Citor3 – BDSM Femdom VR Porn Games – Worth it?

Explore your most hardcore BDSM and Femdom fantasies with the Citor3 Games! Are you really up for anything?! Check out our review and find out what it’s all about and if the games are worth your money!

Quick: Are the Citor3 games worth it?


  • Awesome graphics
  • Good Animation
  • Very unique themes
  • BDSM oriented
  • Great Variety


  • Lack of story
  • Very little interaction



What is Citor3?

Citor3 is a studio creating short 3D VR Porn games (-> Top 20+ Ranking) with very specific themes.
If you like their work, you can subscribe to their -> Patreon and stay updated with their latest releases!

They create kinky scenarios meant to appeal to a specific public. It goes from sex “spiders” to latex dressed teachers, hot Dominatrix, doctor’s Office fantasies and pegging, strap-ons and BDSM elements, you name it. They’re trying to satisfy a lot of unusual kinks with short games with amazing graphics and themes.

The creators are trying to implement some very unique features in this game in the form of subliminal messages and special visual perspectives and tricks. They want to excite people differently – in an AMA, one of the developers said they were working with a hypnotist to try and achieve a very special mood. Definitely worth trying out just for this “wow” factor!

They have over 25+ different games in total, but I decided to talk about the best 5. They happen to be the ones I enjoyed the most, too. Let’s see what these games (or experiences, in lack of a better word) are about and if it’s worth it to get -> Premium to play them!

Graphics in the Citor3 Games – Do they look good for 2020?

These games actually look really good, I have to give this to the creators. The overall atmosphere is always a little eerie and special in each scene.

You either get the creepy (but so kinky and hot) spider room in “Busty Fantasy Spider” or the dark cell/torture room (I’d say pleasure room) in “Give in to the Spanking and Pegging Big Tits Mistress“, they’re all a little dark and they give you a very special feeling.

This also means that dark rooms save on graphics quality of the surroundings, letting you concentrate more on the bodies of the characters that are involved – because they matter the most.

The breasts of the “Huge Boobs JOI Mistress” are so juicy and tempting.
Again, as we’ll discuss later, they look both very natural and very… different. A layer of shiny texture covers them, making her boobs look both more appealing and at the same time giving you the impression that they’re impossible to touch without hurting them or destroying their perfect beauty. It’s a graphical exercise that turns out great. It gets to the details games like -> MirageVR have while keeping its own “theme.”

It’s a form of subliminal teasing that makes these games special. And the graphics!

Overall the game looks outstanding, so it’s a 4.5/5 from me for Graphics!

Are the Citor3 games Erotic?

The Citor3 series, if I were to call it like this, has it’s own vibe “attached” to it in every game. Even though they are all different experiments, they share some important similarities.

The one that’s the most persistent is the very weird, almost surreal feeling that you get no matter what you choose to play. You’re transported into a world of visual and senzorial treats meant to make you cum like you never did before.

Huge boobs JOI Mistress” you’re in front of the hottest Dominatrix that you ever met while some sex scenes are displayed behind her – making you distracted and aroused at the same time. It gives you the feeling that you’re somewhat free from those huge, beautiful tits that the Dominatrix is displaying when you’re actually not.

Busty Fantasy Spider” gives you the chance to see a very unusual but arousing orgy taking place with BDSM elements, bisexuality, anal, oral, all in one scene, one place, and one very specific and original position: the human spider. The pleasure spider. Unique and exciting!

Hallucinating at the Doctor’s Office” is again something else. I’ve seen hallucinations and sex being associated before, but not like this. It’s usually just your cute doctor fucking you while you’re under anesthesia, or maybe a very generous nurse giving you a blowjob… But this game goes further than that. Goes inside a real, disturbing hallucination where sex transforms into an eerie but very erotic adventure in 3D VR (-> VR Porn Games Ranking) !

In the other perfect scene from Citor3 you get to “Give in to the Spanking and Pegging Big Tits Mistress“, and damn, trust me, you will!

She’s insanely hot, very strict about her mission and well, you’re trapped in her dungeon. Tied to the ceiling. Ready to be fucked by the biggest strap-on you’ll ever see. And it gets better!

