Kiiroo Titan 2023 Review

The Kiiroo Titan is a budget VR Sex Toy that uses 9 synchronized motors to deliver wave after wave of pleasure!
Scroll down to discover all it’s futuristic features!

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What is the Kiiroo Titan?

The Kiiroo Titan is a great sex toy that’s made for men – but not any kind of man. It’s for those of us who want to feel in control anytime we’re pleasuring ourselves.

First things first – I think calling the Titan a “stroker” as everyone does is not correct.

The Kiiroo Titan uses very precise vibrations instead and I wouldn’t call the effect it causes a “stroke”. As pleasurable as it is, the effect it creates is different. Vibrations are not the same as contracting rings and it requires a different approach when handling the toy itself.

For example, the Kiiroo Onyx+ can easily be called a stroker judging by how it stimulates the penis. If you are interested in a different kind of stimulation that doesn’t rely on vibrations you can -> buy the Kiiroo Onyx+, they have a great offer this month.

The Kiiroo Titan uses Bluetooth to connect to any compatible device, just like the Onyx+ and the Launch (-> Review here). It can be synced with other toys or with interactive porn.

The new -> LIMITED OFFER Titan pack comes with a free VR Headset + Lube & Cleaner at only $199.

Let’s see what this device is about!

FeelMe AI – A revolution in porn! 

Kiiroo has unleashed a game-changer in the world of porn – the ➜ FeelMe AI (Review), and believe me, it’s set to flip the script on how we engage with porn! This is the kind of innovation we’ve all secretly wished for, and guess what? It’s finally here!

feelme ai featured imageNow, if you’ve ever scoured the internet for interactive scripts, you know it’s been a wild ride trying to find one that actually delivers flawlessly. But brace yourself because FeelMe AI is here to end the search. It lets you take any porn video in your collection and turn it into an interactive masterpiece! Here’s the magic – it syncs up with your favorite pleasure device, essentially “watches” the video alongside you, and guides your device’s moves based on the on-screen action, all in real time.

So, just connect it with your toy and let the fun begin!

Kiiro Titan Specifications

Materials: ABS shell, TPE sleeve, internal NBR bullet holder
Finish: Matt finished with gloss finger touch section
Size: 221mm in length, 87mm diameter
Weight: Net with 857g with USB cable: 877.5g
Battery: 1000mAh
Charging: 3-3.5 hours
User time: Approximately 30-40 minutes

Circumference: 4.5cm x 3.14cm
Length: maximum 19cm

What does the box contain?

  • The Kiiro Titan
  • A USB charging cable
  • Guides and an introduction to the “FeelX Interactive Videos” offer
  • An instruction manual
  • A warranty card

    if you buy the Titan during their special offer:

  • A FREE VR Headset from Kiiroo!
  • FREE lube + Cleaner if you -> buy the Titan while this incredible offer is still active!

The Design of Kiiroo Titan

This automatic male masturbator is designed to offer pleasure using targeted vibrations that can vary in location and intensity. You can adjust the area where your penis is stimulated in real-time.

It has a very slick, simple design. It’s light and small, easy to manoeuvre and store. It’s discreet enough to be mistaken for another common electronic device, like a Bluetooth speaker for example.
Here’s how it looks next to the Kiiroo Launch:

It’s similar in design to the Onyx+, with a simple, cylindrical shape this time, that doesn’t attract attention.

It has a Power button along with three touch-sensitive pads along with its height that is used to control the vibrations and the different modes.

The sleeve that fits in the interior is made out of the same soft silicone that’s been used on the other male masturbators by Kiiroo, offering a great sensation to the touch. I swear it feels like a real pussy, it’s just the shape that’s different. And by different, I don’t mean worse, it actually feels better sometimes!

Unlike the other Kiiroo male masturbators, when preparing and cleaning the Titan you need to fit the three long silicone rods that contain the 9 motors inside the sleeve, too.

If it’s that’s how the device works, okay, but it’s a little time-consuming; after a while, you’ll start doing it easier and easier though.

It’s made either for solo use or to be paired with a Kiiroo female toy – perfect for long-distance couples who want to have some intimate fun.


Will the Kiiroo Titan fit my penis size?

It comes with a very simple design – with holes at both ends and generous width.
It’s made so it can fit anyone’s penis without being too tight or too loose thanks to the material the sleeve is made of. Yes, it definitely fits yours!

How do I use the Kiiroo Titan? Features and Modes

The initial price of the Kiiroo Titan was $199.
-> The Kiiroo Special Offer
you can get right now adds a VR Headset along with the perfect lube and a cleaner for the Titan for the same price! All there’s left to do is choose the right VR Porn subscription, find your favourite synced videos and have fun. If you want to find the greatest VR Porn sites, we have the best VR Porn sites (-> All VR Porn sites ranked)!

The Titan offers the same toy syncing capabilities as the Kiiroo Launch or Onyx+ for a smaller price: you can use it along with the other Kiiroo toys that are designed for women: The Kiiroo Pearl, Pearl 2, etc.

