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Parody VR Porn Videos

Sluttiest fictional characters ever

The Best Parody VR Porn Videos:

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#6 Black Widow

best parody videos no 6 parody vr porn(➜ VR Bangers)

Black Widow is one redhead you can’t resist… And she’s cumming for you!

#5 Bullet Witch

best parody videos no 5 parody vr porn(➜ VRCosplayX)

I personally love gaming parody VR porn the most, and this one is just perfect!

#4 Norsemen

best big cock videos no 5 parody vr porn(➜ VR Bangers)

Fuck the hottest Viking tribe leader! She’s super horny, and she’s up to anything!

#3 Scooby Doo XXX

best parody videos no 3 parody vr porn(➜ VRCosplayX)

Velma and Daphne are hotter than you thought! And they like it together.

#2 Captain Marvel

best parody videos no 2 parody vr porn(➜ VRCosplayX)

Who thought Captain Marvel could have had such a strong sex drive?!

#1 Legally Blonde

best parody videos no 1 parody vr porn(➜ VR Bangers)

Legally Blonde… but illegally hot. How long do you think you can last?

6. VRBangers – Black Widow 2020 A XXX Parody

best parody videos no 6 - 2

Watch the hottest redhead in the Marvel Universe. She’s a cold-blooded, ruthless assassin. She’s been raised to kill and to disregard any human who tries to intervene in her mission.

But as you know, now she’s changed. She’s reformed and wants to pay back for her crimes. That doesn’t mean she’s not ready to get her hands dirty… with your cum.

It’s payback time with Black Widow and VR Bangers (➜ Review), and you’re the lucky guy she chose to fuck this time. Who knew she had such a dirty side?

5. VRCosplayX - Bullet Witch a XXX Parody with Katy Rose

best parody videos no 5 - 2

There’s nothing better about parody VR porn than getting to know the characters first. This VRCosplayX (➜ Review) video has a great introduction to Alicia, aka. Bullet Witch and how badass of a character she is.

Her gun is sexy; her costume is sexy… Yeah, you’re rock hard and now, after she’s done dealing with some mindless zombies, she’s ready to take a break. And your cock in her ass!

A great example of how XXX VR parodies should be from the best cosplay VR porn site out there! Please don’t make her wait for you!

4. VR Bangers - Norsemen a XXX Parody VR Porn Video

best big cock videos no 5 - 2

VR Bangers (➜ Review) has always set the standard for any video, and their parody VR porn scenes are getting absolutely insane lately. In this Netflix series parody, you get to fuck your hot, blonde Viking tribe leader.

She’s badass and tough, but her body is still that of an angel’s. A true babe with the blood of a Viking man ready to give you everything she has.

An ➜ 8K (Best Videos) parody VR porn masterpiece that you have to watch no matter what. It will get you hard in seconds!

3. VRCosplayX - Scooby-Doo a XXX Parody

best parody videos no 3 - 2

I always portrayed Daphne as a perfect 10 and Velma as her equally hot but underrated friend. But I never thought VRCosplayX (➜ Review) could be portrayed as good as this video ever does: Dani Jensen looks exactly like I imagined Daphne in my fantasies, and Stephanie West is Velma Herself. There’s no way around it!

And they’re coming for you this time… but not every case is successful – some of them are absolute wins, just like this one.

I won’t spoil it for you, but these two girls you’ve always fantasized about will come to reality in the best form yet – parody VR porn. Enjoy!

2. VRCosplayX - Captain Marvel XXX Parody

best parody videos no 2 - 2

I know you always wanted to fuck Captain Marvel, just like all the other hot characters on this list. This is why parody VR porn is so great.

This video is exceptional just because it brings another hot woman that’s stuck in our minds right in our hands. And things get dirty really quickly every time.

Another masterpiece that makes me thankful both VR porn and VRCospalyX (➜ Read our test and review) exist. You gotta watch it!

1. Best Parody VR porn video: Legally Blonde XXX

best parody videos no 1 - 2

Spoiler: a hot super-close-up is waiting for you!

Legally Blonde 3 is out, and we’re excited to see what the sexiest blonde attorney is up to. Comedies are just as good at making your cock hard as any other genre, as long as the protagonist is sexy.

And in Legally Blonde (➜ Best Blonde VR Porn), it was more than the case.

In this parody VR porn video, Paris White will be waiting for you and your hard cock, ready to treat her first client like royalty. You can’t skip this one!

Parody VR Porn – Bringing all our fantasies to (Virtual) Reality!

It all starts with us loving sexy, adventurous, and fascinating female characters. It doesn’t matter the age or how it starts, but it stays with us for a long time. Even for life for some – as it happened to me with Velma and Daphne.

It was hard for me to reduce this parody VR porn ranking to a few videos. At the same time, though, I had to deliver the best parody VR porn videos I’ve seen for you to jump to right away. Still, I left some characters behind – like Sansa Stark – but you can find them in my ➜ cosplay VR porn ranking.

I took the best of the best – and thanks to these amazing VR porn sites (➜ Best VR Porn Sites Ranking), you’ll be able to watch them right away on any VR headset (➜ How to watch VR Porn)

If you want a different category, here are all ➜ the best VR porn videos rankings!

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