BaDoinkVR – Review, Test and Experience

The new phenomena: VR porn

BaDoinkVR is one of the key figures in this new phenomenon that is conquering the world in a storm. Everyone is talking about Virtual Reality. They are praising it to be the future, to be something we have never seen before. And this time, they are right, I am 100% confident. You may believe me or not. But until you’ve tried it yourself, you won’t understand.

Quick & Easy: Is BaDoinkVR worth it?


  • Best Quality
  • Free Google Cardboard
  • Great Content
  • Works excellent on every Device
  • Unlimited and fast Download


  • Only one release each week

Imagine a virtual World where you can fuck any girl you like.

To enjoy Virtual Reality (VR), you need a headset. You may have already seen one or even possess one yourself. Many believe that these headsets are just bringing the screen really close to your eyes, but that’s not it. VR headsets form a believable world around you. So believable that your brain is convincing itself that you are right there in this alternate world. Now imagine this for porn. Your brain will believe that you are fucking some hot girl – or two. I can tell you this is incredible. That is why I started this whole site. To let people know about the awesomeness that is VR porn.

Here is where BaDoinkVR comes into play. They don’t just have an awesome name and deliver the Virtual Reality scenes you will need. Without companies like BaDoinkVR that continually push the limits of technology, like the porn industry always does, we wouldn’t have such excellent content. Producing VR porn is expensive and difficult, and that is why you will only find the best VR porn on sites that need a subscription! I have tested BaDoinkVR, and I am here to tell you everything you’ll need to know. Let’s start!

Spoiler-Alert: BaDoinkVR is great, just go with them.

Jumpstart me

BaDoinkVR is setting the bar

BaDoink started their business in 2005, and they have since then always delivered high-quality content. In mid-2015 they began their new VR porn site: BaDoinkVR. In addition, they did a clever PR trick by offering every new subscriber a “Google Cardboard”, which is a VR Headset you can use in combination with your smartphone. Not surprisingly, they were sold out on the first day.

The sheer demand for VR headsets shows the fascination and hopes people have for VR porn.

BaDoink was one of the first porn companies venturing into the unknown territories of Virtual Reality. Therefore, they had a lot of trouble in the beginning, especially with the technology. However, they kept pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality and by now can proudly say that they have set the bar for others who followed. BaDoinkVR is leading over most competitors.

If you still have no clear image of what Virtual Reality porn is, feel free to watch this YouTube video of people reacting to BaDoinkVR porn.

Poppin the hood

Free “Google Cardboards”?! Count me in

As I said above, BaDoinkVR celebrated the launch of their website by giving away free Google Cardboards to every subscriber, including those who just got a trial for 1$. It is surprising, considering it costs 20$ at Amazon. And what is even more surprising – they kept this going! You can get your Google Cardboard for 1$ right now. You just have to get a Trial Membership for 1$, which you can easily cancel after. Which of course you won’t because VR porn is awesome and with a subscription, you get to watch a lot of top notch porn movies.

I could assemble the Google Cardboard in under a minute, can you beat that?

If you still need some clarification on what a Google Cardboard is, just look at the banner below. On the left site, this lovely lady is using it. It is a simple contraption of, well, cardboard with two integrated lenses. These lenses form the light of your smartphone’s display in a way that, by looking through them, you believe you are looking around in a room. As you can see your smartphone goes into the side of the cardboard, and that’s it. You can now watch any Virtual Reality videos you want. Easy enough, right? The free Google Cardboard from BaDoinkVR comes in a discreet package, don’t worry. Don’t miss out.

Having a Google Cardboard is an excellent start to watching Virtual Reality porn. Of course, if you are a technology enthusiast, like me, you will want to get a high-end VR devices like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. They offer way better head tracking and lenses, giving the world an even better clarity and realism. But they are freaking expensive.

Busting a Nun

Reviewing Virtual Reality porn

In this BaDoinkVR test, I will go through every aspect that is relevant to a genuine and immersive VR porn experience. Starting with the used technology, over to the content and the quality of the content. After reading through this BaDoinkVR review, you will know everything you need to know. However, it is for you to decide if you want to enjoy this, spoiler-alert, excellent Virtual Reality content or not.

