Captain Hardcore Review – Sci-fi VR Porn Game – Is it WORTH the money in 2023?

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Quick: Is Captain Hardcore worth it?


  • Awesome graphics
  • Very good animation
  • A LOT of freedom
  • Cool cyberpunk theme
  • Very hot customizable characters


  • Small bugs are still present
  • Lack of story



What is Captain Hardcore?

Captain Hardcore is a sci-fi/cyberpunk VR Porn Sex Simulator Game (-> Best VR Porn Games Ranking).

It’s a very detailed sandbox that aims to give you total freedom while also being realistic and erotic. The game is still in development and gets new features added with every update.

The game’s main purpose is for the player to have fun using one or multiple female models that they can interact with.

According to your preferences, the interaction revolves around toys and sex machines that can penetrate the 3D models differently. You also have virtual hands, controllers who can touch and grab the models… for a better experience.

The developers are working on a story for the game, too, but for now, it’s just a very complex and high-quality VR Porn Sandbox game.

But how good is it, really? Scroll down and find out yourself!

Captain Hardcore System Requirements and Compatible Devices

There are no official system requirements for Captain Hardcore, but you can always -> download a demo from and test it out on your PC. It needs a High-End VR Headset (-> Porn Guides for All Headsets) connected to a decently powerful PC – so test it out with your device before buying the -> full version on!

Also, this game can be played in Non-VR, so it’s not VR only. But trust me, the real fun happens in Virtual Reality!

How good are the Graphics of Captain Hardcore? Is it realistic enough?

Every VR Porn game needs to excel when it comes to graphics because VR is different.

If the game wants to be realistic and trick you that you see a real, vivid world in front of your eyes, they need to work a lot on the details and textures. Captain Hardcore does it very well so far!

The graphics of this VR Porn game (-> Top 18 VR Porn Games), considering the freedom you have when interacting with the models, are really, really good.

All the girls look and move in a very realistic matter – one that can easily make you horny. The concept itself is fascinating, and the whole general vibe of the game is fun.

You’re on a spaceship with multiple levels where you can spend your time: A bedroom, a simple deck, a bar, a shower, etc. The textures of the environment are great, and it really contributes to the overall immersiveness of the game.
It looks good, that’s for sure, but what matters the most are the actual female models that you will interact with… a lot.

I must admit that all the girls look very natural and sexy. There’s a certain level of tweaking and playing around with the graphics of the models in this game that turned out to be absolutely great.

The way the girls open their mouths and close their eyes once you get a toy close to them and swallow it with the most natural face ever is fantastic.

Their movements and custom animations like dancing that you can select for each girl look very hot. The tits bounce (ah yeah) beautifully, and their skin is soft and realistic to the touch of your virtual hands or the different toys you can use.

There’s a lot to do to these models in-game, including very detailed customization – and they all work around the very well-made graphics. Not as realistic as -> MirageVR, for example, but still great.

They’re very close to realistic models, and the fact that you can grab them by the hair/hands/anything really while inserting toys in every hole and slapping them at the same time makes these models be the most realistic ever so far. There are games in very early stages with better 3D engines and very realistic skin textures and such, but you can’t do much to the models.

In Captain Hardcore, it’s a different story.

I’ll give it a 4.5/5 for Graphics.

Is Captain Hardcore an Erotic Game?

Captain Hardcore is similar to Virt-a-Mate (-> Our Review), but it lacks the fan-made scenes. This translates into less overall diversity, one of the few things that can make a VR Porn Sandbox erotic.

If you’re into sex space adventures, then maybe the game can appeal to you differently, but for me, it’s just a very complex sandbox for now.

Of course, in-game flexibility can easily lead to erotic scenarios!

You can, for example, create a whole party in your Space Bar, with as many characters as you wish, and then pick your favorite, bend her over right in the corner (hidden or not), turn on fluids on her body settings, use the controller to fleshlight (-> Best VR Porn Sex Toys) option and go to town. That’s really sexy; I have to admit it.

Or just bring the girl to your bedroom upstairs and do all the nasty things you want to her!

And yes, there is an option in the game where you can actually attach your controller to your fleshlight and make the character in-game move accordingly – to feel like you’re actually fucking them. That adds to the erotic factor, in my opinion – it makes everything seem genuine if you spend enough time creating your scene.

The fact that you can create so many scenarios on your spaceship while also being able to use a fleshlight (-> VR Sex Toy or not) to make the game feel really is great.

I’ll give Captain Hardcore a 4/5 for Erotic, willing to change this for future versions where there will be a story involved.

How good is the Content in Captain Hardcore?

We will treat Captain Hardcore like we treat every other game in development – nicely.

At the same time, though, we need to talk about the price and what you get for it, no matter the game development stage.
Of course, as I mentioned before, on -> you can get Captain Hardcore and 13 more VR Porn games including -> La Douche, -> Holodexxx, and more while also getting access to 3000+ Premium VR Porn scenes (-> Best Videos By Niche) from the best VR Porn sites like -> VRBangers, -> VirtualRealPorn, -> WankzVR and many, many more.
Price is not a huge problem here, as this deal is absolutely incredible!

But still, how good is the content in Captain Hardcore?

Great, honestly. It’s not a finished game, but it’s way beyond the basics already.
After you’re first opening the game and you’re presented with your futuristic desk and a 3D model ready to teach you the basic controls, you can start playing.

You’re basically teleported on this spaceship – your ship – where you’re allowed to do anything.
You have a few rooms that you can get to using the ship’s stairs: the control room, the entertainment area with a TV (everything is an entertainment area, trust me), a shower, a bar, and even a bedroom.

Here you can spawn a range of models from the predefined list in the game. Even more than that, you can edit each girl and change basically everything about the – eyes, nose, mouth, butt, nipples, everything.

The models are different by default and still highly customizable, so that’s great regarding content. If you spend enough time, you can get the love of your life to be your galactic -> XXX VR sex slave.

Once you chose your location, you can start spawning girls and toys (-> Best VR Sex Toys) to pleasure them. Stretch their asses fill their pussies with dildos. Pick one, two, three, as many girls as you like and strip them naked. Get a double dildo and an automatic dildo and do your thing – it’s up to you and your own fantasies!

There’s a certain degree of freedom in this game that can satisfy almost anyone. The realism of the interaction – that girls close their eyes and open their mouths in real-time when you get a toy close to them, getting ready to suck and enjoy, is awesome.

I really like how the 3D models react to your movements and who wouldn’t love it!

You can make the girls follow you or other objects with their eyes, depending on your preferences.

It is a highly customizable, fascinating setup, plenty of rooms to have a ton of fun, and many customizable characters – Captain Hardcore deserves a 4/5 for Content so far!

The Story in Captain Hardcore

There’s not much to say about the story: you’re traveling on your futuristic spaceship, and you have the awesome power to spawn the girl of your dreams… five times, if you wish, and have all the fun in the world with her. I mean, in the Universe.

The developers are talking about implementing a storyline, but so far, this game is just a very fun sandbox. Looking forward to playing the story, though!

I’ll give it a 4/5 for Story.

Conclusion: Is Captain Hardcore worth the money?

Yes, it’s totally worth it.
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