HolodexxxVR Review – Photorealistic VR Porn Game – Is it good?

This is an overview of the popular VR Porn Game HolodexxxVR. Photorealistic 3D Models! But is it as HOT as they say?

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  • Great graphics
  • Sensual character rendering
  • A LOT of content that can be purchased
  • Great interaction in-game
  • Girls you know and love
  • Great VR implementation


  • Eye contact with character needs to improve
  • Could use more interaction
  • Animations could be better



What is Holodexxx VR?

Holodexxx is a brand-new VR Porn game that aims to bring erotic VR experiences to the next level. If you’re a fan of VR Porn (➜ Best Sites Ranking), you’ve already learned that in every movie, you’re always watching from a fixed position.
There are a lot of scenes where the producers implemented the moving camera rig, but that’s still not enough for most. And for a good reason.

Now, if you’ve also been interested in VR Porn Games (➜ Top 18 Best VR Porn Games), you already know the most significant drawbacks: the 3D characters are not realistic enough.

Holodexxx tries to overcome both by creating 3D models using advanced model scanning technology and motion sensors.

The goal is for every player to witness realistic models, just like in VR Porn Videos (➜ Top 10), but also have 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom) – which means you’ll be able to move around freely while interacting with your favorite character.

If this isn’t crazy enough yet, you should know that for their 3D Scannings, the Holodexxx team hired honest, professional, sexy pornstars like Riley Reid, Marley Brinx, Mia Malkova, Dani Jensen, Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Jynx Maze and more!

So the prospects are… incredible. While playing Holodexxx, you’ll be able to see realistic models of your favorite pornstars performing for you while you’re free to walk around and get the best out of every angle.

But is the game good enough yet? Is this the future of VR Porn? Let’s see what Holodexxx is all about!

What are the HolodexxxVR system requirements and compatible devices?

The game requires a high-end VR Headset (➜ Guide for every VR headset) to run. You’ll have to go with an ➜ Oculus Rift or Rift S, ➜ HTC Vive, ➜ Valve Index, or  Meta Quest.

You’ll also need an 8th or 9th gen Intel i5, at least 16 GB of Ram, and a graphics card newer than the Nvidia GTX 970. They have pretty beefy specs.

The game can also be played on the PC in 2D using a Keyboard and Mouse, but who does that? This is a VR masterpiece!

So Holodexxx is compatible only with the high-end VR Headset connected to an equally capable PC – for the best visual experiences!

The Content on HolodexxxVR

HolodexxxVR features different types of content that can be loaded into the game, both interactive and standalone striping/teasing scenes with various pornstars.

Their prior experience is an interactive scene, Holodexxx Home, with two different Episodes: Lady Euphoria and Lady Euphoria Evolved.

Lady Euphoria is your house companion that’s there to be a constant, sexy presence. Your Cyberpunk style apartment has her as some kind of… Sexy, 3D Virtual companion ready to talk dirty to you anytime.

Lady Euphoria is a perfect, realistic 3D scan of the famous pornstar Marley Brinx. They got so far with it that the 3D model has the same tattoo as Marley!

While playing this scenario, you can chat with Lady Euphoria while also being able to change her features, like the color of her clothes, eyes, and hair. Not much else, challenging, as a real girl inspired the model, and it’s meant to stay that way.

There’s a lot of dialogue in this one, but the results are pretty satisfying. She’s your companion, after all, so communication is essential.

Of course, depending on the dialogue choices you make, things can get sexy pretty quickly. Their chatbot is improving, and it’s pretty clever, so the conversations are not dull.

But of course, a naked 3D realistic Marley Brinx masturbating in front of you in VR is way, way more interesting. And, of course, you can watch her from every possible angle because that’s what 6DoF is all about!

Lady Euphoria Evolved features an even more realistic chatbot and the same hot protagonist inspired by Marley. More customization options, a better conversation, and the possibility to watch porn (➜ All VR Porn Sites Ranked) on your virtual TV screen… next to Lady Euphoria, of course.

They went further into the chat possibilities and made minor but essential improvements. I like it! Marley is hot, and the whole cyberpunk, futuristic setup makes a lot of sense considering the main plot of this game: a 3D hologram at your disposal.

The following important scene you can download and experience in Holodexxx is the “Sneak Peek” with Riley Reid experience.

They scanned every inch of Riley’s irresistible body for this one, and all the work paid off: you get to experience the hottest lap dance experience in VR by far!

