MirageVR Review – Next-gen VR Porn Game with INSANE Graphics and Physics – WORTH?!

MirageVR is a very promising  VR porn game project with lifelike graphics and physics.
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Quick: Is MirageVR worth it?


  • The BEST graphics out there
  • You can play it in VR or on a PC
  • FREE demo available
  • Incredible future potential


  • Not a full porn game yet


What is MirageVR? What should you expect from this game?

MirageVR is a next-gen VR Porn game that’s still in the project stage.

It’s currently just a playable sandbox, but their latest release shows us that they mean business.

It’s developed by MorganaVR, and the whole project is powered by all the enthusiastic fans on Patreon. You can get different versions of the game depending on what type of sponsorship you choose, or you can buy it on Steam.

The plan is for this game to become a full adult VR porn game for VR and PC!

In this article, I will talk about the most recent full version available right now: Mirage 0.3.5

So, what exactly got our attention?

What made us review an unfinished game is an exceptional quality it offers. It has the best graphics you’ve ever seen in an adult VR game and possibly in VR in general.
So, this is not a “full review” but a brief overview of this new upcoming game and its vast potential. And when I say huge, I mean it – Mirage can be the next hit in the adult VR games industry!

Graphics of MirageVR – The best we’ve ever seen!

Mirage has excellent details. That’s what attracted everyone’s attention about it when the teaser came out. Then, finally, people were able to play the Demo version. It’s incredible!

Now, looking at the final playable version, I’m almost speechless. I can’t wait for this to turn into a full VR porn game: sex toys, sex positions, and different environments… The sky is the limit. And MirageVR might reach it.

The graphics and physics are the game’s main selling point, the goal of the project, and what attracts us VR porn fans simultaneously. Fucking a girl who looks THAT real in VR might be the game-changer we’re all waiting for.

There’s a free downloadable demo available; you will find the link on their Patreon.

It can be played both in VR and on PC. There’s just one model, and you can play around with animations and positions a little, but that’s it. You can’t even see her without clothes. Just a glimpse at how good the game looks and how fluid the animations are.

What do you get in the full version of MirageVR?

mirage pussy detailThings change when you get the full version, though!

In the latest version of the game, you have three characters available. You can interact with them separately in the sandbox environment and pose them, play 100+ animations, get their clothes down and watch them from different angles.

You can also play with multiple characters at once and even clone them to create duplicates. Again, imagination is the limit, especially in a pure sandbox environment.

You can grab the girls by any part of their bodies to pose them. If you get creative, this can be fun and turn into a somewhat erotic experience.

Skirt and shadows MirageVRYou can see individual hairs on the heads of the models. The shadows look incredibly realistic. The bodies have the most natural movements I’ve ever seen in a game, except maybe ➜ Holodexxx, where the girls are real. It’s mindblowing!

The accessories the models can have are also very detailed. You find realistic and impressive textures on belts, skirts, earrings, shoes, and everything the girls wear. Even up close, the details look excellent.

Of course, you must see a preview to understand what I mean.

Can you create custom MirageVR characters?

The default models can be changed in multiple ways. I really mean it: from fundamental features to body shape, fat, and tweaking different body parts like breasts, face, abdomen, even the collar bones, the distance between breasts, and MANY, MANY more!

The last version has insanely particular and complex customization options. You can transform the girls as much as you like, inside the “human” looking barriers. Again, everything is focused on natural, almost photorealistic looks in these models. By far the most detailed customization menu in any character creation I’ve ever found.

You’ll find yourself playing with the sliders for tens of minutes and getting mindblown every time you get to something you like.
You can also control the light and various other environmental aspects from the menu to give you the best poses/scenes possible.

miragevr feetMirage 0.3.5 also offers 100+ animations that the characters can play. From “floating” to crazy stuff, cow milking, dancing to different music genres, taunting, and lots of fun stuff.

And while the girls perform them, you can still change their features and move their limbs using the main controls.

This is what you get so far, but the creators say it is far from “the final version.”

They MirageVR to be a complete, playable VR porn game with liquid simulation, cloth simulation, more interactions, custom animations, etc.

miragevr accessoriesFor now, you can look at how great the graphics are (and improve!) and dream about how this game will look when released. 12-18 months from now, as the creators say.

If you’re patient enough, you can create a custom character of your liking and then animate it to do whatever you like.

You can also save and load different poses and presets now, so your hard work won’t be lost ;).

Final thoughts on MirageVR – is it worth buying right now?

miragevr titsIf you’re a VR Porn enthusiast like me, MirageVR is definitely worth the money.

By buying it, you’re going to help the creator speed up the process, and soon enough, we’ll have a complete game with graphics that are years ahead of the industry. It’s a huge step, and it’s excellent to help projects like this get big.

On top of this, MirageVR is a truly enjoyable experience right now, too.

The latest version brought many changes and new animations, with many improvements overall. You can spend some time playing around with the characters. It’s a great experience, and it has the potential to become sexy and erotic if that’s what you’re looking for!




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