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Quick and Easy: Is Fallen Doll worth it?


  • Absolutely great graphics
  • Erotic sex positions


  • Lack of real story progression

What is Fallen Doll?

The well-known series Westworld or the Hollywood movie Ex-Machina showed us how the future of sex would look like: If we release robots with emotions, fucking them is all we will do in our free time.

But I don’t want to wait years to own my sex robot. I want it now. Fallen Doll is an adult VR sex game (-> Top 20+ Games Ranking) turning the same idea into next-gen hentai game. We’ll take a look at it and we will give it a rating, so scroll down for the full conclusion!

Fallen Doll Graphics

Fallen Doll vr porn game

Loading into the game, you start off by seeing Erika just sitting on a chair. Behind her is a whiteboard but the rest of the room is empty. You can zoom in and turn the camera around, but sadly no roomscale is implemented as of right now.

The graphics, however, are done with the Unreal Engine 4 and I can tell you: Fallen Doll is one of the best looking VR porn games I have ever seen! Even on the highest zoom levels, the textures on her skin and clothes look amazing and lifelike.
I’ll rate Fallen Doll 4.5/5 for Graphics.

Graphics and Eroticism in Fallen Doll

The eroticism in this game is driven completely by their graphics.

The story and kinkiness of having a submissive sex robot is definitely there. But beyond that the story lacks any real power. The sex positions on offer kind of merge into the story, but lack of progression affects the eroticism. The first look of the game will definitely have you craving for more. For Erotic, I’ll rate the game 3/5.

The Content of Fallen Doll – How good is it?

fallen doll graphics comparison

Fallen Doll begins with the opening of the Erotes Nightclub where you take control of the state-of-the-art bionic humanoid robot Erika or as the developers say: Erika will be the answer. Will she be the Aphrodite we all lust for? Or merely another lifeless sex doll waiting to be disposed of?

There’s a great range of sex positions and different rooms and environments that you can mix and play around with, along with some basic character customization, but the game doesn’t get much further than that.

For content, I’ll rate the game 4/5.

The Interaction in Fallen Doll

As you can see in the photos bellow, you can choose from a wide variety of setups, positions and other kinky stuff to play with your fallen doll. And with each new update, the developers add new items and even girls to the pacakge.

Project Helius has his own patreon where he works to develop the game further and bring new itterations for the followers.

You can choose from the following:

  • a few hairstyles
  • room setups (bathroom, bed, armchair and more)
  • bondage devices
  • toys like whips, dildos (and even a cucumber, spoiler alert)
  • Sexy dresses (bunny suit,harness and more)
  • you can eve choose to tattoo her and make her your customized slut

What settings do you have for the girl herself?

There’s a ton of options to customize the overall apearance of the girl and make her your own fantasy device and fuck a different look in VR every day.

  • You can change waist size
  • Leg Size
  • Skin Color
  • How oily the skin is
  • EVEN the nipple type!
  • how much the breasts juggle

The interaction is kind of dicey in this game. The eye-contact, one of the prime requirements for a VR porn game, is definitely there. The game doesn’t go very far with most of the interactions you can have, but it doesn’t seem like this is the main purpose.
That’s why I’ll rate it 4/5 for Interaction.

The Story in Fallen Doll

Experimenting around I could caress her tits, pussy, and face with a hand or a dildo until money hit her face. That’s when I realized what the game’s purpose was: satisfying your nightclubs customers. Reminded me of a Tycoon kind of game where you try to earn money and then spend it on upgrading your robot to make even more money.

fallen doll sex robot handcuffed

The screen displays the customers who are visiting your nightclub right now, and little symbols show you what they want to see. If you gratify them you’re rewarded with their money which they throw at Erika – the amount is displayed on the whiteboard.

If she is exhausted, you will call it a day and cash in – giving you the chance to upgrade things like increasing her libido and stamina or spend it on maintenance.

You can also buy different positions like handcuffing her to the ground and fucking her with a dildo from behind until she squirts. Regarding the sounds of the game, she does none.

That’s right, you only hear the slapping of the hand or the dildos squeaking sounds but no moaning – very disappointing but the developers said that they would employ a professional voice actress soon. The story revolves around the sex act itself and lacks any build-up or progression. That’s why I’ll rate it at 3.5/5.

Fallen Doll Pricing – Is it Worth The Money?

Fallen Doll is currently under development by Project Helius and funded via Patreon – as all VR Porn Games do.
There is a free Demo available, but if you want to have the game uncensored you can find it on -> VRPorn.com Premium together with 13 more VR Porn games like -> Captain Hardcore, -> Virt-a-mate, -> Holodexxx.

How to download Fallen Doll?

But don’t forget to check out the full VR Porn Games (-> Top Ranking) list I made!

Cuffing a humanoid sex doll and then making her squirt was a great experience. The whole concept is intriguing, and I have to admit – I loved it. With the upgrades and Tycoon kind of gameplay Project Helius added the needed long time motivation which sex games lack of right now.

Are there other Unreal Engine Porn Games with graphics as good?

As I said before, this might just be one of the best looking VR porn games I know of and among the few that are made in Unreal Engine; the screenshots speak for themselves – it’s gorgeous.

However, there are quite a few other ones that look just as good and can provide even more story variety. You should have a look at my -> Top VR Porn games list and decide for yourself if there’s any out there that’s worth your time.

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