This means that after two devices are synced, no matter the distance, they will work together by sending and receiving signals, transforming them into the movements produced around the other device.

You will feel how the muscles from your girlfriend’s or wife’s vagina contract and move along the Kiiroo Pearl in real-time, with the Titan mimicking the movement as close as possible.

It’s a unique experience that can be a game-changer for long-distance couples or simply when you and your partner are away for a while and miss each-other: you can get a blowjob, a handjob, and have sex with your girl no matter the distance!

You can also use the Titan alone, either synced with VR porn content from the best sites or just as a normal stroker.

The best way to use it, in my opinion, is synced with VR Porn videos (-> Best VR Porn sites reviewed) for full immersion. Nothing beats this!

The FeelMe platform offers interactive videos from various VR Porn sites and is great for anyone who wants to try synced porn content. (Check the “How do I use the Titan Solo” section below for more details)

BadoinkVR (-> Review) is a great website that got a lot of good ratings when we tested it. It has a lot of videos compatible with Titan, and its releases are among the best in the industry!

VirtualRealPorn (-> Review) is another great site tested and reviewed by us. They offer a lot of synced videos for a great price! It’s just a matter of what you prefer to watch.

How do I use Kiiroo Titan with my partner?

Pairing the Kiiroo Titan wit your partner’s toy is easy! This is where this device excels.

1) Turn on your device – it automatically goes in Bluetooth mode
2) Download the FeelConnect app on your smartphone
3) Open the app and select “Connect a Device” from the Menu
4) Pair your Titan after the phone finds it
5) Test your device with the “Test” button to make sure it works as it should
6) Go back to the Menu and tap “Partner Contact“. The app will generate a QR code that your partner needs to scan in the app
7) Share the code however you prefer by selecting an option from those displayed
8) Have fun with your partner!

How do I use the Kiiroo Titan solo?

The Titan is great for solo use too thanks to the FeelMe platform that allows you to sync it with videos in no time!

Follow the previous steps to step 4) and then:

5) Once in the app, select the “Add a website” option. This opens the camera, waiting for you to scan a QR Code
6) Go to and register a free account
7) Go to “My devices
8 ) A QR code will be generated. Scan it and enjoy your synced content!

The Kiiroo Titan is powered by a 1000mAh battery, which is USB rechargeable in 3 to 4 hours, enough for 30-40 minutes of use. That’s plenty of time to have fun!

Using a device like this is easy and intuitive, everything goes smoothly and there are no complicated things to do.

The most important thing that you have to do before using it (apart from cleaning) is to apply lube. Always use water-based lubricants with the device, otherwise, your best moments can become quite painful. It’s made so that it can only be used with lube, so there’s no way around it if you want to feel comfortable during and especially after you finish your business.

As I mentioned before, you can now get FREE lube and cleaner + A free VR Headset from Kiiroo to enjoy the best content in optimal conditions. They made everything easy for us!

How many vibration modes does Kiiroo Titan have?

1) Interactively, with synced content or another device – This one is pretty self-explanatory. It syncs with the movements of your favorite pornstars on compatible videos (-> BaDoinkVR was the best in our test) or with a female counterpart toy from a distance

2) Targeted vibrations – You control where you want vibrations by touching the three buttons corresponding to the top, bottom, and the middle of the device.

3) Targeted power – The same thing as targeted vibrations, but it lets you combine locations. For example bottom motors, bottom + middle vibrations, or all vibrations at once.

4) Automatic – Vibrations travel up-and-down automatically and you select the speed from the touchpads. This is designed to simulate intercourse but I’m honestly not a big fan of it. Vibrations don’t feel that natural.

5) Blow – A special mode that combines location and intensity of vibrations, simulating a blowjob. Feels better than the Automatic mode for me.

6) Pulse – Vibrations move from low to high in a loop, pausing for a short time in between each loop. It’s a special mode that can be achieved due to the vibrations. It feels nice, but a bit unnatural. Still stimulating, though!

7) Endurance – Vibrations move up and down at different intensities – No way you won’t cum 😉

Conclusion – is the Kiiroo Titan worth it?

Definitely. It’s a teledildonic that can be synced in real-time with other devices or with specific scripted porn videos in VR or 2D. A great device to introduce you to the pleasures of the VR porn world!

It’s a great deal for the price, especially if vibrations are your thing. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested to feel even more immersion than the VR porn videos alone offer. It’s best paired with a VR porn ready headset (-> Best VR headsets ranked) and there are plenty to choose from at every price range. Of course, you can always go for a -> Meta Quest Pro or an -> Apple Reality porn headset if you feel fancy.

If you’re interested in a toy that can be synced with content and other toys but you want a decent price too, then the Titan is what you need to buy! Get it while their special offer is still available and you can have a FREE Headset, Lube and Cleaner so you’ll be ready to go in minutes!




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