity” type of guy and want everything that is new right away, you’re good to go with POVR. 11"They bring together the best studios out there; you’ll get quality material for the money."

You only have two subscription options. 1 month for $19.95 or 1 year for $14.99, both with unlimited streaming (➜ Best VR porn streams) and downloads.

I’d say all of them are pretty good deals, and having the option to test the site for free is one more clue that POVR knows their content is premium. If a great tube is what you’re looking for, then look no further!

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This is an overview of a VR porn tube, POVR. They bring together a huge variety of videos from the best VR porn sites for a great price. Read our article to find out more details!…
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