Adult VR Game Room – NEW Multiplayer VR Porn Game – Worth it in 2024?

Adult VR Game Room (Patreon) is a new VR porn multiplayer and single-player experience.

Spawn and pose characters (human or not) in your favorite rooms, grab any sex toys and start the fun, solo or with other players in online rooms. Exciting!

What kind of VR porn game is Adult VR Game Room?

Adult VR Game RoomAdult VR Game Room is a 3D VR porn game (➜ top ranking) that brings solo sandbox simulations like ➜ Virt-a-mate.

It’s a Patreon-sponsored project that just went live, and the developers are promising us a lot of new content if things go well.

It’s a PC VR game, meaning that you can play it with any ➜ Meta VR porn headset, ➜ HTC Vive, or ➜ Valve Index using your PC using specific methods for each headset.

The Gameplay in Adult VR Game Room is definitely unique and has great potential

Choose your favorite characters, pose them as you wish, and use them for pleasure.
You can even possess any character, so you’re a more significant part of the action, and sexy things are done to you instead.

You can use different sex toys (➜ best teledildonics) to tease and penetrate a variety of characters – from hot girls and guys to orcs and fantasy creatures, with more to come soon.

The multiplayer can either be a quirk or a blessing. If you feel you have friends or partners to join you in an online VR porn orgy (➜ best videos), then you can use it precisely.

Adult VR Game Room blowjobAny user can create public and private rooms, so all you need to do is a version of the game from their Patreon.

There’s a free demo out on their website, but I’d go for the Patreon stuff right away if I were you. It gets fun quickly, and the game has tons of potential in my book!

In multiplayer, each of you will have mask avatars. You’ll interact with each other as you wish within the game environment using the current game features.

“When you play by yourself, you can select a stage and spawn any available props, toys, and characters. Pose them, animate them, possess them.
The only difference from the multiplayer is that there’s nobody else with you. So you are the one controlling all the characters and deciding what happens next.” – Developers on Reddit

That’s what Adult VR Game Room is about, basically. The real fun begins when you try to experiment around to live your VR sex fantasies!

The main graphics engine looks fantastic so far. The developers are trying to implement realistic body and jiggle physics. I feel like they have done a decent job so far.

There are many things to work on, as it’s the case with any new project like this. But I sense dedication and commitment from the developers, and I don’t see the Adult VR Game Room sitting in the current stage.

Adult VR Game Room uses realistic body physics and facial features, with live reactions and interactivity.
I love the tits jiggle and how the genitals look up close. It makes you want to get a dildo to pleasure that hot model you just posed.

Adult VR Game Room big titsIt’s catchy, for sure, and it looks great if you remove the early bugs. Nothing that can’t be fixed with an update.

I see great potential graphics-wise, and when I tested the game out, I felt immersed and intrigued about what I could do there.

Adult VR Game Room offers some kind of freedom that you might or might not want to share with online friends.

I might try it with my girlfriend soon – both banging a hot chick that we like. So we’ll see how that goes, lol!

Is the game worth the subscription?

One thing I noticed is how open the developers are to user feedback. They update for bug fixes and other requested features immediately, trying to make the game playable for everyone. And they have a huge feature list that they’re planning to add:

  • Performance improvements
  • Updated genital physics
  • Updated hair physics
  • Clothing
  • More avatars, including male avatars
  • More themed environments and toys
  • Exclusive avatars for level 3 patrons
  • Bigger rooms with more players 

When writing this review, these are the current goals, but I’m sure they’ll quickly step up with new features soon.

If you’d like to take part in the development of a multiplayer VR sex game with fun interactions and great graphics, then you should check them out for sure!




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