VR Paradise – The best strip club simulator in 2023

 The Ultimate VR Strip club experience!

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  • Amazing graphics
  • Sensual character rendering
  • A LOT of content that can be purchased
  • A LOT of customization options


  • Needs more interactive content

If you are looking to experience an honest-to-God AMAZING strip club experience from your home, look no further than VR Paradise. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and insane customization options, this game will transport you to a world beyond your wildest dreams! But first, let’s look at what VR Paradise offers.

What kind of content can you get with VR Paradise?

With VR Paradise, you can build the strip club of your dreams! You can personalize the number and type of girls you want to watch and hang out with. And these girls are not your average dime-a-dozen dancers. They are smokin’ hot! 

VR Paradise content

But the customization options don’t stop there. You can tweak almost every detail of the models, from their hairstyles and skin tones to their eyes and clothing. Want bigger boobs or a curvier ass? You got it. You can even add accessories and tattoos! I like this a lot because you can personalize your babes to the smallest details.

But don’t worry if you’re not into all that customization stuff. You can still dive straight into the action if that’s what you’re after. And if you need to change anything during your club session, no problem! You can change your girls’ appearances on the go, so you can keep fine-tuning everything while you enjoy your time in the club!

There are some fun gadgets you can use in VR Paradise! You can light up a cigarette and pretend you’re smoking, throw 1-dollar banknotes all over the club, and even take a Polaroid picture of your favorite girl and save it for later. My favorite toy is the “money gun” that shoots banknotes everywhere. You’ll understand why once you start spraying money all over a big, round, perfect ass shaking in front of you.

For content, I’ll rate it 4.5/5.

Graphics and Design of VR Paradise

VR Paradise has seriously impressive graphics! It’s all done so well that it feels like you’re actually in a strip club. Everything comes together to create a unique immersive experience, from the environment to the girls and even the subtle interactive elements like glasses filled with liquor waiting for you to grab and drink them. 

The character models are stunning! The girls are beautiful and look like they’re made of marble, rendered with exceptional detail

VR Paradise graphics

The animations are also top-notch, and it seems like the developers went out and hired some professional dancers to replicate some seriously sexy dance moves. Especially the girls on the poles! And let’s be real, you’re not here to look into their eyes, are you? You’re here for the ultimate digital strip club experience, and VR Paradise delivers in spades! 

Setting everything to “high” on your gaming rig will allow you to truly see the stunning detail in the character models. From their skin, tits, pussies, asses, and clothes to even the delicate features of their cute faces! It reminds me a little bit of ➜ 3DXChat (Review), another VR masterpiece!

The only negative thing here is the eyes of the strippers, which seem to look off into the abyss instead of into your eyes. But it doesn’t take away from the overall experience. And, after all, you’re not here to look them in the eye, right?

Amazing graphics, easy 5/5 from me!

Is the interaction in VR Paradise any good?

I couldn’t wait to find the hottest chick in the room and chat her up. The interaction menu has some pretty slick options like “Offer her a drink” or “Call her,” but I was a little bummed when she just took a sip and didn’t do much else. I was hoping for a more engaging experience, like maybe getting her thoughts on which of ➜ the best VR Porn sites was her favorite? Mine is ➜ VRPorn.com (Review); you know that. It’s a killer site; check it out!

VR Paradise interaction

Luckily, when you “Call her,” there are other fun options, like a fully nude private dance, a pole dance, and a topless dance in the club. So, of course, I went straight for the fully nude private dance, and it was epic! The girls’ movements and bodies look natural! But fair warning, you can’t go grabbing any body parts. 

But, like with anything, there are a few downsides. You might get bored just drinking from a glass or playing around with inventory items. You’ll crave more dialogue from the girls and more interactive features. Unfortunately, you can’t talk to other characters, like the barman, the bouncer or the club guests.

For interaction, I’ll rate VR Paradise a 4/5.

Is VR Paradise erotic enough?

VR Paradise is all about the details – the lighting, the music, and the colors are all designed to set an erotic atmosphere. And with those drop-dead gorgeous girls with bodies that leave little to the imagination, it won’t take long for you to get excited during a private dance. It’s almost as good as some of those mind-blowing scenes from ➜ VR Bangers (Review). There is a scene called “Stripper off duty” with Violette Pink. Check it out, and tell me if you didn’t get an extreme boner.

Overall, VR Paradise does a lot to make you feel like you’re there. Think of it this way: It’s just like being in a real strip club – minus the smell.

Pure lust, 4.5/5 from me!

What’s VR Paradise’s story?

Once you’re inside the main hall, you know it will get good! We’re talking dancers on the poles, a bartender, security guards, guys watching the dances, and the beautiful ladies you came to see!

VR Paradise story

You can explore the entire club, check out the scenery, and watch the pole dancers do their thing. But if you want to get up close and personal with one of the ladies, aim your controller at her and hit the “X” button. Easy peasy. While the environmental interactions are limited (you can only pick up a few things and take a sip from your glass), the interaction menu has many options to keep you entertained while you chat it up with the ladies.

In a nutshell, it’s as straightforward as it sounds – The game is a strip club simulation. Anything you can do in a strip club, you can do here as well.

I’ll rate their story 4.5/5.

Conclusion: Do we recommend VR Paradise?

VR Paradise offers an incredibly immersive and entertaining experience for anyone looking to explore the world of strip clubs in a safe and virtual setting. From the realistic recreation of the club’s main hall to the stunning pole dancers and other authentic details, this game truly transports you to another world. While there are some disadvantages, the game is overall quite fun. So if you’re a fan of VR and looking for a thrilling new game to try out, we recommend giving VR Paradise a spin!




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