VirtualRealJapan – The best Japanese VR Porn site in 2024?

The fastest way to your favorite, EXCLUSIVE Japanese VR Porn videos, VirtualRealJapan! We all love it, we all want it and now it’s here!!

Quick & Easy: Is VirtualRealJapan worth it?


  • Exclusive Japanese scenes
  • Amazing models
  • 100% made in Japan
  • Great plots


  • Streaming only
  • No teledildonics integration

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

What is VirtualRealJapan?

This is an overview of the sister-site of VirtualRealPorn (-> Read our review), a viral VR Porn site that’s been here from the very beginning.

It’s a new addition to our list of the best VR Porn sites out there (-> All VR Porn sites ranked), bringing us fresh Japanese VR Porn (-> Best videos). But is it good enough to pay for? Is it worth your money?

All the videos on this site are produced in Japan, and all the models are Japanese.

I will give it a rating for every aspect that I consider important when reviewing a VR Porn site, just like I did with all the great sites in the industry (-> 47+ sites ranked)!

From visual quality to content, diverse plots, and models, etc.
The purpose of this final rating is to show you how well the site performs compared to other similar sites; to help you determine if the subscription is worth your money or not.

Let’s see what VirtualRealJapan is all about!

All those Japanese beauties are finally yours in these amazing VR scenes made in Japan! So what are you still waiting for?

How good is the Content on VirtualRealJapan?

The first thing you should know about VirtualRealJapan is that it’s a streaming only website. There’s no way to download the videos on VirtualRealJapan.

The streaming quality goes to 4K 60fps. You decide if this is enough for you or not, but I can help you with some details about the video quality in general in the “Visual Quality” section of the review, scroll down to find it.

It’s not bad. It’s as good as it gets when it comes to streaming (-> Best VR porn stream). 4K is still pretty good for someone who wants to enjoy some quality Japanese content.

The thing that matters here the most (and when I say “here” I mean in the intentions of those who created VirtualRealJapan) are the actual videos.

The girls, the plots, the scenes, and the overall feeling being authentically Japanese – that’s something that makes VirtualRealJapan stand out. And they do it pretty well!

Lots of cute teachers, students, schoolgirls (never enough!), doctors, nurses, neighbors and… bunnies.

There’s plenty of diversity and these Japanese girls know how to make you horny because they’re all godsend here to make us all happy. The content is great and it’s very obvious that it’s not made outside Japan from the first minutes of any scene.

VirtualRealJapan has it’s own flaws, though.

You can always overcome these (I did without a problem), but as much as I love Japanese porn, I still have to talk about what I don’t like on VirtualRealJapan. Just… to get it out of the way.

Most of the videos have two, three or even four parts. Just in case you fall in love with all these japanese hotties.

The parts are all long enough to be a video themselves most being over 20 minutes and some going up to even 40 minutes, though, so I can’t complain. It’s just that it cuts out a little diversity when you look at the video pool as a whole.

The scenes are long, but they build up to some hot, unforgettable moments. I like it more that way – there’s plenty of time to get immersed all while watching some hot Japanese models getting naked getting their wet pussies ready for you.

The site doesn’t give you the option to go to the next part easily. You have to find it, meaning you have to stop the video and look for it… yeah.

If you’re planning to watch more than one part at once, which you probably will, just open all the parts in different tabs if you can, depending on the device you are using (-> VR Porn Guides for every headset) and just switch from the one to the other. Not a huge inconvenience, but it can bother some people.

You’ll rarely get to switch to the next scene, tough. I think I only needed to do it once. I can’t resist 40+ minutes with a hot Japanese model fucking me no matter what. You probably won’t either, so problem solved!

I love having enough time to get immersed and relaxed so I can enjoy the action just like I’m supposed to be. Too many websites these days go straight to the action while I’m still trying to get comfortable or I’m thinking about something else. VirtualRealJapan does what you’re supposed to do when releasing quality VR Porn (-> All sites ranked) – they’re thinking about you getting a full, undisclosed experience. I love this!

Some videos have continuity and also differ a little from Part 1 to Part 2, but others don’t. It just depends on the plot the Japanese director chose, but some of the videos feel like they should have been just one release rather than two parts.

I might be wrong here and they’re probably being released the same way in Japan. Not so many inconveniences with this one too rather than being hard to switch to the next part easily. Other than that, it’s basically the best Asian experience in VR you can have.

The good thing about all of this is that all the parts of a specific video are released at the same time. It’s all there at once if the videos are finished. If there’s a sequel coming then, of course, you’ll have to wait for it.

For Content, I’ll rate them 5/5.

VirtualRealJapan’s Visual Quality

First things first, most of the videos are Japanese productions in 4K, 60fps, 180 degrees (-> Best VR Porn). Nothing inspiring here considering that VirtualRealPorn (-> Our review) has 5K videos since ever, and sites like VRBangers (-> Check our review) are known for having everything in 8K (-> Best VR Porn), with CzechVR (-> Our Test) recently launching! So 4K is already pretty outdated. If only it were downloadable…

But the resolution is not everything, and 4K could be enough for those who still want to enjoy some authentic Japanese VR Porn. The scenes are clear enough to be enjoyed as they are, so no big complaints here. It could be better, though.

Most of the scenes have good lightning and I never felt the need to be more “Immersed”, but I’m used to watching a ton of VR Porn videos (-> Best VR Porn videos by category). If you’re picky, the quality itself (4k), might just not be enough for you.

