Dark Room VR Review – Live your Deep, Dark Porn Dreams in VR! Worth the Money in 2023?!

Dark Room VR is bringing us fresh, hot 7K videos with a twist!
Get immersed in “a world without fake smiles or false emotions!
Scroll down to find out if the site it’s worth your money!

Quick View: Is Dark Room VR worth it?


  • One of the highest resolutions of all: 7K!
  • Crazy hot pornstars
  • Innovative plots and style
  • Compatible with every headset
  • Very cheap subscription
  • Easy and secure billing


  • Videos count still low
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

The Content at Dark Room VR – Everything that makes this studio unique!

Dark Room VR perfect titsFirst and foremost, you should know that Dark Room VR is powered by Virtual Taboo (-> Review).

This studio in particular has been gaining better and better spots in our -> Top VR porn sites ranking. They stepped up their game more than any other studio in the past year. This means a lot already!

Even though it’s lowkey kink-oriented (-> Best fetish VR porn videos), the content it offers is regarded as one of the best out there.

They decided that mild kinks and daddy plots might not satisfy every fan and decided to go further: rough sex, humiliation, and domination.

And so it started.

dark room vr threesomeTheir new project is Dark Room VR.

This site must be just as good, considering how well Virtual Taboo is doing.

If you’re a fan, then you know what I mean. If you’re not, maybe you should subscribe to Virtual Taboo, too!

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at everything Dark Room VR released so far, and then we will draw a conclusion about the quality of their content.
Spoiler alert: Dark Room VR is just as good as its parent site! If you have a taste for dark, peculiar sex scenes, that is.

You can watch all their videos on Any VR headset (-> Porn Guides). I watched the whole catalogue on my Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide) to make the most of that juicy 7K resolution (-> Best VR Porn Videos). -> Lenovo Legion VR700 will soon be able to do the same thing for the same price!

dark room VR original positionYou’ll be OK with any other headset because you will be able to download the corresponding compatible video once you subscribe.

This site is dedicated to all of us who are tired of the dull, unimaginative missionary and doggy scenes. I’ve come to hate them even in VR. It reminds me of flatscreen porn. No, thank you!

As hot as the girls are, the plots, positions, and setups can get boring pretty quickly if you are an avid consumer.
That’s where sites like Dark Room VR come into play. They’re here to break the rules and change our ways!

dark room vr double blowjobWith titles like “You will learn the lesson, Bitch“, “Fuck your problems!“, “Blind Date Gone Wrong” or “Do as you’re told, wife!“, you can figure out right away that this is a brand new territory in virtual reality.

The dark, gloomy setup of every scene is also unique. The light is focused mainly on the characters themselves. The rooms are unclear, and all the surrounding objects are hidden by shadows.

It sets the mood very well! You know you’re not going to watch your girlfriend stripping for Valentine’s or some other fake ass plot.

No, you’re going to punish someone. You’re going to make them feel bad, but you’ll pleasure them sexually at the same time.

dark room vr four assesThe presentation is excellent. It would make anyone curious – as it did with me!
In the end, everything turns out great for everyone. You’ve fucked a naughty student, and she came like a pornstar.

Your two new neighbors didn’t really like being kidnapped, but in the end, they’d do it all over again.

There’s even a video with a girl (Jenny Wild, not any girl!) who’s possessed by a demon. Would you fuck her? I know I did!

For now, there are only around 30 videos on the site, but I see new scenes being released weekly. By the time you’ll be reading this, the number will undoubtedly be higher. Let’s hope the quality stays the same!

dark room VR double suckIf I were to round up everything I said about Dark Room VR content in a few words, then I’d say that this studio is Virtual Taboo on cocaine. And a few other drugs. It’s awesome!

I personally love the concept.
I can’t give them the highest rating for Content, though – not everyone might be into their niche.

Also, the video count is still low. But as their video number is subject to change, so is my rating!

So it’s a 4.5/5 for Content for now!

Visual Quality of Dark Room VR – Does the high-end 7K resolution make a difference?

dark room VR stretchedAs I mentioned in the previous section, you can watch Dark Room VR on any device! Either by using your -> Smartphone for VR porn or a new high-end -> Valve Index. -> PSVR is on the list, too!

The high 7K premium resolution will matter everywhere.

The camera rig is the first step towards an incredible experience, and shooting in 7K will make ALL the videos crisp and clear no matter how you watch them. It’s a massive advantage over the competition.

There’s only a handful of VR porn sites shooting in 7K and 8K right now, and those are the big stars in the industry: -> VR Bangers, -> Czech VR, and -> Wankz VR. The rest are yet to catch up. Even titans like -> VirtualRealPorn still release in 5K UHD.

Dark Room VR pussy lickingWith this in mind, you shouldn’t be worried about the videos’ resolution and clarity on Dark Room VR. Everything is top-notch!

But how about the dark scenes? We’ve rarely seen such a thing in VR. Maybe XVirtual (-> Review) pulled it off a few times, but not in every video.

How does it feel to have “dark room” sex in virtual reality? Does it mess with the visual realism?

