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HoloGirlsVR has its good points. Especially if you like some of their exclusive pornstars. All in all it’s good enough to get a sub!

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VRPornMania takes on the VR porn site HoloGirlsVR for our review and explore whether HoloGirlsVR is really worth your penny? HoloGirlsVR started out in late 2015 and by January 2016 they had their first videos out. During that time, the site did not seem to have a particular niche in mind, though they were still putting out third-person view videos which was unique.

HoloGirlsVR Content – What Do You Get?

These guys have been around for over 18 months now. In addition, they release new scenes about 2 time a week, though there seems to be no fixed days for the release. In total, as of the time of writing this article, HoloGirlsVR offers a collection of 184 videos, which is quite impressive.

skylar heart dildos herself hologirlsvr

Finding their niche hasn’t been an easy journey for these guys. They seemed to struggle with their value offering for some time, before they found the sweet spot between mundane and off-the-edge. Earlier scenes focused around threesomes, husband and wife, orgies etc, while latter scenes evolved into mature series like the Girlfriend Experience, Upskirt Collection and the Step-son/Step-sister scenes.

They hit their stride later on when they found success with kink based scenes like anal, cuckold and facesitting. Their fantasy scenes too fared well. Right now, they are kind of settling in a niche that they seemed to have carved for themselves. All in all, still some way for a definite identity.

This can be either a positive or a negative for some people. If you’re looking for surprises, then this kind of variety can be exciting. Or if you’re looking for a definite niche of kink, you might not like the site as much.

The screenplay and the plot though are not very detailed. There’s very less work put on the screenplay and actual foreplay. In some of the scenes, the performer’s seemed to be in a hurry to start having sex. In my opinion, that might not be ideal. Again, opinion on this is divided and can vary.


One more point that we usually cover in this section, is the roster of models. HoloGirls have one of the best roster. They have the likes of Penny Pax, Mistress T, Romi Rain, Cherie Deville, Aaliyah Love, Abella Danger and Karlee Grey. That’s a site full of the hottest VR pornstars around.

All in all, content-wise, I see HoloGirlsVR at nothing less than a 4.5/5. 

Visual Quality – Do You Like What You See

It becomes a bit tricky for HoloGirlsVR when we talk about visual quality. During the first year, the videos had some noticeable issues which don’t really help with the experience. The editing and stitching in the images were quite distinctive and in some cases, the alignment was awry.

In order to avoid this, they started shooting with a lampshade cone, which in turn didn’t let the models get too close to the camera or the male performers. In fact, in a few videos the work is really amateurish where the action takes place somewhere distant far from the camera. During this time, they even used multi-cam setup to stitch images and in such cases, shooting POV style videos isn’t easy.

aaliyah love shows off her holes hologirlsvr

Right now, they do have a new camera rig which has rectified the previous issues, but at the cost of image sharpness. The site offers industry standard 60 fps, 180-degree FOV and binaural audio support in its videos. As a result, immersion and realism is not as much as could have been. Given that these issues are being or already have been addressed, I am rating HoloGirlsVR at 4/5.

Variety – HoloGirlsVR’s Girls

When talking about variety, there’s two kinds of variety I’d normally look for – models and plots. As mentioned before, these guys have the hottest talent in the industry working with them. The tags options on the Models page shows everything from Asian to Ebony, Big Ass and Big Tits to Petite and Small Tits, Amateur to Dominating and even Tattoo.

That covers about every kind of major ethnicity and body type normally searched for. They even have blonde, brunette and redheads.

Now, when considering the variety in plots, there’s a conundrum to be considered. As mentioned previously, during the first 12 months there were various kinds of plots being produced. There were FFM, FFFF, some regular husband and wife stuff and some lesbian scenes.

Later on, more variations in plot came in. Throughout the period of their existence, there has been dynamism in their plot-centricity which can either be construed as something positive or restrictive depending on expectations. For me, a bit of variety is always appreciated, as long as the value offering does not change. I see HoloGirls as an edgier offering when compared against NaughtyAmerica, but a bit more mellow, when compared with KinkVR. However, the value offering is now slowly gaining consistency.

