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VR Hush

One of the most promising all-round studios!

Quick and Easy: Is VR Hush worth it?


  • Hot pornstars
  • 8K resolution and moving camera
  • 180° & 360° 3D Videos
  • Voyeur and POV Content
  • Great exclusive content
  • Easy and Secure Billing
  • Nice variety of scenes and models


  • Search option unavailable
  • Should use 360° more efficiently

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VR Hush has some great new ideas, and they like to try out new things, which is always more than welcome!

The VR industry is flooded with new VR porn sites (➜ All sites ranked) currently. Among amateur, hardcore, and fetish porn sites, there’s one site that's often touted as one of the most promising. Does it hold to this day? Today, we look at VR Hush and whether it can live up to its expectations.

Content on VR Hush – How good is it?

They released the first scene in November 2016, right after huge names like ➜ VirtualRealPorn and VR Bangers (➜ Our Test) were already ascending on the market.

As of the time of writing this review, the site has 500+ exclusive scenes live on the site. The content generally focuses on a wide range of genres and niches (➜ Top 10 Videos for all categories) and does not commit to any single niche/fetish.

"The videos normally have a background context, which is then played out in the videos."

vrhush alix lovell

The acting in the scenes is kind of slapstick and cheesy, as you would expect from mainstream porn. It doesn’t have that element of authenticity that amateur porn or that artsy element either that some other studios focus on. Rather, it gives you what you have come to expect from porn. The dialogues, expressions, and moans are seductive, especially when you have such a bevy of acclaimed models on your roster.

The sex itself is really nice. The moving camera is a great addition as it lets you get into all the right nooks and crannies that VR promises. Overall, the content is one of the best in the industry. For their content, I’ll rate them 5/5.

How good is the Visual Quality on VR Hush?

The videos are recorded at 60fps and available at 8K resolution (➜ Best 8K VR Porn). They have made binaural sound available with their videos as well as with 3D integration. The videos are all shot in the 180-degree field of view (➜ Best 180° videos) and are available in 360-degree (➜ Best 360° VR Porn). While their earlier videos had an issue with the camera’s position being slightly higher than ideal, the more recent scenes do not share that issue.

vrhush headsets,Besides, their moving camera worked really well and added to the overall glamour of the scene. They shoot in both ➜ POV and Voyeur (➜ Best Voyeur Videos), and the moving camera does particularly well in traveling to exotic angles that add a new dimension to voyeurism.

vrhush reena sky&pepper xoThe clarity is quite good, the same standard that you can expect from 8K resolution. The lighting and post-production treatment were also at par with the industry’s best. I found no editing issues either while sampling their video catalog.

The site supports ➜ Oculus Rift, ➜ Quest, ➜ Quest 2, ➜ Quest 3, ➜ HTC Vive, ➜ PSVR, ➜ Gear VR, ➜ Daydream and ➜ Google Cardboard. This makes it one of the all-service studios. Considering the resolution, camera position, set, and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Variety of Content and Pornstars

We judge the variety of the content on two aspects – a variety of plots/scenarios and a variety of models and sets.

vrhush modelsAs I mentioned previously, there’s no single niche that they are looking to cater to. Instead, we get content from a whole lot of different and erotic niches. Kinks like stepmom-stepson, lesbian mom and daughter, interracial, office sex, bachelor parties, orgies, poolside sex, adultery, yoga sex, hot massages, and so much more. Their choice of genres and content puts them in the same league as WankzVR (➜ Review) and BaDoinkVR (➜ Review).

However, in such cases, there's a chance the site will be slated as ‘vanilla’ since they want to attract a lot of users. But niches (➜ Best VR Porn videos by Category) and storylines aren’t the only similarities between VR Hush and other big studios!

vr hush richelle ryanThey have managed to onboard some of the hottest and most popular pornstars on their platform. The likes of Romi Rain, Dani Daniels, Julia Ann, Nina Elle, and Nikki Benz. Also, Abella Danger, Stacy Cruz, Nia Nacci, Elsa Jean, Richelle Ryan, and Karlee Grey, etc. At the time of writing this review, they have over 315+ female models signed up with the site. This goes on to show their focus on bringing variety and quality to their subscribers.

The sets used during the videos don’t seem to be featured repeatedly. Even though they are used more than once, most locations don’t feature that often to bore or annoy users. Keeping in mind these considerations, I rate VR Hush with a 4.5/5 for their attention to detail and variety.

Future of VR

The site has a News section that keeps users updated on new developments. These news pieces often educate their growing user base when they are shifting to new tech or when there are upcoming changes.

Additionally, a help guide for new VR headset users (➜ Porn Guides for All Devices) also aids in creating a better ecosystem around the website.

vr hush taylor sands

The site adopted a transition to a new moving camera rig system. This helped them create better videos and pump out 180-degree (➜ Best 180° VR Porn) FOV videos in addition to 360-degree FOV, which were already present. Given the high profile of pornstars they work with and their attention to increasing their value and offerings, an investment in the studio does not seem ill-fated.

For a future with VR Hush, I’ll rate it at 4/5, with the deduction due to their reduced weekly releases.

Site and Extras

The site is unique in its own way. They display their videos, categories, and pornstars quite distinctly. Like most other sites in the industry, you see the latest videos as you scroll down. This is even though they already have a dedicated Scenes page.

vr hush video

The video cards highlight information regarding the tech capabilities. You can see the basic info (3D, 8K resolution, 60 fps, etc.), a short video description, the name of the models, categories and tags, review rating, screenshots, and direct trailer download buttons for each headset type. By far, one of the most informative video cards section across our range of VR porn websites reviewed on the site (➜ All sites ranked).

The Models section lists all the pornstars on the site.  The Scenes pages list all the videos on the site in the same manner as on the landing page.

When you click on a title, it redirects you to an internal page with a more elaborate description of the video. For members, this area can also be segregated by the Latest scenes, upcoming scenes, and other criteria.

vr hush brunette doggie

Apart from the free trailers and the ability to download images, there aren’t any other extras available for a subscription.

They do have a Twitter and a YouTube page!

For now, I’ll rate the site a 4.5/5.

VR Hush Subscription Cost

VR Hush is one of the best price-performance networks; for only $19.95 a month, you are getting access to 500+ videos. You can go with a 3-month subscription as well, which will cost you $16.65. However, the best deal is the yearly subscription, only $8.30 per month.

vrhush membership prices
A VR Hush Subscription is easy and secure. No need to worry about your data!

The payment options are Credit Card, Crypto and PayPal, and all the payments are safe, secure, and discreet, which means there will be no mentions of adult websites on your bank statement.

Conclusion: Is VR Hush Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for porn with a wide range of content and the hottest pornstars, VR Hush is great.

Their clarity is up there with the best in the industry. The scenes’ treatment, available pornstar roster, and over 500 3D VR scenes make VR Hush a fascinating proposition for any porn enthusiast.

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