Grooby VR Review – Best Trans VR Porn?

You see Grooby VR isn’t like every other trans VR site. It’s offering you more angles than anyone in the game. It offers the ability to watch a scene from male POV and t-girl POV

Quick and Easy: Is Grooby VR worth it?


  • Hot models
  • Male POV and T-Girl POV Options
  • Quality content
  • Variety of content
  • One release per week


  • Young site

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Content of Grooby VR

groobyvr shemale pornstars

The -> VR porn site currently has 50+ exclusive videos available for download or streaming. The core focus of Grooby VR is to create a “trans (-> best VR porn videos) experience like never before”. If looking at a big-tit, gorgeous woman with long hard cock does something to you, then this is definitely the site to be on. The site first started offering videos on a pay-per-video basis. But a few months back, they shifted to a paysite with periodic subscriptions.

The performers are generally either American or Brazilian. The membership area shows a recent notification where they are looking to hire more models and actively seeking out Brazilian models. Given the models I saw, they are all hot as hell, really gorgeous, and know-how to dish it out in front of a VR camera. So, if you think you’re going to get some amateur-ish stuff, you’re highly mistaken.

Plus, there’s that USP I was talking about. You see Grooby VR isn’t like every other trans VR site. It’s offering you more angles than anyone in the game. That is, it offers the ability to watch a scene from a male POV and a t-girl POV. Depending upon your preference, you can choose whichever POV you like and see that cock pump in and out. This is something we could only do in -> VR porn games until now!

Most of the videos start out with foreplay as the models seduces the camera and then slowly progresses to oral sex. Once the male dick is ready and hard, the t-girl proceed to penetration. Finally, after a raunchy session, the guy splashes his jizz over the model’s busty tits. Now, who doesn’t like that? In some scenes, she’ll even take the cum in her mouth.

The length of the videos varies between 13 mins to 39 mins in length. The solo videos generally vary between 13-15 mins, while most of the hardcore scenes last up to 25 mins. Some of them exceed 30 mins.

The content on offer and the way the site does it makes it a real contender in terms of content. If only, they had a bigger catalog, it would have been the perfect deal. For their content, I’ll rate Grooby VR 4.5/5.

Grooby VR’s Visual Quality 

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree field of view (FOV). Like most major sites, Grooby VR takes care to support Oculus Rift, -> Meta Quest, HTC Vive, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream. Hopefully, they will have files for the newer -> Meta VR porn headsets, too!

groobyvr device support

The scale of the videos is just right. However, the distance can vary as the performer moves around from one position to another. This is especially acute in threesome scenes and when the area of the performance is somewhat limited, like a bed. Even so, this was only witnessed in very small fractions of the videos I watched.

The post-production and editing of the videos seem to be done right. I could not find any noticeable faults in the videos I saw. However, they could do a bit of colour treatment to make the final product stand out from the crowd. The lighting for some of the scenes could be better, though that’s primarily due to the internal décor of the set.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5.

Variety of Grooby VRs Content

When judging for variety, we generally look at two aspects – variety in content and variety in pornstars.

There are currently 29 models live on the site. Most models are either American or Brazilian. But you get a nice variety of Caucasian, Latin and Ebony models. Depending on whether you like your dickgirls petite, curvy, big-assed, redhead or blonde, you can select your preferred video.

Some of the most popular performers on the site are Natalie Mars, Foxxy, Aubrey Kate, Erika Lee, and Domino Presley. If you want to know more about their talent, visit the Models page on Grooby VR.

groobyvr shemale pornstars

I would like to see a bit more ethnic diversity used in the roster so that it appeals to all kinds of people. So, probably bringing in an Asian or a British model could help spread it out.

The variety in content is dependent on the plot and the story. Thankfully, there’s a lot of different kinks and fetishes that the site owner has focussed on. There’s peeping, school girl, swingers, bathroom, massage and more.

In short, there’s enough to keep you hooked for days. You don’t have to worry about it getting monotonous since you can also shift from male POV to t-girl POV, if you want to try something new.

Considering all factors, I’ll rate them a 5/5 on variety.

mia mafia on groobyvr

Future of the Site

Currently, the site releases weekly updates. There’s one new scene introduced every week, though I wouldn’t complain if that number increases to 2 or 3 per week. However, a few months back the release schedule used to be somewhat erratic. It might be down to the fact that at that time, the site was on a pay-per-view basis.

However, that has changed and since then the site has tried to be regular in their weekly updates. Given the technology they are using, the site looks invested in the long-run. They have an FAQ section, a Guides page and News page which lets the company intimate users about their ongoing developments. A way to engage the community is always looked at positively, since it helps the customers understand how the company envisions and vice-versa.

groobyvr threesome

The sets and locations used are mostly indoors. Though they might not be as premium as VirtualRealPorn or WankzVR, it’s still very convincing and does not break the immersion. They already use a 4K static rig, but would be nice to see them upgrade to a 5K or a floating rig.

One of the promising aspects of the site though is their comments section. It’s where the users can make recommendations and requests for scenes. It indicates the likelihood of the enterprise to be open to feedback. For future, I’ll rate them a 4/5.

Site and Extras

The membership area has a fairly simple outlay. There are three main options in the navigation bar – News, Scenes and Models. The News page forms the home screen and lists the latest announcements on the site. Along with that there are links to other related pages such as Bonus Content, Website Discounts, Grooby Blog and Live TGirls Cam.

groobyvr scenes

The Scenes pages offer simplistic sorting functions like Top Rated, American, Brazilian and POV. Other than that, accessibility options also have a search bar at the top of every page. If you know which title you’re looking for, you can easily find them. On the video page, the site allows you to stream directly or download for your respective device. For extras, there’s high resolution stills from the scenes which you can download or view on the browser.

The Bonus Content is pretty interesting (and free) as well. There are some nice stills from the models which you can enjoy. For the sites and extras, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Grooby VR’s Subscription Cost

There are three options available – one month, three-month, six-month and annual. The one month (recurring) sub costs about $24 per month, while the three-month sub costs $59 (at less than $20 per month). The six month costs a single payment of $86, averaging about $14.33 per month. The annual membership costs a one-time payment of $135, which averages about $11.25 per month.

Along with the traditional paysite, they also offer on a pay-per-video basis. The price per video ranges generally between $5-12 for single videos while discount video packs go for $40-50.

GroobyVR Kitty Cat Kira Crash

Conclusion: Is Grooby VR worth your money?

Grooby VR is your destination of choice, if beautiful, hot-bodied T-Girl models, fucking guys, and girls with rock hard dick turns you on. The site does well to provide two different POVs since it can attract different profiles of users. Whether you like to see a t-girl on top or a guy, you get both on the site. Plus, the quality of the content and the visual quality are quite enjoyable as well. This is going to be a very exciting project.

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