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The Purest lusty Transsexual VR Porn!

Quick and Easy: Is TranzVR worth it?


  • High visual quality
  • Twice a week exclusive content
  • Really hot TS pornstars
  • Wide range of niches


  • Larger catalogue needed

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TranzVR is the latest entry in to the transsexual VR porn niche. It belongs to the house of WankzVR, which can only mean good things.

TranzVR’s Content

TranzVR is a relatively new VR porn site (➜ Top Sites ranking). It was released recently and comes from the house of WankzVR. There are 40+ scenes live on the site at the time of writing this article. The focus of the site is exclusively trans (➜ Best shemale VR porn). As a result, you get a bevy of really hot transsexual models fondling each other’s tits and giving them to each other.

However, being a transsexual porn site means that they still have a lot of sub-niches to cover. This obviously means good news to all those who love variety in their content. Their catalog already covers content from ➜ anal, ➜ threesome, ➜ orgy, party, poolside, maid, and yoga niches.

tranz vr 1

The videos are shot as full-length features. As a result, the duration of the videos generally varies between 35-50 minutes. That’s a lot of quality VR porn content!

"The pornstars featured are some of the most popular TS models out there. As you can expect, with the people who made WankzVR, there’s no shortage of quality talent or content on this site."

If you’re looking for a catalog of pure VR porn content, there are very few that can match TranzVR’s range. The quantity will grow over time, so I won’t hold that against them. I’ll give them a 5/5.

Visual Quality of TranzVR

The visual quality of the videos I sampled was really nice. The videos are shot in 60 FPS with 180-degree FOV (➜ Best 180-degree VR Porn). All the videos are 3D-supported and provide the perfect immersion needed to enjoy the lustful fantasies that unfold before you. If you’re using headphones, then the binaural sound will help bring you closer to that environment than you imagined.

tranz vr 2

The resolution is 4K Ultra HD. The scaling and the lighting looked fine to me, though the positioning of the models in foursome or threesome scenes could be better guided.

Other than that, I have no complaints when it comes to visuals for TranzVR. For visuals, I’ll rate TranzVR 5/5.

TranzVR: Variety of the Scenes and Models

The variety is usually judged using two factors – variety of niches and variety of pornstars. Let’s start off with a variety of niches. While the site is relatively new, TranzVR has looked to target a wide range of niches, including anal, threesome, babes, teen (➜ Best Teen VR Porn), poolside, party, yoga, college, bondage, big tits, big ass (➜ Best Big Ass VR Porn), and a lot more. So, no matter what kind of ➜ fetish you have, TranzVR is likely to have some content for you either way.

tranz vr 3

When it comes to variety in pornstars, there are small tits, big tits, big ass, ➜ blonde, ➜ brunette, ➜ big dick, petite and voluptuous. However, most of the pornstars here are ➜ Latina. While we all love a bit of caramel, it would be nice if we got to see some other ethnicities in the mix as well.

For their variety, I’ll afford them a 4.5/5.

TranzVR's Future

TranzVR is owned by the team that made WankzVR (➜ Review). Wankz and MilfVR (➜ Review) are among the other sites in their network. This production studio takes its job seriously and has been doing well for quite some time. The studio promised to release 2 new scenes every week. That is a great release schedule! However, the studio seems to have been inactive for some time.

tranzvr 4

The site also has a dedicated community forum and help pages to guide users through any kind of problems they might face while downloading or streaming content.

Site and Extras

The website design is very simple and straightforward. The navigation options at the top of the site guide users to Videos, Models and Help.

tranzvr 5The home page lists the latest videos along with a main banner advertising upcoming videos. The movies page allows you to go through all their videos (➜ Best VR Porn Videos by Category). It also hosts a basic sorting and filtering options including categories and recency of the videos. While the sorting and filtering options work well for a small sample size, it might be cumbersome for users as their catalogue grows.

The pornstar page offers similar filtering options but instead of catagories, there’s alphabetical sorting along with other sorting options like popularity, recency etc. The site also hosts help pages on each VR headset (➜ All VR Headset Guides) and provides a community for their subscribers to interact with the site owners and resolve any problems.

Overall, it’s a simplistic site. For sites and extras, I’ll rate TranzVR 4.5/5 for their design and user experience.

TranzVR’s Price and Billing

There are three different pricing options for TranzVR. 1-Month, 3-Year and 3-Year. 

The 1-month subscription costs only $14.95 per month if you buy it right now. The 1-year subscription costs $8.33 a month, while the 3-year subscription costs $9.99 a month. Mind you, these are discounted prices so hurry up!

TranzVR: Conclusion

In conclusion, TranzVR is a site made purely for the sake of enjoying transsexual porn through the magic lens of VR. The directors clearly believe in value for money, producing threesomes and foursomes in quantity, for there’s a lot to really immerse yourselves in.

The visual quality and release frequency makes it an excellent TS porn option. Do not forget that content is scorching; as a company, it is one of the best in the business. So, if you love hotties with big tits and a hard dick, you know where to check.

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TranzVR is a new shemale VR porn site. A sister site of the awesome WankzVR. they're doing just as good! …
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