I went through long and hard hours of testing and reviewing VR porn.

By technology I mean the VR quality – the way they record the porn movie. There are major differences between the professional VR sites. They all seem to have found their style. This diversity is a good thing because that way you can decide for yourself which technology and content are the best for you.

I used every common headset available with BaDoinkVR, and it was compatible with ever single one. I went through long and hard hours of testing and reviewing. All so I can tell you if it’s worth it. And believe me when I say: It freaking is worth it! I never was so dazzled in my entire life. It is awesome, and it is great, and it is the future. It’s like she’s fucking you!

Slutty skyline

BaDoinkVR Quality: Technological advancement

Virtual Reality porn is recorded in 180° or 360° depending on what happens in the porn. Oddly enough, I prefer the 180° VR porn, probably because you are closer to the action and don’t get distracted that easily.

What makes BaDoinkVR porn great is the way they record it. It uses two cameras, which are basically your eyes. Recording videos that way results in stereoscopic 3D. Filming with two high-end cameras gives the world you are in plasticity. It gives the world a life-like feel and gives you the sensation like you are in it.

It is like you can touch that booty bouncing up and down in front of you. The first time I tried it, I was so confused when there was nothing to feel – and a bit disappointed.

In the beginning, BaDoinkVR recorded with the VR porn with only 30 frames per second (FPS). 30 FPS are too low and resulted in strange jittering. They fixed this some time ago by getting a new camera set. The new high-end cameras also help with clarity. The newer editions are crystal clear. In addition, the colors are saturated and give everything a life-like feel. The sound is in its own league. BaDoinkVR offers binaural recording, which generates an exact replica of the sound during the VR sex scene. The perfect 360° sound helps the immersion a great deal.

The distance to the cameras, in early porn videos, was just too far away. It was not possible to actually enjoy watching the cute girl masturbate if you have to squint to see anything. By now, they have found the right distance. There are absolutely perfect close-ups with which I fell in love. Seeing a girl pleasure herself right before your eyes, as if you are there, is just fabulous.

My slutty stepsister

A good player for BaDoinkVR

As you can see in the Trailer, the video is distorted and really doesn’t look that good. This just goes to show the major difference in technology between normal and Virtual Reality porn. You will need a good VR player and the right equipment to enjoy this video. And it will spoil normal porn for you, sorry.

  • DEO VR: The favorite player of many through its simplicity.
  • Virtual Desktop: Also shows the desktop, so you don’t need to put off the headset.
  • Whirligig: Some other simple play.

We wrote a full article detailing which one is the best VR porn player. I’ll give you a quick overview and tell you which VR Player BaDoinkVR prefers. BaDoinkVR has both 180° Side-by-Side (SBS) videos and 360° Over-Under videos. The 360° videos are about you sitting in the middle of a gangbang. The porn movie is called “Cumming full circle”. Most VR players can play both these formats. I use Virtual Desktop when I’m on my computer using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. If you want the best, Virtual Desktop is your choice, otherwise, Whirligig is okay, too. Both are available on Steam.

The Google Play store has many VR Apps, and only a few are good. I use the app “AAA VR Cinema”. The app is clean and straightforward. On my iPhone, I use an app called “Mobile VR Station”. It’s 5,99$ for the full version and so worth it. Furthermore, BaDoinkVR released their own app “Free Virtual Player”. It has pretty bad reviews, but it’s free so give it a try.

Busting a Nun

How much content does BaDoinkVR offer?

As I’m writing this article, BaDoink has over 70 videos released. This much content is pretty average. They are adding content once a week, occasionally twice a week. The content has an average length of approximately 25 minutes. The length isn’t that remarkable but good for a nice and quick fap. Considering, you can download all videos and use them for the rest of your life, rewatching them in a year is possible, even if you are no longer subscribed.

The length of each video isn’t that remarkable, but good enough for a nice and quick fap.

