WhorecraftVR – Fantasy VR Porn Site

If you too are in need of a refresher, then WhorecraftVR might be it. It’s bringing an fusion of computer graphics and VR porn to a whole new level.

Quick and Easy: Is WhorecraftVR worth it?


  • Great pornstars
  • Graphics-powered fantasy cosplay
  • Absolutely new innovation
  • New site with bright future
  • Works on every device


  • Needs more scenes
  • Needs variety in sex positions
  • Nees a better camera

Visual Quality
Site and Extras
 The score has been determined by my rating system.


whorecraftvr latest VR experiences

After months in development, the site was launched recently in 2018. The aim of the site is to provide VR cosplay porn in a graphics-powered fantasy world. It does not treat the scenes as videos but rather advertises them as campaigns. Additionally, it offers both 2D porn and 3D VR porn.

As of now, there are 16 campaigns available on the site. The videos are generally around 30 min duration, offering a full feature length. Currently, there are only POV version videos available.

The scenes start off with an introduction of a kind, as mostly seen in video games. The introduction usually talks about some kind of achievement that you have accomplished and the sex being the spoils for the victor.

The start of the scene and even the background is completely created in graphics and resembles fantasy-based video games like World of Warcraft. The acting in the sex scenes is at par with what cosplay porn can offer. When we look at other VR cosplay porn producers in the industry, we won’t find much difference. The sex acts generally work around the typical menu that a POV scene includes like blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and the likes.

Overall, I’d rate WhorecraftVR with a 4/5 for its scenes. They still need to bring more variety in the acting and positions though, but given it’s still a young site, we can expect only good things to come.

Visual Quality

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree field of view (FOV). Currently, the site supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream headsets.

whorecraftvr download options

The videos are shot in 4K resolution and while the original videos are shot in 180-degree FOV, the graphic-induced environment is actually in 360-degree FOV. As a result, the actual action takes place in 360-degree FOV.

The clarity in high resolution is quite good and the graphics make for an enjoyable viewing. While the graphic itself and in perfect scale, the scale of the model looked rather small to me. It can be increased so that it actually looks lifelike. But given the fact that they are continuously working on the end product, it should be revised soon.

whorecraftVR 3d VR campaigns

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 3/5.


When judging for variety, we generally look at two aspects – variety in content and variety in pornstars.

There are currently 16 models live on the site. These models are some of the most popular pornstars in the industry and as a result, will be recognisable to most. The likes of Romi Rain, Natasha Nice, Blair Williams and Abella Danger are known to most porn enthusiasts and you can find them showering their magic in this fantasy cosplay porn.

For diversity, you’ll find petite, big tits, natural tits, blonde and redheads. One of the best things about cosplay is that it’s never going to run out of variety. Additionally, there are extra characters available and you can choose which character campaign you want. As the catalogue increases, this is going to get more interesting.

whorecraftVR pornstars

The plots on the site mostly range in some kind of sex-as-spoils or sex-as-seduction plot. Given the wide range of plots available in fantasy games, this can get very interesting. One campaign can be about an elf satisfying an ogre while another can be about a princess compensating a knight. If used correctly, the niche can be extremely worthwhile.

Considering all factors, I’ll rate WhorecraftVR a 3.5/5 on variety.


The site has been operating for only a few months now. In that time, they have already built up a catalogue with 16 premium quality scenes. The vision of the site appears to engage fans of cosplay and VR porn games, but creating a journey using campaigns. The costumes used in the scenes are also different and unique to the site. I did not spot a single costume that has been reused until now. As a result, it shows the amount of precision and attention to detail the site owners are providing.

It offers more than just porn and looks at providing characters, enhancements (their online store for sex toys, sex dolls and such). The pornstars used until now are top of the line talent and models like Romi Rain, Blair Williams and Natasha Nice do not come cheap.

whorecraftvr enhancements

This shows their ambition to offer the best that the industry can offer. Additionally, despite being new to this, they have started off with 4K resolution, keeping in mind that it’s the bare minimum requirement in VR porn currently.

The graphics work show variety and creativity and more can be expected in days to come. For future, I’ll rate WhorecraftVR 4.5/5.

Site and Extras

The site employs an entirely different website design when compared to any of the existing competitors. The landing page provides an option to sign in directly or take a tour. The tour involves the recent list of the campaigns (read scenes), the top characters (read pornstars) and offers a list of navigation options.

whorecraftvr picture gallery

The navigation shows that the site offers scenes in 3D VR and 2D HD. Apart from that, there are options to choose which character you want to have a campaign within a fantasy-game style ‘pick-up and drop characters’ options.

The 3D Campaigns page shows the list of scenes currently available in 3D VR. The inner page offers an introduction on the campaign and a list of screenshots from the scene. Similarly for the 2D HD campaigns.

There are no traditional scene information parameters like user rating, video duration and as such. There aren’t any sorting and filtering options on site the either. As a result, if you’re used to the contemporary site design in VR porn you might be disappointed.

For extras, the site offers a gallery of screenshots from the scene and a store from where you can buy various sex toys and dolls.

Overall, I’d rate WhorecraftVR, 3.5/5 for their site and extras.


There are two types of subscription offer on WhorecraftVR. You can either buy individual scenes, depending on your liking at $7.99 or you can get a regular subscription.

The regular subscription in four modes – yearly, three month, monthly and monthly (HD streaming only). The yearly sub costs about $99.99 (averaging at $8.33 per month), the three-month sub costs $39.99 (averaging at about $13.33 per month), while the monthly sub costs $19.99. The monthly HD only sub costs $14.99 but offers no download, so no VR option.


In conclusion, WhorecraftVR provides a nice mix of big busty women and petite teens to those who have a fetish for fantasy cosplay. It offers a markedly different treatment than what other cosplay VR porn sites are offering currently.

Additionally, there’s the promise of a journey or a campaign that can seem attractive to a separate group of enthusiasts. If Whorecraft can tune their offerings to create a level-wise user profile, use gameplay and create a realistic journey for each of the characters, it can be a real crowd-puller. As of now, it still offers plenty to take a trial sub and check it out!