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Hot Shemales and a great variety of scenes and models! Great.

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  • Hot TS sex with both guys and girls
  • Great visual quality
  • Popular Trans models
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy, secure, and anonymous billing


  • Should release more often

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Transsexuals. TGirls. Trannies or Shemales (-> Best VR porn videos). Whichever you like, it’s taking the VR porn (-> Best sites ranking) industry by storm with so many websites venturing into the niche. We have already reviewed sites like VirtualRealTrans (-> Review) and VRB Trans (-> Review) on the site, both of which are part of a larger network. TSVirtualLovers is a sister site to Reality Lovers, and this review will judge whether it has the goods (no pun intended) to stand tall among such competition.

Content: TSVirtualLovers

At the time of writing this review, the site had 42 videos live on the site. The first video was released on June 9th, 2017. The site clearly focuses on transsexuals/Shemales as the main niche and covers all sub-niches within that broad category.

tsvirtuallovers video description cards

The quality of the porn is somewhat average. The build-up to the actual sex is almost missing and the play-acting is not that convincing. Especially, in a VR environment, where you can almost feel being in the same room as the models, it certainly needs to be more natural and less synthetic.

It’s as if the performers were in a hurry to get to the sex as soon as possible that they skipped the entire context for the sex to happen. Now, this particular aspect is very personal or individual in nature as there might be viewers who actually hate the build-up and prefer going straight to the action. In case, you’re of that mindset then you’ll most likely love their videos.

Overall, I found the videos different in flavour from what’s normally available, but that is dependent upon personal preference. For content, I’ll rate 4.5/5 for its content.

Visual Quality of TSVR

The videos are recorded at 60fps and available at 4K resolution. They have made binaural sound available with their videos as well with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree field of view (FOV).

Being a product of the Reality Lovers team, it’s no surprise that they have used all their experience and know-how in replicating premium clarity and immersion. The positioning of the camera could be better since in some cases, the camera is a bit low as compared to the actors.

tranny vanessa jhons loves a threesome

However, the lighting and other aspects of the production were quite satisfactory. They didn’t seem to repeat any of the sets yet and there is a premium feel to the videos itself.

They feature both POV and voyeur videos, which is good since it gives more mobility to the models and allows them to move around in voyeur videos. For those who prefer POV, a hint of good news is that it’s not shot in one single stationery pose and the models do move around a bit.

The site supports -> Meta Quest and any new Meta headsets, HTC Vive, PSVR, Gear VR, Daydream and Cardboard. Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5.


Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – a variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

The site does not focus on any specific sub-niche within the TS category but rather dips its toes into all generic niches like office sex, sex by the pool, gym/workout sex, solo, threesome and hardcore. Luckily, for the viewers, all TS sites come with an added bonus niche – ‘surprised-you-were-a-shemale’. It’s basically a plot where a guy or a girl mistakes a tgirl for a girl only to be tempted into carnal pleasures of being with a shemale.

tsvirtuallovers pornstars

Overall, their treatment of the plots and variety within the niche is quite nice. Among all the videos shot till now, the solo seems to be the only repetition with all other niches being visited only once.

Coming to the models, there are a total of 20 Shemales on the site currently. It features some of the more popular names such as Kimber Lee, Nathaly Miller, Mia Maffia and Vanessa Jhons along with a host of new talent. You’ll find a nice mix of petite, buxom, ebony, Caucasian, brunette and blonde models. There’s more or less something for everyone and given its still about 6 months since they started, you can expect a more talent coming in.

On a whole, I’ll rate TSVirtualLovers a 5/5 for variety.


For a niche site, an update frequency of once a week is kind of acceptable. But it would be preferable if they can shift to a twice a week release. One disclaimer though, the interval between each release is not always seven days.

bailey paris busy in a treatment session with victoria pure

They do, however, maintain 4 new releases every month. As of now, they are producing 180 FOV, 60fps videos in 3D and 4K resolution. That is right below the best possible offering in the industry. If they can continue to take feedback and use that to develop, they’ll surely be a worthy investment.

Given that they already feature some of the most popular T-girls on the site, an investment on a subscription, might not be badly spent.

I’d rate the site a 3.5/5.

Site and Extras

The site design uses a minimalist philosophy showcasing information only that which is necessary. The landing page has a main banner which exhibits the name and date of the upcoming release, which in my mind is an excellent use of the space.

tsvirtuallovers video detail page

Once you scroll down, you can find the list of the sites. Like many other sites, TSVirtualLovers also do not have a dedicated Videos page and rather display all their videos from the home page itself. It currently fits 7 videos on a single page with a pagination navigation option at the end of the page. These video cards offer 8 screenshots, a trailer and a short video description.

The navigation bar on the top of the site features Models, Search, Help, Login and Join. The model’s page provides a list of all the talent featured on the site, with an alphabetical sorting option. The Search page is by far one of the best additions since it provides the users with a robust offering to find exactly what they are looking for without wasting any time in browsing.

tsvirtuallovers sorting and filtering

The video details page showcases categories, timestamp, video duration, video plot/description and a gallery of screenshots of the respective videos.

Overall, the site provides all possible facilities needed to access the content. There’s even a Help page for those who are new to the site in order to guide them regarding the content’s compatibility with different VR headsets.

There are no extras, however, apart from the trailers. On a whole, the site does well on the various parameters, earning a 4.5/5, with the lone point deducted for any lack of sizeable extras.


tsvirtuallovers pricing

TSVirtualLovers currently offer two subscription modes – every month and every 3 months. The monthly sub costs about $39.99 per month, while the quarterly sub costs a one-time investment of $79.99 which averages to $26.66 per month.

Safe, Secure, and Anonymous. Never had problems with my sub!

Conclusion: TSVirtualLovers.com

If you’re looking for some hot sex, great visual clarity and some sensual tgirls, TSVirtualLovers will probably do it for you. Since they are a part of the Reality Lovers network, they have used that knowledge to a best possible extent.

There’s a healthy variety of niches on offer and some of the hottest Shemales in the VR porn.

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