Kiiroo Onyx+ 2024

The Onyx+ is the predecessor of the Onyx 2. It’s one of the best VR Sex toys out there! 
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This is a hands-on, “throughout” review of the new Kiroo Onyx+ and the only one you probably need to see.

Kiiroo are the frontrunners when it comes to premium male masturbators, so it’s only natural to assume that since the new Onyx+ is already the third version of its lineup, it has some high expectations coming with it.

But is it actually true? Is it better than the previous versions? What if you’re new to male masturbators, is the experience that much better than using your hand alone?

All I can tell you for now is that the Onyx+ has easily won its very well deserved place in our favorite toys list (-> See our Top 3 VR Sex toys)

We’re going to go through all of this and my personal experience with the Kiiroo Onyx+ below. Let’s see what the Onyx+ is about!

What is the Kiiroo Onyx+ in the first place?

The Kiiroo Onyx devices are automatic stroking machine (yes, it actually comes with motors or vibrators inside) that basically allows you to wear it as a sleeve on your penis and enjoy a variety of stroking actions, customized to perfection by the mad scientists behind it.

It allows you to sync either with a Female counterpart from Kiiroo for long-distance fun, where the stroking matches the movements of your partner’s mouth/hand/vagina on their toy, basically mimicking sexual intercourse no matter the distance (and it does it really well!).

You can also watch synced VR Porn videos (-> Top videos by category) from sites that offer scripts for such toys, like VirtualRealPorn (-> Review) who has the best scripts in my opinion.

These scripts make the Onyx+ move and contract just like the pornstar’s vagina/mouth moves in that specific video in real-time!

FeelMe AI – A revolutionary AI platform that’ll change how you experience porn!

Kiiroo has just dropped a bombshell with their latest creation – ➜ FeelMe AI (Review), and let me tell you, it’s about to shake up how we consume porn in a big way! This is the kind of thing we’ve all been secretly hoping for, and guess what? It’s finally here!

feelme ai featured imageNow, if you’ve ever gone down the rabbit hole searching for interactive scripts, you know it can get frustrating. But hold on because FeelMe AI is here to make your life easier. It lets you take any porn video you like and turn it into an interactive adventure! Here’s the kicker – it syncs up with your favorite pleasure device and essentially “watches” the video right alongside you, making your toy move in sync with the on-screen action, all in real time.

So, all you’ve got to do is connect it to your trusty pleasure device and let the good times roll!

How does the Kiiroo Onyx+ work?

There are basically 10 contracting rings along the shaft of the device, that can expand and contract to stimulate your penis.

These are covered by a skin-like silicone material and of course, on top of that you’ll have the sleeve itself, that can be taken out. We’ll talk a bit more about it further in the article.

What’s in the box?

In the box, you’ll find a micro USB cable, a quick setup guide, a warranty card, and the Kiiroo Onyx+ Itself.

It looks and feels professional and I have to admit you can easily mistake it for a Bluetooth speaker of some sort or maybe a very advanced tech device (which is not really far from the truth).

Point is, I had my mom sleep in the same room with it (next to the bed) and she definitely didn’t notice anything (or maybe she was just nice). Don’t try this yourself though. 
It’s discreet enough for a sex toy, that’s all you need to know.

The battery lasts for about one hour of uninterrupted use (but you won’t last that long, I promise).

The difference between an automatic and manual male masturbators, Kiiroo Onyx+ vs the Kiiroo Titan?

For those of you who don’t know, this is also basically a difference between an automatic male masturbator and a manual masturbator.
The Kiiroo Titan (-> Review) is for those of you who like more control over the action and prefer to stroke it yourself.

I would recommend the Kiroo Onyx+ to anyone who likes to get blowjobs and get the girl to ride you and the Kiiroo Titan to anyone who likes to have the control in bed.

I personally like both… so it was really hard to decide… aaaand that’s why I got both.

I’ll compare them closer in a future article, but for now, I must say that I’m much more impressed with the complexity of the Kiiroo Onyx+ than with the Titan.

Is it worth upgrading from the Onxy 2? Kiiroo Onyx 2 vs Onyx +

The Kiiroo Onyx+ Is definitely an upgrade from it’s predecessor, the Onyx 2. So if you have to buy one, definitely go for the Onyx+

However, if you already have the Onyx 2, is it worth upgrading?

Let’s see what the main differences are:

  • The sides of the new Onyx+ is made with a matte finish so you can still grab it pretty easily even if there is some lube all over it

  • Symbols have been changed to better represent a swiping motion instead of the plus and minus that prompted most people to tap instead of swiping

  • The rotary motor inside is about 30% more powerful than the Onyx 2

  • It’s quieter than the Onyx 2 (by about 30% I’d say)

My experience with the Kiiroo Onyx+

I must say I liked it a lot.

It’s weird to say this and it may sound extreme, but it does feel a lot like a vagina… I would say even better sometimes.
The silicone is really soft, yet it’s tight enough to stimulate you better than some vagina.
It actually made me afraid I might not find the effort of picking up girls necessary. But then again, sex is a more complete experience…
However, if you want to jerk off with style and make the most out of it, this is the closest you can get.

Using the Onyx+ was MINDBLOWING! I didn’t expect it to move so realistically! VR Porn is now ten times better!

