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Quick and Easy: Is Yanks VR worth it?


  • Real hot models
  • Immersive realism
  • High-quality video
  • Great mix of models
  • One video released every three days
  • Erotic content with real emotions
  • Easy and Safe payment


  • No option download trailers.

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Yanks VR is a VR porn site (➜ Top Sites Ranking) that focuses on amateur lesbian VR porn (➜ Best Lesbian videos). One of the interesting facts about Yanks VR is that it’s 100% female-produced and showcases real girls having real orgasms. The site started in 2016 and has since then gone on to wow guys and girls alike. Why? Because of its realistic treatment of porn and high-quality immersion.

But is that enough to justify their subscription? Let’s take a look at this comprehensive review.

Yanks VR Content

Yanks VR mentions exactly what they are offering when you visit the website. It takes pride in being a company run by girls, producing content that champions real girls. At the time of writing this review, there are 160+ videos live on the site.

They release fresh new videos every three days, which makes it a great deal from a content point-of-view. However, there are a couple of things that Yanks VR does that aren’t really industry-standard. Meaning? Depending on your taste and preferences, you might love Yanks VR or be a deal breaker.

yanksvr 2

Unlike most other VR porn sites live on the internet, Yanks VR does not do scripts. That means there are no storylines, no plots, and no sexy dialogues (at least scripted ones). If you’re one who does not really have any preference for role-play and rather like things to be as real and raw as they can be, then you would actually love their content.

yanksvr 1The videos range from 6mins to 20mins in length, with 8 mins being the average length. Most solo scenes would figure towards the lower end of the spectrum while voyeur scenes would range about 15-20mins. Yanks VR might not be the best bet if you're looking for feature-length videos. However, if you care more about realism and raw sex appeal, they'll give those to you! There’s hardly anything better in the girl-on-girl niche.

On the other hand, the locations and sets they use in the production of the videos are somewhat of an issue. They rotate only a few types of sets regularly. In fact, a bed with a bamboo and paper partition to change clothes reminds me of porn from the 80s and 90s.

I'll rate the content at Yanks VR 5/5 for its beautifully shot real videos, but it could use more work to prepare its shoot location.

Visual Quality of Yanks VR

The website uses 3D VR technology to produce 180-degree (➜Best 180° VR Porn) and 360-degree FOV (➜ Best 360° VR Porn) videos at 60fps and 30 fps. The videos are downloadable in MP4 version. Depending on the device, the resolution ranges from 3840x2160p to 1920x1080p. They support all major devices, including ➜ Google Cardboard, ➜ Samsung GearVR, ➜ PlayStation VR, ➜ HTC Vive, ➜ Meta Quest, ➜ Quest 2,  and ➜ Quest 3.

In addition to 3D and high-quality video, the videos feature binaural audio. Unlike some other niche websites, the audio is loud and clear. The images in the videos are sharp, with beautiful use of light and contrast.

yanksvr 3

The best videos are where they use natural light, for example, in outdoor forest scenes and the videos on a sectional by the window. While the solo videos are shot in voyeur mode, the lesbian scenes feature POV modes. The lesbian POV scenes (➜ Best VR porn) risk can be a turn-off for guys, though. The person viewing the scene would see a girl’s body as their own, which can be a bit weird.

The website mentions that they ensure a perfect distance from the camera. This is so that the model seems close enough for you to enjoy the immersion. But without engaging a large portion of the scene. Based on the clarity, camera distance, and overall visual quality, I’ll rate Yanks VR a 4.5/5.

Variety of Models and Scenes

Normally, we use two different aspects to judge the variety of content on the website – plots and models. Since there is no plot as such to speak of, the models will be judged for variety.

"The website features models from diverse backgrounds with redheads, ➜ blondes, long-haired, short-haired, ➜ milf, ➜ teen, petite, buxom, hairy and shaved."

yanksvr 4

Since there’s no script or plot to the scenes, it’s basically a couple of girls having fun with each other. Yanks VR does deserve credit for championing the models and their personalities instead of a make-believe character. However, it also dumps a lot of responsibility for bringing new and exciting personalities onto the screen.  They don't want just to feature regular-jane amateur lesbians.

