StripzVR – Best Striptease VR Porn in 2023?

Want to see her getting naked? Well, I sure as hell do!

Quick and Easy: Is StripzVR worth it?


  • High quality sensual and erotic content
  • Fresh and sexy talent
  • Unique Models
  • Takes request for custom videos
  • High visual 5K quality


  • Lack of search bar

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Finally some sensual VR porn. I always thought girls stripping in VR would be awesome. And it is!

Just when it was getting monotonous with the same positions and same pornstars in VR, a new VR porn site (-> Top Ranking) launched, that has people at the edge of their seats. 

They already have plenty of videos in their catalog and they basically become a genre on their own by now.

StripzVR’s unorthodox in a way, but sensual and intensely erotic as well. Today, we look at StripzVR to see if it has all the material to match the best in the industry and whether it’s worth your pretty penny.

How good is the Content on StripzVR?

The site focuses on producing erotic and tease scenes in different settings. There are many new performers featured on the site, and they help produce some of the most enticing, salivating, and dick-teasing softcore (-> best VR porn) content in VR.

Unlike -> WankitNOWVR where you get JOI instructions, here you’re free to watch and wank as you please.

In total, there are 160+ scenes currently on the website. The acting prowess of these artists is at par with the best pornstars online. Not only that, they know how to tease the camera, how to brush their tits as if your face is there and how to make you squirm with pleasure. It almost feels like -> POV VR porn, but it is much more than that

karolina in summer love

The editing of the scenes is outstanding as well and will only get better in time. Most of the videos come in the sub-10 minute range, and that’s fine, especially since the videos don’t cater to those looking for sex in their VR porn sessions. There’s an awful lot of content available in VR porn where a man and a woman or a man and two women are dishing it out.

Finally there is content that can tickle your senses and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Content-wise, I’m thrilled. My only critique would be to increase the scenarios and add background stories or maybe even some monologues for the performer. That way, the interaction can seem more immersive. Still a great site overall!
My rating for StripzVR would be 4.5/5.

Visual Quality – Perfect out of nowhere

The site offers industry-standard specs with Ultra HD 5K resolution (-> Best VR Porn) in 180-degree (-> Best VR Porn) FOV. The videos are shot at 60 fps with 3D stereoscopic vision. As a result, you’re in for a visual treat.
We’re waiting for their 8K (-> Best VR Porn) upgrade soon, but for now, 5K Ultra HD does a great job, as their post-production is perfect.

stripzvr features

You can choose to download the right version for your headset, from Vive and Valve index to the new -> Meta Quest , -> Quest 2 or any -> Meta VR porn headsets.

The lighting and clarity in the images are excellent, while the color treatment in most videos is exactly as needed. Some older videos have a dark undertone, but that has been ditched, and the latest videos only use lighter undertones for way better results.

As a result, the video comes across in a better mood and helps immerse the viewer in the content. The camera distance and scale looked just right in the latest videos, and while in some sequences, the performer does go a bit far from the camera, she makes it up by rubbing her tits in your face later on. That’s high-quality -> Mila Azul VR porn for you.

Overall, for the camera position, visual quality and overall production value of the videos, deserve nothing less than a 5/5.

Variety in Plots and Models on StripzVR

Generally, when looking at variety, we judge it using two metric – variety in scene/content and variety in models.

jizzles striptease in StripzVR

They started slowly, but now they gathered an awe-inspiring  “collection” of hot models. Giving the nature of their content – solo striptease – they can bring many hot, unknown performers with incredible bodies in their videos. The girls don’t need to be pornstars – they need to look great and feel confident in front of the camera. And they do!

They have performers who are petite, busty, raven-haired, blonde, tattooed, and clean shaved pussy. They go all the way with variety; the only thing that must be true for all the models is the babe-like look – pretty, fit, and ready to make your head spin.

When it comes to assessing the variety in the scenes/stories, I found that almost all the scenes are set up differently. There were scenes in a pub, in the bathroom, in lingerie, on the balcony, in fishnet stockings, in latex, and one was even in the backstage lot of what seemed like a warehouse.
Also, tons of outdoor videos, which I personally love. I’m tired of all the classic bedroom porn.

So, basically, they always tried to keep it fresh and continuously experimented with their costumes and location. It doesn’t really get boring!

Over a period of over 160 videos, that’s definitely a genuine achievement. For variety, I’ll give them 4.5/5.

The Future of StripzVR

The site can still be considered new, but it always impressed with its content right from the very beginning. There have been multiple observations that can point to a positive future for them, one of which is their ability to take in feedback.

Unlike most other sites, they rely heavily on customer feedback and requests for video shoots, locations, models, and even changes in position.

The site works like a forum of sorts where the site management regularly interacts with user comments and uses the feedback to bring in new talent, make changes to the performance (more lap dancing, tit rubbing, eye contact, etc.).

This promises a unique experience for the users and a steady future for the site. Since the users are bound to feel connected to the site, their involvement will lead to further growth.

Another point of observation is how they quickly adapted to 5K. Previously, the content would be produced in 4K format, but they changed all the videos to 5K format and without any glitches as well. This means that the same thing will happen in the future and they’re planning to keep up with the industry without hesitation.

Considering, the customer engagement, new talent and investment in new technology, StripzVR looks to be a great investment. I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

This site’s a one-man-show. But man: The guy must be a workaholic!

Site and Extras

The site follows an unorthodox user experience by creating a community-like interface instead of a site selling VR porn.

The site works on a basic framework with the main landing page, pornstar-oriented scene collection, and helps page. The help section has information regarding each VR Headset (-> VR Porn Guides) and how users can watch StripzVR videos with their respective devices.

bexie williams in lingerie

The main landing page has the collection of the videos, while the pornstar collection page has all the videos the particular pornstar has starred in. As a point of advice, the site owner can involve a bit more information and detail about the pornstar, so that people can easily relate with them.

A point of improvement going forward should be a search bar that can help navigate the growing portfolio of scenes and pornstars. Also, there should be a pornstar listing page so that users can understand the talent profile on the site.

Nevertheless, the fact that there is a dedicated and active comments section, adds credit to the site. It can help them come up with more innovative scenes, hire exciting new talent and keep themselves ahead of the curve.

Also, check out his Twitter Page.

Going forward would love to them offer albums for each title. As of now, I’ll rate them 4/5 for their site and extras.

Subscription and Costs

The pricing options currently feature one month membership, three-month membership and six-month membership. The monthly and three-month memberships are on a recurring basis, while the six-month membership is billed once.

The monthly sub costs $24.95 per month, while the three-month membership will cost $49.95  every three months (an average of $16.65 per month). The six-month sub will cost $89.95 at an average of only $14.99 per month. All plans offer unlimited downloads.

Considering the premium content that users get on StripzVR, it’s a real catch!

This side took Reddit in a storm. Subscribing is totally worth it!

StripzVR, is it worth your money?

StripzVR works to bridge the gap between traditional porn (irrespective of shooting medium) and artsy porn. The content is really premium since the talent used is fresh and extremely sexy, while the locations and performances reek of a site working to put a real value on their customer’s palette.

If you’re looking for erotic and sensual porn on VR and are willing to stray away from the traditional, hump-and-dump porn content in VR, you’ll find that you’ve hit a goldmine. The site owners are passionate about their product and want the users to be as involved in the process as possible. StripzVR is a must-check-out for us!




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