In “Busty Dominatrixes Cum Again Experiment” you get to be dominated once again by your very well intentioned Dominatrixes that only want one thing – to train your dick.

And they’re willing to do that in any possible way – from throats to pussies and special suction cups. You’ll never be more pleased! It’s the same kind of audio-visual treat with very good sound and voice actresses, a unique take to blowjobs and sex in general in VR. One more title that should definitely appeal to you if you’re into Femdomination!

All these games are basically wild fantasies come true, and they can appeal to a very large public that’s into hardcore, proper BDSM. I loved all of them even without being more than an enthusiast – I imagine people who are into it, even more, would love it.

The games surely fulfill their own purpose, but at the same time, they’re not for everyone.
Well, at least until they try them and realize they’re into it!

For Erotic, I’ll rate Citor3 4.5/5!

Also, definitely don’t forget that you can get these 5 amazing games by Citor3 together with 10+ other very popular titles including -> Virt-a-mate, -> Captain Hardcore and -> Holodexxx on -> Premium. You also get 3000+ VR Porn videos from the best VR Porn sites (-> Top Ranking), you can’t miss such a deal!

Content and Story in Citor3 Games

Each of the games has its own unique type of content, so I should talk about each one in particular and then draw a general conclusion.

Considering that you get 5 games on -> Premium, not only one, we’ll give a rating for the content of all of them combined. Because that’s just fair, it’s the same price!

If we think about it this way, Citor3 offers a huge diversity of content, but everything is BDSM/Fetish oriented. So… diverse, but in its own “content cage”.

Nevertheless, the content is great. There’s not much of a story rather than the main plots of each game. You’re captive in a dungeon, you’re hypnotized by the godlike beauty of a big titted dominatrix or you’re part of the most incredible orgy. You’re just there, can’t do much to change it, can’t choose otherwise.

It’s the same for every game, but at the same time, the diversity is awesome.
It looks great, it has very interesting concepts and truly unique approaches to sex in VR (-> Top 10 Videos by Category), as I stated before (See semi-transparent female bodies with your penis pumping visibly inside them).

All in all the content of these games is great, so from me, it’s a 4.5/5 for Content, too!

The story on the other side is just the main premise of each video. Original nevertheless, but there’s no real progression or anything you can do to change it.
I’ll forgive them for this aspect, as each game is made to tell a different story and just one, and it does it very well.

It’s a 3.5/5 for Story!

Interaction in the Citor3 Games

When it comes to the interaction I can say the same thing I said about the Story in Citor3 – It’s very limited, but the main purpose of the games defies the need interaction.

While it could definitely include more interaction elements, for most of the games you’re dominated and can’t make that many decisions yourself.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing as long as it satisfies certain fantasies, but I can’t just say it’s fine. Some people like freedom even in games like this or a smart interaction system that can make it feel more interactive, like -> Dominatrix Simulator does, for example.

You’re able to change the view angles and choose what suits your tastes best, but this can hardly be considered an interaction element. Think about -> Captain Hardcore and the endless possibilities!

It’s unique controls and interaction with the Dominating Goddesses makes it a great game. You get this one too with the same -> Subscription, by the way!

I feel like a game like this could be even better if they would implement some VR Sex Toy (-> Top 3 Fleshlights) compatibility for mamximum immersiveness. Until then… Well, can’t wait for it!

So, the interaction is limited and we can’t forgive the Citor3 games just like that even though I understand the reasoning behind it.

For Interaction I’ll rate Citor3 3.5/5!

Conclusion – is Citor3 worth it?

While you can get these games on the creator’s Patreon, I still think the best possible deal is the Premium Subscription – It’s just too good!
So many great VR Porn games (-> Top 20+ Ranking) and over 3000+ high-quality VR Porn scenes (-> Top 10’s For All Niches) from the best sites out there… You just can’t get a better offer when it comes to games and VR Porn in general.

I’d say Citor3 has some pretty unique games in their catalog, with these 5 I just presented being my total favorites. You can explore more yourself!

They’re unique and worth trying out, especially if you’re into Femdom and BDSM, or fetish in general.
The developers are doing a great job and they’re doing progress while also being constantly in touch with their fans – something that we always admired!

Citor3 is definitely worth it!

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