The problem with the videos right now is that we have no context of how the models met and what kind of personality they have. Why would they suddenly like to have sex with each other? What are their preferences?

yanks vr 5The models in the videos are real, next-door type girls who are not your usual pornstars. They are encouraged to be themselves during the filming of the scene. The website states that since there’s a woman behind the camera, it helps the models open up and be genuine during the scene.

This ensures that the videos are filled with raw moments of ecstasy and real orgasms, as against what’s found in most other VR porn sites. The post-production of videos renders a very clear and high-definition video that is somewhat of an identity for Yanks VR.

If Yanks VR can build upon the current niche to make the videos and the context more immersive, it would certainly add to the pleasure of watching such fine lesbian performances. On a scale of five, I’ll rate Yanks VR a 4.5/5.

Future of Yanks VR

"Yanks VR sets itself apart from the entire VR porn industry with the help of its unique proposition. It gives us the ability to enjoy a steady stream of real girls with real orgasms. That is something most sites can’t boast of."

As of the time of writing this review, most of the models are ‘au natural’ and do not conform to the industry trend of going under the knife. That adds some realism and edge and weens us off the decades-old trend of watching artificially modified performers.

yanks vr 6

This is an advantage as well as a challenge, depending on your preference. Interestingly, their choices give them an opportunity to explore a new world of VR porn if they can focus on personality-based porn instead of character and plot-driven videos.

For their Future, I’ll rate them 5/5 since there really isn’t any point in a perfect score when it comes to predicting the future.

Site and Extras

The site's landing page succinctly puts forward the purpose and reminds users of its unique differentiation – 100% female-produced. The site design is simple and focuses on providing information to the user in a direct manner. An example of this strategy is that the site does not have separate pages for each video. Instead, the home page displays the latest scenes available and kind of works like a video listing page (as used on other websites).

yanks vr 7

As a result, the home page works as a landing page, video listing page, and video description page. This reduces the time lag for the user in navigating various pages and is ideal for first-time visitors. Alternatively, it also makes it hard for the user to find a pre-decided video or information.

Each page has five videos to show, and unlike other websites, the site does not offer the option to stream (➜ Best VR porn streams) any videos. Users will have to download their videos directly in MP4 format.

Yanks VR provides further restraint for navigation since it lacks any sophistication in terms of filtering and sorting options other than the tag available beneath each video.

yanks vr 8

For extras, the website offers none. There are no trailers, no added access to other VR sites, and no access to games. It does not support teledildonics (➜ Top VR Sex Toys) like Lovense or Kiiroo either and, as a result, will fail to satisfy those looking to sync their fleshlights.

The site lacks the necessary features to provide a seamless browsing experience and fails to provide any extras with the sub as well. Considering all factors, I’ll rate Yanks VR 4/5 for their website experience and additional offerings.

Billing & Subscription

Yanks VR offers four subscription options: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year. The monthly sub costs $39.95, while the quarterly costs $71.95 but averages at $23.95 per month.

"Easy, secure, and anonymous billing. Don’t worry!"

The 6-month subscription costs $119.85 every six months but averages only $19.98 per month. The yearly sub is the most cost-effective, averaging at only $15.83 per month with a single payment of $189.95 every year.

Conclusion: Yanks VR

The site prides itself on being real and immersive and charges an above-industry average rate. It has positioned itself as a premium VR porn site that offers a look at everyday girls, their sexual encounters, and a rare peek into true orgasms.

yanks vr 9

It delivers a unique sharpness and quality to its videos and makes for a high-definition viewing experience. However, there are some areas it still needs to work on, especially the ability to provide variety and ease of access. If you’re not too bothered by browsing through pages of high-quality girl-on-girl porn, Yanks VR is just the right choice for you.

Check them out!

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