Kiiroo PULSE Solo – The BEST Interactive Male Vibrator in 2024!

Discover the BRAND NEW Kiiroo Pulsecum like NEVER before! The all-in-one vibrator, perfect for any penis! If you have a cock, this toy will make you cum!

Sync it with VR porn (-> Top sites ranking), connect it to your partner’s Kiiroo toy, or enjoy it alone to its fullest!

Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse – The easiest way to experience interactive content!

The most brilliant penis pleasuring toy from Hot Octopuss just got better!

The new, improved version of the award-winning vibrator for needy cocks is here: Kiiroo Pulse. A collaboration between two sex toy titans: Kiiroo and Hot Octopuss!

Kiiroo is well known for its interactive sex toys and premium experiences, while Octopuss has been around for years, designing some of the best sex toys out there.

So there was only one way for their premium products to get better: going fully interactive!

Now you can sync the new Kiiroo Pulse with your partner’s toys or with porn videos, 2D, or VR (-> Best VR porn videos). It’s insane!

The future is here, and it has a slick shape and a unique way to make your cock hard – intense, pulsating vibrations that you can’t ever resist!

Let’s see what this revolutionary sex toy is about!

FeelMe AI – An awesome AI platform that will make any porn video an interactive experience!

Kiiroo has dropped a bombshell with ➜ FeelMe AI (Review), and it’s about to shake up how we enjoy adult content! This is the kind of thing we’ve all been secretly wishing for, and guess what? It’s finally here!

feelme ai featured imageNow, if you’ve ever gone on a chase for interactive scripts, you know how frustrating it can be to find one that works like a charm. Say goodbye to those struggles because FeelMe AI has just turned the game around. It lets you take any adult video you fancy and transform it into an interactive wonderland! Here’s the kicker – it syncs up with your favorite pleasure device and essentially “watches” the video right alongside you, making your toy move in sync with the on-screen action, all in real time.

So, all you need to do is connect it to your toy and let the good times roll!

Why Kiiroo Pulse is a unique and exciting male masturbator

Gianna Dior Blowjob InteractiveJust like previous Kiiroo male masturbators like -> Kiiroo Keon, -> Kiiroo Titan, the -> Kiiroo Onyx + and older versions, Kiiroo Pulse takes a new approach to penis stimulation.

I wouldn’t call them “male masturbators” because anyone with a penis can use them all , but that’s the official title of these toys.

The Keon is an automated stroker. Onyx + uses rings that contract around your cock.
The Titan is a vibrating stroker.

Kiiroo Pulse relies on vibrations, too, but does the job better!

The Kiiroo Pulse is way smaller. Travel-size even.

It’s effortless and straightforward to use. There are no cords involved, it has its own battery, and it’s waterproof!

This means that you can use it in the shower, pool, or with tons of lube without a worry in the world.

The fact that it’s waterproof makes it really easy to clean compared to other VR sex toys. It’s a win-win! Great feature!

So, how does the Kiiroo Pulse male masturbator work?

You just need to place your cock inside the vibrator, and you’re done. Flaccid or erect, once you find the perfect setting, you’ll feel like a warm vibrating storm just hit you.

You don’t have to use lube, but if you do, the experience will get better!

You can play with the different patterns and intensities using the buttons on the side, or you can go further and use the dedicated mobile app for more options!

The Kiiroo Pulse has 12 vibration patterns built-in that you can switch through. You can also quickly adjust the intensity for some fun edging sessions. It’s incredible!

The most intense patterns will definitely make you feel -> XXX VR experience unforgettable, no matter how picky your penis is. Even if the device is small, it’s solid and robust, and boy does it pack a punch on the highest settings!

How to use the Kiiroo Pulse automated male masturbator with a partner?

Kiiroo Pulse app connectThe Kiiroo Pulse can be connected to any Kiiroo sex toy from a distance using the FeelConnect 3.0 app.

The process is straightforward; you just need to follow a few steps within the app once your Pulse is connected.

What does this do, you might wonder?

Well, if your partner has any other Kiiroo toy, yours can imitate the movement theirs does.

The app also allows them to control everything that your toy does. It’s the closest thing to long-distance sex that exists!

Long-distance relationships have never been more fun!

Your partner can tease, edge, or make you cum until you want to start again and again.