All the scenes are way above average when it comes to technicalities. I didn’t have any problems with distance, lightning, or scaling. Everything is realistic enough to make you fall deep into your wildest Japanese fantasies.

For Visual Quality, I’ll rate them 4.5/5. We NEED that download option.

Variety of Plots and Pornstars on VirtualRealJapan

There’s nothing missing. All these Japanese cuties are simply amazing! You don’t know how much you needed this kind of content until you subscribe to VirtualRealJapan!

If there’s one thing these videos excel at then that’s their plots. I loved them and I love how all the models acted in every scene I watched.

They tend to go towards the classical plots: schoolgirls, maids, coworkers, massage, and doctors, but they do it very well. There’s even a little bit of cosplay here and there, so you’ll have what to choose from.
Every plot gets exploited to detail and that’s a thing we REALLY want in VR!

The plots are very diverse (visually… because I can’t speak Japanese so I don’t understand anything). If you’re like me you can still understand what the video is about by reading the English title and description and also through the thumbnails that are very suggestive most of the time.

There are also a lot of models for the number of videos they have, so that’s an extra point there.

Lots of girls, from skinny to teeny to curvy, with big asses, small asses, cute faces, or more mature looks. There’s plenty of diversity, but be sure you’ll hear the same iconic, shy, squeaky moans from all of them!

These girls are fun and they like what they’re doing and I appreciate that a lot. Quality porn!

They’re also absolutely gorgeous.
I didn’t stumble upon any that can’t be considered a literal Japanese goddess. I just LOVED every girl in every scene on VirtualRealJapan. I forgive them for every mistake just because of this – the models are so sexy and stunning.

You’ll get your dose of Japanese moaning and cute, sexy eyes for YEARS after finishing every video on the website. Pure happiness, I’m telling you. I love these girls!

I’ll definitely add some of these to favorite Asian videos (-> Best Asian VR Porn videos).

For variety I’ll give them a 5/5.

Are all the videos on VirtualRealJapan censored?

Yes, Because all the videos are made in Japan, they’re also censored.

Every scene on VirtualRealJapan is censored. This is the second thing you should really consider before buying a subscription next to the fact that it’s a streaming only website.

I’m used to watching Japanese porn so much that I hardly noticed it, though. I still enjoyed every video, but it’s up to you and how you feel about this in the end.

VirtualRealJapan compatible devices

Available for -> Oculus Go, MI VR, -> Samsung Gear VR, -> Google Cardboard, -> HTC Vive, -> Oculus Rift and -> Windows Mixed Reality.

Can’t see why you wouldn’t stream on any device, a VR compatible browser being all you need to play the videos. You should be safe no matter what you’re using.

Can you download VirtualRealJapan videos FREE?

No, you can’t. The industry is still new and it’s impossible to find someone who would make quality content available for free.

The videos can be only streamed on the official website. You can probably find copies of them here and there, but the quality will most likely be very low.

If you’re into their content, paying for it to be sure you’ll get more it’s your best bet.

Future of VirtualRealJapan

I can’t say much about what’s going to happen with the site.

They upload new releases fairly often and that’s a good sign, but there are two important things that must be improved as soon as possible: Downloads NEED to be available for the site to grow (and trust me, it will grow if it becomes available) and the possibility to sync toys that comes with it should be there, too. Interactive scripts for all those awesome male masturbators that can be synchronized with VR Porn! (-> Best VR Porn Toys)

If they sort this out in the future, this site could be a superstar. But knowing the VirtualReal network, this site will grow to be HUGE!

I’ll give them a 5/5 for Future.

VirtualRealJapan’s Site and Extras

The VirtualRealJapan site, just like the other sites from the “VirtualReal” family is identical to VirtualRealPorn (-> Read our test) when it comes to the aspect and functionalities. There’s nothing extra there.

You get your homepage that features a big banner displaying the latest releases. Scrolling down you’ll find a full list of their videos, together with a search box and filtering options so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

It’s simple and efficient, so no complaints here.
You can look up individual models or search videos using whatever keywords you prefer, filtering the results by date, rating, title or length.

VirtualRealJapan has no sex toy compatibility (-> Top 3 VR Porn sex toys). Unlike on VirtualRealPorn, you can’t sync your toy with the videos.
I’m a huge fan and I use my Kiiroo Titan (-> Review) with every compatible video. Maybe they’ll implement this in the future, but so far there’s no sign of it.

For site an extras they get a 4.5/5.

Does VirtualRealJapan have Safe and Secure billing?

Yes, just like VirtualRealPorn (-> Check our Test and Review), they use the same billing method. It’s safe, a lot of people use it.
It’s also discreet, so no “special” entries on your spendings list. Like most respectable VR Porn site (-> All VR Porn sites ranking), they’re pretty straightforward with the payment methods and there are no hidden fees. You’re good to go!

Conclusion: Is VirtualRealJapan worth your money?

I talked about every important aspect on this website, except pricing.
You can buy a VirtualRealJapan subscription for only $9.39/month if you get the annual subscription.

The other options are the 3 months subscription for $12.50 and $24.99 for one month only. It’s a pretty high price and there’s no Lifetime option, so the best deal is $9.39/month.

It’s still worth it if you’re a true Japanese porn lover. Their content is great, and the posibility of downloadable scenes in the future makes it even better. In the end it’s only up to you.




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