Dezyred by VRBangers Review – The best interactive VR porn game?!

Dezyred is a new and exciting interactive VR porn game! Choose your own adventure while browsing through premium, 8K sex scenes! The future of the -> best VR Porn games is here!!

Quick and Easy: Is Dezyred worth it?


  • Unique concept
  • 8K quality porn
  • Powered by the best VR porn site
  • Insanely hot pornstars
  • New stories upcoming
  • Very easy to play


  • No negatives!


How to play Dezyred

1. Register a new account at ->
2. Download the Play’A app
3. Open the app
4. Go to “Websites” in the lower-left footbar
5. Type and click enter. Enjoy this unique interactive experience!
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What is Dezyred?

Dezyred is a unique interactive VR porn game powered by VRBangers (-> Review). It’s a “choose your own adventure” game that supports the most popular VR Headsets (-> How to watch), with more support coming soon.

The game uses real VR porn scenes – it’s more like an advanced VR adult interactive cinema where you can choose what to see next.

All within a very catchy and sexy story!

While playing Dezyred, you can pick between the different scenarios you’re going to see and make decisions to enhance your experience.

The game is free to play, but not in its entirety. You have to purchase credits and then spend them to unlock different scenarios and progress further into the game.

It’s an exceptional experience, one of a kind! Something we all needed, really! When I saw the news about it the first time, I instantly thought, “why didn’t we have something like this already?!”

But now it’s here, and it’s fantastic!

How much actual Content do you get with Dezyred?

At the time of this review, the game has only one playable story called “Double Trouble” and two more coming up soon. With many more expected in the future judging by the success this game had!

Double Trouble has 9 sex scenes, 2 girls, 1 threesome (-> Best videos), 2 anal scenes, and more than 7 hours of VR Porn footage in total!

Throughout these scenes, you get to make the decisions that will shape your overall experience.

All these can be unlocked using credits – between 150 and 500 for each. For a full experience (not all the content!), you’ll have to pay around $25 for Credits. It highly depends on what your choices are, though. It’s mostly up to you!

Once you played the scenarios and purchased them, you don’t need to buy them once more if you want to replay the game (and you will!). You’ll need to unlock just the scenes you’ve never been through before – if you’re going to choose different paths/sex positions/actions, etc.

The game has excellent “replayability” for fewer and fewer credits. And the scenes are so good you definitely won’t mind going through them again.

I replayed some scenes with Whitney Wright more than a few times… because I love this brunette (-> Best videos) so much!

Everything in this game can be considered one of the best VR porn videos of it’s kind if watched separately.

There’s plenty of content to go through, and with even more stories coming soon, I can only give them a 5/5 for Content!

Visual Quality in Dezyred – 8K VR Porn game experience!

Everything looks sharp and clean in Dezyred, especially considering that it’s all shot in 8K resolution, something that has only been achieved by a handful of VR Porn sites until now.

I wouldn’t expect something different from the best VR porn site out there, VRBangers!

They nail the lightning in every scene; the girls look absolutely delicious. The locations where everything is shot are clean and not too distracting.

There aren’t many things to say about visual quality in this game: the videos you’ll see and play through are shot by VRBangers, the best studio out there, in 8K resolution – the highest on the market right now.

kyler naked on sofa dezyredVisually, everything is absolutely flawless.

You will quickly get lost in the story, and your eyes will ever get the best possible treatment. Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright will be right there with you talking, whispering, looking straight into your eyes, and eventually get naked and fuck you. The way you choose!

Visual Quality is essential – that’s how the game tricks your brain that what you see is real life. And this game is the best at doing this because these are not 3D models, but real pornstars in very high resolution! Getting a blowjob (-> Best videos) in this game is almost surreal.

Real girls that you can talk to, admire, and fuck as much as you want.

For Visual Quality, I’ll rate Dezyred 5/5!