It’s definitely an improvement from the previous versions, especially in power and ease of use.
I would say the Onyx+ is probably the best interactive sex toy (-> Top 3 Sex toys), considering I have tested some that are loud enough to wake-up your neighbors.
For such a device to be relatively silent is clearly a feat you will want it to have.

But It’s definitely not silent enough to use it with other people in the same room (if you don’t want them to find out, that is).

It isn’t perfect, of course. For example, you can indeed use it as a manual masturbator, and sometimes it feels better to just do so, which kinda defies the purpose of it.

I liked it a lot compared to all the other toys I ever had. It feels like something new and exciting and it does the job very well, so I’d honestly recommend it to anyone who wants to try something like this.

How to use the Kiroo Onyx+

The Onyx+ can be used without powering it on, however, it’s not actually made for that.
Thankfully it’s more silent than the previous versions, so starting it up definitely won’t wake up the neighbors, but I wouldn’t suggest doing it in the room with another person. Otherwise, you’re fine and you can have fun.

First of all, you power it on by simply pressing the power button and holding it for 3 seconds. This puts it in interactive mode.

Speaking of which, let’s go through each mode step-by-step and see what each one does!

What are the Kiiroo Onyx+ modes?

The 10 contracting rings and app connectivity makes for quite varied possibilities when it comes to how to use this device.
The Kiiroo Onyx+ comes with a bunch of modes that will definitely feel different to you and have different functions.

Mode 0 – Interactive mode

This is the mode that the Kiiroo starts in when you first turn it on. It’s called interactive because you can freely move your hand along the up and down sensors to basically masturbate with the inside of the device.

You connect to interactive content with the Feel Connect app and watch free porn movies after you make an account.If you want to have a huge library of the best VR porn videos you could ever dream of, I recommend (-> Review) too for sure. It’s definitely one of the best and quite cheap compared to others.

Using the Onyx+ synced with Porn… No words for it! I felt like Adriana Chechik was actually sucking my wet throbbing cock. Nothing can match this!

kiiroo onyx+ interactive

In this mode, you can also connect to your partner device with the same free app, the Feel Connect. You can feel in great detail when she is penetrated by the corresponding Kiiroo female vibrators like the OhMiBod or Pearl 2.

Mode 1 – Manual Mode

You get into this mode by clicking the power button once, it basically allows you to swipe on the device and feel like you’re manually stroking your cock.

It’s for those of you who like more manual action and to be in control.
Although if you want it to feel more like actual masturbation, it would be better to go with the new Kiiroo Titan (-> Check our review and test), especially since they have this incredible offer this week. You get a FREE VR headset + Lube + Cleaner for the price of the Titan alone!

Automatic Mode (4 patterns) 

Cycle through the modes by pressing the power button.
Swipe up to increase the speed of the pattern and down to decrease.

  1. Mode 2: Full Stroke
    • up to 140 SPM (strokes per Minute) in a full up and down motion
  2. Mode 3: Power up
    • staggered intensity
    • less intense alternating with more intense
  3. Mode 4: HandJob
    • sloppier movement, similar to a handjob
    • not as full, but alternating
  4. Mode 5: Storm
    • Intermittent pulsing
    • strongest pattern (max power)
    • changing intensity will make each stroking kick slower or more powerful

How does the sleeve feel?

The Kiiroo Onyx+ sleeve is made of the same material that the Kiiroo Titan (-> Read our review) sleeve is made of, a soft silicone material that I swear feels just like the inside of a vagina.
Actually no, even better than some cases :)!

Since you can easily take it off, it’s super easy to clean. You can turn it inside out and put it under some water, soap or whatever you prefer.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is not waterproof, but I’m sure they have to be wrong to some extent. I would consider it at least splash proof, since I cleaned it with water many times to test that and it’s still working perfectly.

I wouldn’t suggest you do that, but just so you know it’s definitely possible and not as sensitive as it may seem.

App connection and how immersive it is

Kyroo Onyx+ has to be hands down the best interactive male sex toy in terms of how accurately it reproduces the movements in the VR porn video (-> Best Videos by category) itself.

It has independently controlled rings that allow for the most true to life and immersive experience with any given video.

sexy teen carolina sweets takes your virginity

Can you use it with other porn sites like PornHub?

Yes, you can use it with any VR porn video, but it won’t synchronize unless the video is made for that purpose. WankzVR (-> See our test and review) has a lot of synchronized videos that you can watch if you want to feel the full potential of this amazing stroker.

Can’t connect to the Feel Connect app?

If you have issues with the Onyx+ connecting to the app, try holding the power button for 15 seconds until a purple light flashes quickly. This will clear the whitelist of the device and you should be able to connect.

Is the Kiroo Onyx+ worth it? 

In conclusion, I am sure the Kiiroo Onyx is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for an interactive male masturbator.
If you like immersing yourself in the VR Porn Videos (-> Top Videos by category) and if you would like to experience the closest you can from a blowjob.

An incredible piece of technology that transports your sexual desires into the future from the moment you turn it on. Always ready to make you feel better than ever. It’s truly amazing if you enjoy strokers, if you were planning to buy it then this is the best choice you can make!




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