For variety, since there isn’t any lack of it, I can’t rate anything less than 4.5/5.

Future –  What Lies Ahead

Over a period of time, the HoloGirls experimented with niche, plots, camera angles and also technology. During this period, they started to build an identity and consistent value offering.

As of now, the site offers quality VR porn featuring the best talents in the industry in unique kink-based and popular fantasy-based plots.

If nothing else, HoloGirlsVR has proved that they can survive and adapt with the market. For that itself, HoloGirls deserve a bonus point. If they can try to be a bit more consistent in vision and treatment of the videos in post-production, there can be a future to be really excited about.

Right now, however, they do not release new content. Considering all these factors, I’ll rate HoloGirlsVR 2/5 for their future.

Site and Extras

To be frank, HoloGirlsVR has a very unorthodox site design. This has, in some cases, paid rich dividends and in other cases, hampered user experience. The landing page tries to establish the fact that they cater to various edgy and experimental themes and plots with POV VR porn, VR Orgy, VR GFE and VR Upskirt sections.


It took me sometime to realise that they are actually trying to showcase the niches.

Further below, you’ll find a section with a short description, recommended viewing position and a trailer of the latest videos. This is in fact the only section which has semblances of contemporary site design.

Normally, sites would have screenshots, trailer, tags/categories/niche, scene description, featured models, supported devices and resolution-related information in the landing page to provide as much decision-making information as possible to visitors.


But HoloGirls do nothing of the sort. Apart from the scene description (which isn’t available for all) and trailer, no other information is available on the landing page. This is kind of extended in to the internal scene description page as well, where there is limited information with regards to the supported devices and available resolution. In some videos, the scene synopsis isn’t present as well.

The trailers even, aren’t really available for all the videos. Just the ones being showcased on the landing page. The absence of such crucial decision-making information makes the user experience on the site really restrictive.

On the other end of the spectrum, search navigation and use of tags on the Video listing page helps to filter and sort through the videos with ease. There are lots of options in terms of tags, viewing positions that make it a breeze to find what you’re looking for.

abella danger and joanna angel threesome hologirlsvr

In terms of extras, the All Access Pass, provides free access to all the member sites and unlimited downloads. Even though LezVR follows the same site template, their videos and plots seem to have a definite identity and are really sexy. But it is billed annually.

All in all, I’ll rate HoloGirlsVR 4/5 for site and extras. If they can rectify the issues on the website design, they might have a better conversion rate.


HoloGirlsVR provides three different billing options – monthly, yearly and All Access Pass (HoloGirlsVR, KinVR, BurningAngelVR and LezVR). The monthly costs about $24.95 per month, while the yearly membership (billed annually) costs only $5.95/month.


However, the real steal for me is the All Access Pass. It provides access to unlimited downloads across all the member sites and costs only $14.95/month (billed annually.) Imagine that!

In addition, you get FREE VIP membership to RLCvr and Red Light Center 2 Beta. The only thing missing would probably be a trial sub, but given the value offered in the All Access Pass, you really don’t need any.


If you’re tired of seeing the same plots and stories repeated by major production houses, you can try out the edgy and experimental Virtual Reality porn offered by HoloGirlsVR.

Quick & Easy: Is HoloGirlsVR worth it?
  • Won the AVN Award for Best VR Scene 2017
  • Innovative new plots
  • Great VR pornstars
  • Good variety of scenes and models
  • FREE membership to other sites and RLCvr game
  • Lots of good content…
  • …but production seems to have stopped for now
  • Lack of consistency in treatment and vision
Visual Quality
Site and Extras
The score has been determined by my rating system.

Definitely one of the most innovative teams in terms of video treatment and vision. You’ll find the best talents in VR featured for this site and with the All Access Pass, you get free membership to RLCvr and the new beta release as well. Definitely recommended for those who are a bit more adventurous.

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Voted for the Best VR Scene in 2017, HoloGirlsVR is one VR porn site that bring new kinks and fantasy to reality. Are they still doing well?

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