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Quick and Easy: Is VirtualRealGay worth it?


  • Hot and sexy models
  • Erotic screenplay and plots
  • Good visual quality
  • Robust filtering and sorting options
  • Easy and Secure Billing
  • Works on every device


  • No extras or freebies, other than trailers

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With new niches coming up, websites have been expanding their networks by releasing niche VR porn sites (➜ Top Sites ranking) to target niche-specific VR porn enthusiasts. VirtualRealPorn (➜ Review) released VirtualRealGay a couple of years back. Today, we take a look at whether its content stands the test of gay VR porn (➜ Best Gay videos) enthusiasts and if it’s worth a subscription.

Content of VirtualRealGay

They released the site in 2015 and have 300+ videos live at the time of writing this review. As obvious, it features man-on-man gay porn in a virtual reality format. Gay and transsexual porn (➜ Best Trans VR Porn) has been on the rise, with more porn consumers opting for the content.

virtualrealgay1The website seems to release new videos once every week. Being a broad niche website, it covers porn from various sub-plots with a gay twist. That’s a positive note, considering most niche websites often get stuck in the same plot progression.

VirtualRealGay, on the other hand, includes content from a huge variety of plots (some of which can be quite realistic), including step-dad on son, shower porn, gym porn, gay pride, pool sex, party sex, and even cosplay parodies like Spiderman and Saint Patrick’s day sex.

"That gives them space to bring up a lot of different content in various situations and backdrops."

Kiiroo Onyx plus strokerAdditionally, there’s the advantage of being a part of VirtualRealPorn’s network. I would include that as an advantage because the guys behind VirtualRealPorn are known to be innovation-driven. This gives users the added benefit of ‘enjoying’ the porn videos not only through the visuals and acoustics but with Lovense and Kiroo integrations as well. Lovense and Kiiroo are next-gen VR Sex toys (➜ Best Toys ranking), which lets users be a part of the porn video and enjoy the fuck as if they were part of the scene.

Based on the quality of content released by the site, it stands to reason that they deserve a 5/5 for content.

Visual Quality is perfect in 8K

VirtualRealGay shoots all the videos on the site at 60fps in 3D format and lets users enjoy the content in high-definition (HD) 180-degree FOV.

The internal video pages showcase different versions of the video, as compatible with different types of VR headsets. ➜ Oculus, ➜ Meta Quest, ➜ Quest 2, ➜ Quest 3, and every ➜ Meta VR porn user can enjoy porn in the highest quality, while others using smartphone-supported VR headsets can enjoy the same at 1080p.


The immersion of the VirtualRealGay videos is one of the best in the industry. Most of the videos are Lovense compatible, meaning users can experience sex with their favorite models through the ➜ Lovense Max 2 and ➜ Nora.

The sharpness of the video is at par with the industry standards and does not disappoint. Additionally, the camera rig used in POV versions has been borne by both the performers. At times, the performer more dominant in the scene wears the rig, while the subdued performer handles the rig at other times.

"This creates a much more complete experience than traditional POV videos, where only one performer carries the rig throughout the video."


Considering the immersion and FOV of the videos and now 8K VirtualRealGay, it deserves a solid 5/5 for its visual quality.

Variety of the Gay VR Porn

We usually judge variety based on the variety of performers and plots. Let’s start with the variety displayed on their pornstar roster.

The website has used 200+ different models in its videos to date. The models feature from 10 different nationalities. A wide variety of models are featured, including more mature models, younger teens, well-built hunks, and sweet-looking twinks. Additionally, there’s a nice range of tanned, pale, and even ebony models.

virtualrealgay 4

Coming onto the variety of plots, VirtualRealGay really excels in this segment. The plots used in the videos are from a wide spectrum, and based on their existing use of sub-plots, they’ll be using every backdrop possible to produce content.

"They have videos of party sex, armed forces, dad-son, gym sex, swimming trainer, gay pride, threesome, orgy, and so much more."

I’ll rate the site a perfect 5/5 for their good use of plots and performers.

Future of VirtualRealGay

The site has been around for some time and has consistently put up quality content. It’s supported by a popular VirtualRealPorn (➜ Review) network that seems to be going gung-ho on capturing the VR porn market.

The visual quality and content rank at par with the best in the industry. A bit more focus on making the website more user-friendly will certainly gain them more conversions.

Overall, there are a lot of positives for the site and only good things to note. The future seems bright, so I’ll rate them a 4.5/5 for their upcoming future.

Site and Extras

The website template is the same as that used for Virtual Real Porn. The difference would the primary colour is blue in this context, probably intended to denote ‘male content’.

virtualrealgay 5The navigation provides easy access to the Videos, Models, Support, and Login options. The landing page exhibits the latest scenes, while the section below showcases their integration with Kiiroo and Lovense (➜ Best VR Sex toys). The section below shows the latest scenes in serial order with a free trailer, screenshots, and video description. Also, the tagging system in VirtualRealPorn and VirtualRealTrans is here.

The model listing page and video listing page both feature customized sorting and filtering options. The Models page uses parameters such as year of birth, hair color, and nationality. On the other hand, the Videos page has video score, date, genres, length, etc. The video detail page provides the ability to stream trailers in addition to providing options to download trailers for all devices. Additionally, video descriptions, tags, and performer profiles have also been included.

virtualrealgay 6

The extras, though, are limited only to free trailers. While other sites provide access to their entire network, VirtualRealGay does not provide supplementary access to other sites. You can also check out their Twitter page.

Based on their pros and cons, I’ll rate them a 4/5 for sites and extras.

Billing: Safe and Anonymous

The site offers four different pricing options. The monthly option is priced at 24.95€, while the quarterly option costs only 49.95€ and is payable once every 3 months. The annual option is priced reasonably at only 119.95€ and is billed once every year. And on top of that, you have the Lifetime option. The annual sub averages about 6.95€ per month only.

"Of course, being a part of the VirtualReal family, they often offer crazy ➜ discounts on their content, so keep an eye on them! You might just get lucky!"

Easy, secure, and anonymous billing! I had no problems with my subscription.

Conclusion: VirtualRealGay

The Virtual Real network seems to be going strength-to-strength and the growing popularity of VirtualRealGay and VirtualRealTrans is a testament to the same.

The site offers quality man-on-man gay content and uses industry standard technology to produce the best possible content. Given the subs on offer, the smartphone sub option seems a smart bet to check it out if you’re into VR gay porn.

Top site for Gay VR Porn. Nothing much to complain!

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VirtualRealGay is one of the most high-quality GAY VR PORN sites in the entire industry! Check out VirtualRealGay, the site with the best quality at the cheapest price!…
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