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It’s easy: There is no other site that focuses on top-notch, freaking hot Babes pleasuring themselves. If that’s your thing, you know what to do!

Quick and Easy: Is BabeVR worth it?

  • High-quality sensual and erotic content
  • Freaking hot babes
  • Great Visuals
  • Fast Download or Streaming
  • Access to Badoink VIP network’s 10,000+ videos
  • Easy, secure and anonymous payment


  • Lack of search bar

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

BaDoinkVR (-> Review) has been expanding their presence in VR porn and a few months back a new VR porn site (-> Top Ranking) was released. It’s called BabeVR and was created due to users requesting videos with no guys in them! If you want to bypass this comprehensive review, you can just check out our ratings and observations from the section below.

Yes! That rating is good. But honestly it’s just what high-quality sites like this one deserve. What a great niche!

Content of BabeVR – High Quality Solo Sex

ryan keeley fuck session with doll babeVR

There are currently almost 100 videos on the site, and clearly, still very early days for BaDoink’s new venture. After BaDoinkVR, -> VRCosplayXand -> 18VR, this fourth site targets another specific niche in the industry – high-quality solo porn. In non-VR format, you could also classify this as ‘virtual sex,’ but since VR is built of ‘virtual,’ it’s best to call it ‘solo sex with a dummy.’

The site highlights different kinds of kinks with sex chat session on a video call, office sex, workout sex and webcam sex. They want to spice things up and they succeed. Great ideas and great execution all around 🙂

Hot Girls that you won’t find in girl/boy scenes!

The content is high-quality, just as promised, creating an immersive experience. Visually, the models are beautiful.

They did everything to enhance the chemistry with the viewer, which really shows in high-quality VR, where you get sexy sweet-talk, hot dirty-talk, great seduction, and a whole lot of solo sex. Really, if solo sex is what you’re looking for, you are at the right place!

babeVR latest VR porn

However, despite all the videos being solo, the duration has not been compromised with the general range of video length being between 28-40 mins. Which is great!

Personally, I’d prefer a bit more foreplay and acting in the scenes and can look to Tara Tainton and Xev Bellringer videos in the non-VR format, which showcase virtual sex scenes but with a lot more conviction. Nevertheless, for being so young the content is already freaking hot and of top-notch quality!

Look at those video ratings above. It says all about their content. A solid 5/5!

Great Visual Quality – fitting for hot girls

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree field of view (FOV). Currently, the site supports Oculus Rift, Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide), -> HTC Vive Flow, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream.

babeVR vr headset support

The video clarity is nice with 5K Ultra HD support. There was nothing for me to complain about the lighting during the shoot. The color treatment of the videos seemed fine. It was pretty much BaDoinkVR quality which is great!

Considering, the resolution, audio, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Having the experience and quality of a major studio behind them – the visual quality is all you can hope for!

BabeVR’s Variety lies in having the hottest Babes

Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – a variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

Due to the very nature of their value proposition, there aren’t any male performers on the site. The site mentions that they want to focus on high-quality solo performances with an emphasis on creating erotic content which they do! I personally love the sex with dummies. I definetly feel less awkward than watching a guys asshole while he hammer her…

As of this point, there are 60 pornstars or ‘VR Porn Babes’, as they like to call it, on the site, which basically indicates that each model has only been used once. This ensures that fresh models are featured every week.

babeVR pornstar listing

But for variety, there isn’t much by the way of body-type since most models that have featured on the site are slim and perky, with the exception of Darcie Dolce. However, most of the models featured are really hot and very popular. Some of them are Ayumi Anime, Adriana Chechik, Lexi Belle and Darcie Dolce. There are various ethnicities on the roster with ebony, Asian being covered in addition to Caucasian.

Producing in a niche site is kind of like a double-edged sword since you get a very specific and targeted audience for your content. And in this case, the audience loves Solo-Sex. So their focus is on that and that’s fine 🙂

adriana chechik fingers her ass

One of the ways to do that brings in new talent for every video which they have been doing, but adding background content and some foreplay goes a long way to building a story.

For variety, I’ll rate it a 4.5/5, considering they are a niche and do everything in their power to spice things up!

The hottest Babes out there pleasuring themselves in front of you. What more does a man want?

The Future of BabeVR looks like it’s on a pause

BabeVR has taken a pause at releasing new scenes. So, the videos and site are still accessible and the site will continue to work perfectly, there will not be new releases for now.

babeVR objective USP

Their visual quality is at par with the industry average at 4K but needs to be upgraded soon with other sites, like CzechVR, upgrading to 5K and 6K resolutions. There isn’t any news from BaDoinkVR about rig upgrades on any of their other sites, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Till then, all things considered, I’ll rate the site 2/5 for their future.

A professional company that rules the VR porn market is behind BabeVR. This is all you need to be sure their content is great. 😉

Site and Extras – Great Quality + Nice Network

The site follows the same design philosophy as its parent site (BaDoinkVR) and other sister sites. In essence, Badoink has maintained the same design template across all its sites, with the color scheme, font and graphics being the only difference.

As a result, BabeVR too has a big banner image slider on the homepage with images borrowed from their best performing scenes, with a card beneath is explaining the focus of the site. When you scroll further below, you’ll find their top rated scenes with the duration, title, post date and name of the model being featured in cards.

This design trend also extends to their Videos and Girls pages where they list the videos and models in simple card designs with minimum info made available. This makes accessing and read info a whole lot easier.

babeVR pornstar sorting

The sorting and filtering options on the Videos and Girls pages are again very simplistic with no search option available on the site and ‘newest’ and ‘top rated’ being the only sorting options other than alphabetical order.

Tags or categories are only visible once you visit the inner video detail pages, which have positions, body-type and fetishes (-> best VR porn scenes) as tags.
Theo has a detailed background to the videos available on this page, but there isn’t much connection between what’s going on in the videos and the story concede.

For extras, they offer access to Badoink VIP network’s 10,000+ porn videos and free Google Cardboard for each subscription (monthly and yearly). All things considered, I’ll rate them a 5/5 for sites and extras.

Who can resist such a network? Well, I couldn’t… Totally worth it so!

Billing: Fair Prices for BabeVR

babeVR pricing

The pricing options currently feature a one day trial, a monthly subscription and a yearly sub. The trial sub provides mobile streaming access with just one downloadable video and costs on $1.

The monthly sub costs $19.95 per month and offers unlimited streaming and download plus the usual Badoink offer – free Google Cardboard. The yearly sub costs $71.40 as a one-time investment, averaging at about $5.95 per month and carries the same benefits as the monthly sub.

The company is a professional European-based site bound by European laws. I did not have any problems with my subscription and the support is always there to help. It also is totally anonymous and will not show up as a porn site in your billing. Obviously 😉

Great pricing! Really cheap for such great content. Haven’t had any problems with my sub 🙂

BabeVR - VR Porn Site with High-Quality Solo Sex 2

BabeVR Review: Conclusion

The site has been formed with a unique proposition in mind. It’s supposed to provide high-quality solo scenes using VR as a medium. The visual aspect of it is really gratifying considering the 4K resolution and well-lit scenes, the background story, connect with the audience and the audio make it all a top-notch site. If you love VR Solo Sex this site is for you!

If Solo Sex is your thing this VR Porn site is just an absolute must!

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