How good is the Interaction in Dezyred?

dezyred interact with the environmentAll the interaction in Dezyred is based on choosing what you’re going to do next. It’s the only thing you have to do in this game – decide what’s next.

Dezyred also gives you the possibility to interact with the environment, but to a smaller extent.

You can watch TV, visit specific rooms of the house or do certain actions that don’t necessarily involve sex or flirting with the girls but lead to the spicy stuff really quickly. It reminds me of the videos at Virtual Taboo (-> Review)!

In the game, you can choose to refuse or to play along with the advances of a character or another. How you’re going to play and treat these hot girls is only up to you – and your decisions will influence what happens next, every time!

Up until the final shot and where you want to land it 😉 Or maybe you’ll choose a creampie (-> Best videos)?

How’s the story in Dezyred? Is it the best interactive VR porn game?

Yes, Dezyred is the best interactive VR porn game I’ve played so far. It’s probably the most interactive experience I’ve ever had in VR next to the -> best VR Sex cams.

lacy towel kitchen dezyredSo, the story must be just as good to keep it engaging. And it is. I really had fun while playing, between all those incredible VR Sex scenes. Lacy Lennon is one of those chicks that drive me crazy with her pure beauty.

Catching her in the kitchen like that, wearing just a towel, was… Exciting, to say the least.

And the most important thing, of course, was that I could choose how to react! It was challenging at first because I felt the pressure of making the right decision.

I wanted to fuck her ASAP, but which was the best way to start?!

That’s why the story and interaction in this game are AMAZING! It keeps you hooked and horny all the time. And the rewards are… yeah. You’ll see.

dezyred fuck her positionThe story doesn’t have noticeable flaws – it gives you a certain degree of freedom while also keeping you hooked, horny, and interested in the girls.

Of course, I won’t go into detail about the story because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I can tell you how it felt for me – fun, sexy, and engaging.

Really no complaints here! I’m just waiting for their next stories – I’d love to be able to play more scenarios in this incredible VR porn game experience!

With all this in mind, I think Dezyred deserves a 4.5/5 for Story until they add the next ones featuring more exciting pornstars.

Can you get Dezyred for free?

The game itself is free to play after you -> register here, but there’s limited content available.
You will have to unlock multiple scenes with credits for what we call “a full experience”; the great thing is that you actually get to keep the content you unlocked within the game!

What pornstars can you play with in Dezyred?

For now, the first scene in Dezyred features Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright.
On the “Pornstars” page, you can also find Morgan Lee, Katy Jayne, Angela White, Kyler Quinn, and the amazing Ebony (-> Best VR porn videos) beauty, Cecilia Lion. They will be part of the next two featured scenes.

I’m sure there are many more to come! And judging by the starting line-up, it’s safe to say that the greatest names in the VR porn world will take part in the next Dezyred sexy adventures. I’m so excited!

Can you play Dezyred on Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, you can. But for now, it is only possible to play Dezyred on Quest 2 only via Oculus Link.

Dezyred announced to their fans that Oculus Quest 2 standalone support will be coming very, very soon.

I’ll update the review as soon as the game is fully compatible with Quest 2, but you can check for yourself by visiting!

Conclusion: Is Dezyred worth it?

Yes, this game is amazing, there’s no question about it.

Whether you’re a VR Bangers fan and you know their content is always excellent or you’re new to everything and you want a unique experience, this game is perfect for you.

The price is great for such a new and unique experience, too. $25 for full gameplay and so many possibilities is more than fair. Not to mention all that quality porn that you’ll watch… As I said before, all the scenes are up there among the best scenes ever made.

You can get different Credits packs, from 3000 Credits ($10) to 30000 Credits ($60) and enjoy everything this game has to offers in your own way.

Dezyred is a success, and the new scenes will add even more content to this new, exciting VR porn game. It already has a lot of fans, and people are waiting for the next chapter!

You should try it no matter what! VR Porn is the future, and games like this are the future of VR porn.
Don’t miss out and have fun playing Dezyred!

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