The main thing I’m concerned with is the release schedule. By releasing content only once a week, BaDoinkVR allows themselves getting overtaken by the competitors. WankzVR, for example, is able to publish content twice a week. One could argue that the quality may differ, but to be honest it does not.

Of course, I have both subscriptions and believe me you’ll need them one day, too. Both these sites have excellent content (like all my recommended sites) and are well worth their subscription cost. By now, after I come home from work, the first thing I do is check for new VR porn. You’ll be there soon, too. Believe me.

Just Friends Riley Reed

The Quality. What can you expect?

By “Quality” I mean everything that goes on in front of the camera. The action, the positions, the skill and the likeability of the pornstar. All factors into how good a VR sex scene truly is. Especially the likeability. It really shocked me the first time I tried out VR porn how important this is. It’s basically like pizza: In case that you find the pornstar unattractive, it is like a margarita. However, if the pornstar is just your type, it’s like a cheesy awesomeness from heaven. To clarify: If you find a pornstar on BaDoinkVR that you are totally into, then there is no way around subscribing because it will be the best damn thing you’ve ever done. You won’t ever regret it!

It really shocked me the first time I tried out VR porn how important this is.

BaDoinkVR offers basic vanilla hetero sex. It’s nothing too special, but it’s not bad either. If you are a normal guy without extreme fetishes this site is just for you. You’ll get some good sucking and riding, with occasional anal. The talent starring in the movies are mostly European girls with beautiful and hot accents. In the last few additions, they added some top notch US pornstars to the mix. Some of them you probably already know from regular porn. These models include Gina Gerson, Aidra Fox, Katrina Jade, Brooke Wylde and many others. BaDoinkVR is going in the right direction; that’s for sure.

Maid to Order Brooke Wylde

The BaDoinkVR Website

The BaDoinkVR porn site offers a beautiful full-screen design and is clearly structured. You’ll find the offer for the “Free Google Cardboard” right under the menu. Don’t worry, if you really don’t want one, you can subscribe without ordering it. The website is divided into “Join”, “Videos”, “Help” and “News”. “Join” is pretty obvious, try it out. Under “Videos” you’ll find the available VR sex videos sorted by release date. You can specify what you are searching for by using the tags. Unfortunately, BaDoinkVR doesn’t offer a search function – not doing so seems to be the VR industry standard…

Under the “Help” tab you can find answers to any question you might have. And get information on how to run the BaDoinkVR porn on any device. The answers are a bit short, and they could have been more detailed, but it is sufficient. Under “News”, you’ll find lots of excellent blog articles about Virtual Reality which is quite informative.

All in all, the BaDoinkVR website is average. They offer a well-structured design with “subtle” hints to subscribe to their site.

Teen Analyzed

Getting a BaDoinkVR subscription. Is it worth it?

The cost of a one-month subscription is currently at 24,95$ which is slightly more expensive than our top site. However, you can get a -60% discount here on VRPornMania at the top of this page! You also can order a free Google Cardboard even when you only subscribe for the trial. So, it is even worth when you don’t have a VR headset yet, cause you’ll pay the same amount as the one-month subscription cost if you buy one yourself.

Don’t be afraid to pay for VR sex. You only need an E-mail address to register, you don’t even have to give them your name. You will need a credit card so, but BaDoinkVR will not appear under that name in your billing. Don’t worry. It’s totally anonymous.

The one-year subscription is costing 71,40$. That’s cheaper than three months if you pay monthly. That offer is the best price-performance. Don’t let it pass!


BaDoinkVR scores the second place in my overall VR porn sites tests. BaDoinkVR offers excellent quality and quantity for an okay one-month subscription cost and a great one-year price. The 1$ trial is so worth it and lets you check out the site for nearly free.


  • Best Quality
  • Free Google Cardboard
  • Great Content
  • Works excellent on every Device
  • Unlimited and fast Download


  • Only one release each week

All in all, BaDoinkVR is one of the best VR sex providers out there. Check out my other VR porn sites reviews if you are still not decided.

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