The interactive side of Kiiroo toys is impressive, mainly because they can be used in ANY combination – and Kiiroo has sex toys for EVERYONE!

How to use Kiiroo Pulse to watch interactive VR porn?

Kiiroo Pulse Feel The ActionNow let’s get to the best part – the main reason this amazing toy exists: interactive pleasure and VR porn compatibility.

You can synchronize Kiiroo Pulse to unique scripted videos from that only -> top VR porn sites can provide.

What does this do?

Well, this makes sure that every movement of the pornstar you’re watching will create an immediate effect on the toy’s movements.

With a stroker, it’s easy – the actress goes up, and down your cock, and the toy does the same. Then, if the pornstar stops or slows down, so does the toy.

You’ll feel like you’re getting fucked, basically!

I don’t find the Kiiroo Pulse ideal for interactive content because vibrating patterns are not really close to real sex. It has nothing truly tangible in the VR porn video to sync to.

Lasirena69 AssIt still matches the intensity of the action, but it can’t convert it into a stroking motion.

The Kiiroo Keon does this best, in my opinion.

Kiiroo Pulse still feels amazing when you connect it to interactive videos at -> VirtualRealPorn or those insane -> 8K VR porn scenes on -> Czech VR.

It makes the already insanely immersive VR porn videos even more immersive. It’s easy to get lost in your VR porn dream with such an advanced toy on your cock.

If you just lay back, relax and enjoy the run, you’ll be lost in the sweetest dirty dreams.

Imagine an ass (-> big ass VR porn) like Lasirena69‘s going up and down on your cock, faster and faster while she looks back at you with her dirty eyes… And then the Pulse starts vibrating harder and harder… it’s awesome!

The scripts are made by professionals, and they never miss.

Interactive VR porn is the future, and sex toys like this will bring it into our lap (literally) in no time!

How long does the battery on the Kiiroo Pulse last?

Kiiroo Pulse SizeOnce you have fully charged your new Kiiroo Pulse, the battery should last about 1 hour.

Sounds great, but sadly the charge time is around 3 hours for this device. So it can quickly be a turnoff if you forgot to charge it after the last use.

I highly recommend you to make a habit out of charging your Kiiroo Pulse after every session.

In terms of how long it lasts – well, 1 hour can be enough even for the horniest user. You can cum multiple times during that time or edge as much as you want without issues.

I personally used the Kiiroo Pulse as a powerful and fun edging sex toy rather than a complete masturbator.

You’ll discover what works for you once you test the toy yourself, but I can assure you that the feeling is truly unique!

How does the Kiiroo Pulse male masturbator work to stimulate your penis?

Once you have your penis inside the Pulse and turn it on, the toy will start vibrating in patterns.

The concept is easy – it’s a powerful vibrator for your cock. Whether you’re hard or soft, you’ll feel every vibration all around your penis.

It doesn’t feel like a weird buzz – it feels like it’s made for your dick!

The sensation is not overstimulating unless you choose to ramp the speed up quickly.

I loved the sensation from the very beginning, and I’m sure I’ll use the Pulse regularly from now on!

Is Kiiroo Pulse great for any penis size?

Yes! The shape and the type of stimulation allow Kiiroo Pulse to be used by anyone. Hard or flaccid, small, average or big, doesn’t matter – your cock fits!

Kiiroo Pulse is one of the first automated male masturbator toys to accommodate such a wide range of users. Anyone can use it, basically.

I really like it just for this fact, and I’m sure it will make many people happy to hear, too!

So no matter what penis size or shape you have, this VR sex toy is perfect for you!

Is Kiiroo Pulse worth buying?!

I think Kiiroo Pulse is a long-term investment in your own personal pleasure.

Whether you’re going to use it as an interactive toy or a solo masturbator, it’s a high-quality product that can change how you pleasure yourself.

The materials are top-notch, and this little vibrator will last as much as it takes.

VR scripts will get cheaper and better. The app is constantly updated, and the idea that you can use it with a partner is also really tempting.

Kiiroo Pulse is a premium sex toy, and it can satisfy any user with its features. It’s a must-have for any VR porn enthusiast and a fantastic “guybrator” for anyone who will ever try it!

Kiiroo Pulse is worth every dollar, in my opinion, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a new interactive toy in their collection.




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