This is meant to convince you how great Holodexxx: Home is. Some high-quality teasers feature one of the hottest pornstars out there. Worth checking out… to make sure. 😉

The same thing goes for HDX: Gallery – A downloadable pack where you can see Mia Malkova, Skin Diamond, Jynx Maze, Lexi Belle, Tori Black, Marley Brinx, Riley Reid, Dani Jensen, and Dani Daniels as 3D Holograms, scanned to perfection.

This is another teaser for the already mentioned Holodexxx Home series, and it’s made to give you a better feel of how the game will be. These 3D copies of all the models I’ve mentioned are unique to this pack, so if you want to see them close up in VR like never before, you can definitely check it out.

The last pack available is the first demo for Lady Euphoria, again designed to give you a glimpse at what’s next. The real deal is Holodexxx Home with Lady Euphoria and Lady Euphoria Evolved – the two scenes they worked on all this time.

It’s a 4.5/5 from me for Content!

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Graphics of HolodexxxVR

When it comes to the Graphics, nothing beats this game so far. Maybe some creations in ➜ Virt-a-Mate could compete with it, but that goes away quickly when you realize that all the models in Holodexxx are perfect 3D recreations of real pornstars. It’s hard to beat that, no matter what!

I loved every model in HDX: Gallery: They looked SO REAL! It’s tough to describe the feeling… Almost uncanny but exceptionally immersive as soon as you get used to it. And it doesn’t take long!

Lady Euphoria looks very-very real. Her eyes look straight at you like she knows you’re watching her. Her body is very detailed, the skin textures are flawless, and the animations are almost perfect.

I’m still not a massive fan of the genitals when I get to undress her and watch her masturbate, but I’m sure that will be improved in the future. Undeniable quality, though, as expected from 3D models that are high-definition scans of real bodies. It’s almost like a 6DoF Porn Video (➜ Best VR Porn Videos)

They’re using a special camera setup that includes 112 DSLR cameras to capture shots of every body part and then process them in 3D. You can easily imagine where this is going!

The environment looks fantastic, too. Your apartment has excellent lighting and an overall futuristic, well-rounded mood with high-quality textures. Same with the club environment where you can load the 3D versions of the pornstars in the demos: it looks beautiful!

I’ll gladly give them a 5/5, but there’s room for improvement in the animation sector when it comes to Graphics. I’ll give them a 4.5/5 for Graphics.

Interaction in HolodexxxVR

While the Graphics and Content of this game (➜ Top 18 VR Porn Games) are truly unique, it lacks interaction for now.

The main objective of most VR Porn Games is for you to interact with the models: touch them, jiggle their tits, fuck them, whip them and punish them – make the best out of their 3D Virtual bodies.

There’s no such interaction in Holodexxx, except for Lady Euphoria Evolved, but the possibilities are too few to be relevant.

While you can go around and touch the bodies with your virtual hands, it doesn’t do much. You’re merely a spectator there to enjoy photorealistic 3D Virtual bodies from every possible angle, but nothing more. Yet.

This changes a little bit when it comes to the main game protagonist, Lady Euphoria.

As I stated before, you’re able to connect and interact with Euphoria by choosing between different lines of dialogue and talking to her. You can change her features slightly and make her do various things to you, but no such thing as sexual intercourse yet – the main goal is to make her climax with your… seducing words while you watch her masturbate. And a little bit of slapping.

Some of you might like this, while others could prefer more straightforward action as you get in games like ➜ Virt-a-Mate, Captain Hardcore, and Slaves Of Rome.

They’re working hard on a third episode featuring Lady Euphoria, though: One where you can control camera rigs in VR while making the girl pose and do various nasty things for you. The goal is to create and share your live-action films. That sounds unique and promising and will improve my rating, but until then, there’s not much interaction.

For interaction, I’ll give Holodexxx a 3.5/5.

How good is the Story in Holodexxx?

The story is straightforward and adds a welcome futuristic twist to the game – that’s how it should be. This game wants to be the future of VR!
And just like Holodexxx is the future of VR, virtual companions can be “Anything you want” and are there to “Make your life better,” like Lady Euphoria are the future of… everything.

That’s the main plot – You get a new Virtual Companion that can be seen as a photorealistic hologram at your command. The dialogue is excellent, and they worked a lot on it – not the typical “Hey, let’s fuck” cliche. Well, It can be like that too if you want. It depends on your choices and what you choose to say to Lady Euphoria.

It’s an exciting plot that integrates the whole game concept nicely but needs more dynamics.

I’ll give them a 4/5 for Story!

Is HolodexxxVR worth the money?

The answer is simple: Yes, it’s worth it.

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