For me, it doesn’t. And by reading the opinions of experienced users on specialized VR porn forums, others seem to enjoy it too!

There’s still more than enough light to highlight the features of those beautiful girls.
Don’t worry about that – you’ll enjoy every inch of their bodies.

Dark room VR lesbiansIt cannot feel “unnatural,” either. Dark rooms are pretty common in everyone’s house in the evening, aren’t they?
The unique lighting technique is there to set the mood. I’m sure the producers experimented with it a lot, and the results are fantastic!

I highly encourage you to visit Dark Room VR and download a few trailers of your choice in full resolution. You’ll be convinced in no time!

You’ll be able to see fear and guilt in these girl’s eyes clearly. Maybe disgust, and then follow as their mood turns from “No” to “Yes” once you get your cock out.

Awesome looking, immersive videos. I’ll rate Dark Room VR a 5/5 for Visual Quality!

Variety – The pornstars you can fuck at and the stories you’ll be involved in

Dark Room VR modelsVisiting the “Models” page will only bring you joy!

Following Virtual Taboo’s recipe, you’ll only get to see either mean, sexy-looking faces or innocent girls on this site. Each of them playing their corresponding roles in the videos, of course.

You’ll meet famous stars like Lika Star, Shalina Devine, Eveline Dellai, and Silvia Dellai (yeah, there’s a twin VR porn scene…check it out!), Alexys Crystal, or Lola Myluv.
They’re all posing with mean smirks on their faces or with expressions of pure fear or disgust.

I love a site that tells its own story at first glance!

Dark Room VR scoldingThe plots… well, we already talked about them, mostly.

The theme is unparalleled, and it can go far and beyond what anyone would expect. Dark Room VR is unconventional, so they’re content is “Diverse” by definition.

You won’t find anything similar anywhere else. Punishing, humiliating, scolding, and controlling these incredibly hot pornstars will become your main activity once you subscribe to Dark Room VR.

It’s a 4.5/5 for Variety from me!

The Future of Dark Room VR – Will their niche content succeed?

Dark Room VR petite teenI’ve been watching VR porn for years now. Writing reviews and checking out new videos and sites was my daily activity, and it still is.
This means that I can somewhat see things from outside the box.

In the beginning, there was no “crazy” content in VR. Nothing out of the ordinary – just regular hardcore porn, POV, or voyeur. Studios wanted to get to as many subscribers as possible, and vanilla porn was key.

Dark Room VR scared lesbiansThings have changed, though.

More and more fans are flooding the VR porn sites – which is incredible! VR needs to be on everyone’s agenda, and VR porn has to be part of your intimate life no matter who or where you are. It’s a game-changer.

Well, as more people discover porn, the need for diversity increases.

Sites like Dark Room VR are betting precisely on that: newcummers will be amazed, and as they discover the immersiveness of VR porn, they’d what to try out new, exciting stuff.

Like Dark Room VR, Czech VR Fetish (-> Review), XVirtual, and a few other sites.

I think that as long as this industry keeps going (and it will!), niche sites like Dark Room VR will have great success.
So, the future looks bright! And… a little bit dark? Find out yourself by following their progress on their Twitter or Instagram. And by visiting Dark Room VR, of course!

5/5 for Future potential here!

Site and Extras – What do you get with a Dark Room VR subscription?

Dark Room VR neighbor handsFor now, there are no bonuses or extra sites that you can get when you subscribe to Dark Room VR. You’ll get exclusive access to all their videos and upcoming releases, but that’s it: Fair and square.

The site itself is quick and user-friendly. You can access the basics like Videos, Models, or Tags.
Once you’ve subscribed, you can log in and start watching their excellent content.

You can also use the search bar at the top to get to any video or pornstar you like right away. I wouldn’t skip searching for Stefany Kyler if I were you!

Dark Room VR also provides simple instructions on -> how to watch VR porn on their site just in case you’re new to it. Which is fine, of course! It’s all effortless to do.

Not much else to mention in this section – everything looks good. No Extras, though, so no maximum rating!

4/5 for Site and Extras!

Conclusion – Is Dark Room VR worth your money?!

Dark Room VR Dark Room VR might not offer special, juicy Extras, but they still have something huge going on for them: the price.

This site is dirt cheap, starting at just $10.00/month! One of the most inexpensive subscriptions out there. Let’s hope it stays the same as more content gets added!

The experience is more than worth it for the money. You get 4 new, exclusive scenes per month and unlimited streaming and downloads.

So, the main 1-month subscription is only $10!
You can also subscribe 3 months for just $25.
If you’re planning to stay longer, $95 will give you 1 year of full access.
The Lifetime subscription costs $250 right now.

dark_room_neighbourAs I said, it doesn’t get cheaper than this. It’s a new site, so they want many people to discover their content. It’s a deal you can’t miss!

Don’t worry; the payment is safe and secure!

The site will use the bare minimum to get the money, and then you’re good to go. It’s completely anonymous, too!
So stop thinking and jump right in. You can get premium, unique VR porn scenes for the price of just two coffees. Easy!




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