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The only dedicated Pissing fetish (-> Best VR porn) Virtual Reality Porn site. Definitely worth to check out!

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  • Hot models
  • Experienced in Golden Shower porn
  • Erotic videos


  • Just 4k resolution (-> 8k VR Porn) is the new standard!)
  • Needs more variety
  • Short videos

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

There are several niches in VR porn (-> Best sites ranking) that are oversaturated. For example, milf, taboo, and teens are among the most popular niches in the industry. However, there remain a few kinks that are less explored. VirtualPee brings the golden shower into VR porn.

With their expertise from WetandPissy, ViPissy, and Got2Pee, they look to bring the ultimate pissing porn to virtual reality. In this review, we’ll take apart VirtualPee and run them through the paces to see if they can withstand the demands of VR porn enthusiasts.

Content of VirtualPee

katy sky virtualpee

The site currently has 34 exclusive videos available for download or streaming (-> Best VR porn stream). The core focus of VirtualPee is to create golden shower content for the virtual reality industry. The videos will definitely appear to those who share the kink. The persuasion, seduction, and masturbation become quite lifelike in the VR immersion and should appeal to those with a pissing kink.

The performers on the site are mainly of European origin. They are hot, beautiful and in most cases, they haven’t figured for too many VR porn sites before. As a result, you get exclusive, original content from beautiful, fresh talents.

The length of the videos varies between 5 mins to 10 mins in length. While 5 min might be too restrictive, the length is sure to increase as they introduce more creativity in each video.

Overall, the content is one of the best in the industry. For their content, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Visual Quality

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree (-> Best VR Porn) field of view (FOV) but are also available in 360-degree (-> Best VR Porn) FOV. Currently, the site supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and -> Vive Flow, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream headsets.

virtualpee videos

The scale of the videos is just right. However, the distance can vary as the performer moves around from one position to another. As a result, in some positions, they might seem a bit far from where you would like to have them. The height of the camera is adjusted in a position to give you a sense of sitting. It’s more like receiving a lap dance.

The post-production and editing of the videos seem to be done right. I could not find any noticeable faults in the videos I saw. However, they could do a bit of colour treatment to make the final product stand out from the crowd. This is just a recommendation though, and not an issue in itself.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5.


Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – a variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

There are currently 24 models live on the site. These models mostly feature from East European countries and are rich in sexual appetite. However, there could have been a bit more diversity in their recruitment considering there are two general stereotypes that form the main basis of the roster – busty and petite. The diversity in the models mostly ranges in body type and hair type.

Some of the most popular performers on the site are Rachel Evans, Licky Lex, Lady Dee, Isabel Dark and Vicky Love. If you want to know more about their talent, visit the Models page on

virtualpee pornstars

I would like to see a bit more ethnic diversity used in the roster so that it appeals to all kinds of people.

Coming to the variety of content on the site, there are a few themes which seem dominant in their library. There are a few themes which are quite distinct as of now – pissing, piss play, piss licking, masturbation, dildo, dildo sucking and girl-girl pissing. While I would love the addition of sex into the current arrangement, I still can’t complain about the variety. It’s still a very niche site afterall – just like -> VRFootFetish!

Considering all factors, I’ll rate them a 3.5/5 on variety.


Currently, the site releases weekly updates. There’s one new scene introduced every week, though I wouldn’t complain if that number increases to 2 or 3 per week. The site does not generally outsource their content, but they do allow SexLikeReal to exhibit their videos. You can buy them off SLR or directly get a subscription with VirtualPee.

virtualpee guide

The site has a News section which dedicatedly keeps the users updated with regards to new developments. These news pieces often educated their growing user base when they are shifting to new tech or there are upcoming changes.

One of the promising aspects of the site though is their comments section. It’s where the users can make recommendations and requests for scenes. It indicates the likelihood of the enterprise to be open to feedback.

For their future, I’ll rate them a 4/5.

Site and Extras

The site follows a landing page cum video list theme. The main banner educates the visitor regarding the site. Following that, you’ll find the list of their videos. These cards show video duration, publishing date, rating, gallery and a short video description.

virtualpee video list

The inner video page shows the full plot and download options, tags, and an exhaustive picture gallery. It also allows you to stream (-> Best VR porn stream) or download the videos.

One of the best aspects of the site though, is their sorting function. You can either sort by recentness or popularity of the videos and models. The Scenes page also allows you to filter using the Model name. Additionally, they also have a ‘how-to’ page for first time VR porn enthusiasts. Check out their VR Pee Twitter.

As an added extra, access to stills from the video is afforded free of cost to subscribers. For the sites and extras, I’ll rate them 4/5.


virtualpee pricing

There are three options available – one month, six month and annual. The one month (recurring) sub costs about $19.95 per month, while the six month costs a single payment of $99.95, averaging about $16.66 per month. The annual membership costs a one-time payment of $149.95, which averages about $12.49 per month.


VirtualPee is your destination of choice, if beautiful, hot-bodied models, juicy pussies and a golden shower are your dream porn.

It uses angles beautifully to showcase their body and includes a whole list of sexual actions, all including piss. The scenes are erotically shot and their catalogue is increasing by the week. Give VirtualPee a shot, if you have been longing for a no-holds-barred piss-fest in VR porn.




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