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  • Hot pornstars
  • Great visual quality
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  • Exclusive content
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  • Small video catalogue

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

While most VR porn sites (-> Top ranking) are geared towards a man’s perspective, VirtualRealPassion has been developed keeping in mind the fetishes, kinks, and demands from a women’s perspective. This site belongs to the VirtualRealPorn family and whether it succeeds in reaching the same heights as its older sibling remains to be seen.

VirtualRealPassion: Content

There are currently 24 videos live on the site and was launched in January 2017. As with other members of the Virtual Real Network, the videos on the site are based around specific scenarios (sex by the pool) or focus on a specific aspect of the performer (blonde milf gives hard blowjob).

The length of the videos range between 20-30minutes depending on whether it’s a solo, couple or orgy scene. Lesbian scenes are also comparatively shorter than straight couple scenes.

hot threesome on virtualrealpassion

Rather, it gives you what you have come to expect from porn. The dialogues, expressions and moans are seductive, especially when you have such a bevvy of acclaimed models on your roster. The sex itself is really nice. The moving camera has been a nice addition, while lets you get into all the right nooks and crannies that virtual reality promises.

The sex was pretty nice and erotic, while the acting itself could have been a bit more genuine. At certain places, it seemed a bit plastic and not-so-natural. Other than that, the quality is really nice and I’ve no other complaints.

It hangs in the balance between being a mainstream studio and an amateur or private porn studio. As of now, I’ll rate VirtualRealPassion a 4.5/5 for their content.

The Visual Quality of VirtualRealPassion

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree (-> Best VR Porn) field of view (FOV). Currently, the site supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR (-> Porn Guide), GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream and specifically Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

virtualrealpassion vr headset support

Even though the industry standard is going towards -> 8K VR porn, the clarity in their videos is still really good at 5k (-> Best VR Porn), making it a pleasurable experience. The overall polish is reminiscent of the treatment available on VirtualRealPorn videos. All the videos are currently shot in POV position, with voyeur not yet part of the repertoire.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Variety of Girls and Guys

Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – a variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

The videos revolve around various plots and sub-plots. While there are straight sex videos with the focus being from a woman’s POV, there are also solo masturbation scenes featuring male models. To ensure that all tastes and preferences are accounted for, VirtualRealPassion even produce lesbian videos, which till a certain point in the recent past, were thought to be a male preoccupation. Additionally, the plots revolve around sex with a friend, holiday plots, poolside, bath, solo, girlfriend sex, orgies and much more.

gine gerson gets her pussy eaten virtualrealpassion

Even with a limited collection of videos, the variety and versatility in models and pornstars was not overlooked. The site features 18 female models and over 10 male models. The models vary in ethnicity, country (with over 11 nationalities represented; mostly from Europe), body types (petite to buxom) and hair colour (blonde, redhead and brunette).

virtualrealpassion pornstars

For variety, I’ll rate VirtualRealPassion a 5/5, considering how they have managed to link so many different varieties of offerings with a single focus.


VirtualRealPassion does have a support section for those needing help when watching video on their respective VR headsets. It is one of the first sites in the VR porn niche who have adapted their video file-types to support Microsoft Mixed Reality, which shows that intent and ability to anticipate future trends.

hot hunks poolside session virtualrealpassion

Their ability to host the scenes in prime location and upscale apartments makes it a top draw when judging for return on investment. Additionally, the availability of top VR pornstars like Gina Gerson, Amirah Adara, Sienna Day and Anissa Kate also makes a strong case. Considering, its aptitude as an investment, I’ll rate this sister site with a 3.5/5.

Site and Extras

The site is quite unique in its own way. The landing page has a short video in VR frame that pans up, down, left and right depending on your mouse. Quite an innovative way to indicate a VR experience! Their features and supported headsets are quite distinctly displayed in the section below.

The navigation distinctively displays the options for Videos, Models, Support, and other useful links. The landing page starts off by displaying the screenshots from the latest videos. The section below shows how VirtualRealPassion easily incorporate next level immersion with Lovense and Kiroo’s teledildonics.

The video display section shows the latest scenes, video description, screenshots of the videos and even offers the option to download free trailers. The tagging system is simple but enough to justify the needs of the site.

The video listing page offers robust sorting and filtering options. It even has a search bar. Most sites forget to use this simple but extremely useful feature. It would have been better, if the same could have been used in the navigation bar.

virtualrealpassion filtering option

The model listing page does not have a search bar, though. It does have customised sorting options including year of birth, hair colour and nationality. Those who are VR porn aficionados will truly appreciate this feature. The video detail page provides the ability to stream trailer, in addition to providing options to download trailers for all devices. Additionally, video descriptions, tags and performer profiles have also been included.

The extras, though, are limited only to free trailers. While other sites provide access to their entire network, they do not provide supplementary access to other sites. The website is truly robust, and it should be noted that they have picked up on the constant feedback that had been provided by the users. You can also check out their Twitter page here. Based on their pros and cons, I’ll rate them a 4/5 for sites and extras.


vitualrealpassion pricing

The pricing options currently feature on PPV (pay per view) pricing. With the PPV scheme, the videos are available at €2.95 ach.


VirtualRealPassion is great for people looking to experience Female POV. Definitely worth checking out their pack.




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