VR Allure – Review of the brand new competitor

VR Allure is the VR porn studio that won’t compromise on quality and only selects the best content (with a few drawbacks, read through to find out)

Advantages and Disadvantages of VR Allure


  • Available for both Streaming and Downloading
  • Works with most VR headsets seamlessly.
  • Good pornstar variety
  • Varied roleplays (not straight to the sex)


Visual Quality
Site and Extras

VR Allure: is it high quality and worth it?

Experience one of the best providers of virtual reality porn (-> Best sites ranked) out there: VR Allure is one of the more recently released VR porn sites, but this makes their content top of the game from one end to the other.

They have a variety of pornstars that play with your mind in different scenarios, from tinder date to erotic massage and most sexy topics you could think of.

I personally enjoy their age variety and types of girls that they feature. They currently focus on white teens mostly and starting to introduce more cultural variety as well as middle-aged models (they always seem to pick the hottest ones).

In this review I’m going over the quality of the videos, the types of porn they feature, how to play it on your VR console (-> Porn guides for very device), and more.

They have a general 180-degree field of view in all their videos and the models play with toys or a male realistic-looking mascot. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your interests.

If you’d like a real girl who’d love to give you masturbation encouragement live in VR, check out -> WankitnowVR!

What VR player and Headsets does VR Allure work with?

The -> VR player helps you play the video content you are looking for on your smartphone or your desktop. For -> Oculus Rift, -> HTC Vive, Meta (-> Porn guides), Meta Quest and -> Meta Quest 2 headsets you can use Virtual Desktop, Whirligig, or PigasusVR to run the content.

Whirligig is cheaper than Virtual Desktop but has fewer features. DEO VR is a good free player. A great thing about VR Allure is that they work with any VR console out there(yes, including mobile).

You can see the detailed resolutions, framerate, and download options next to every porn movie available.

The videos have excellent binaural sound, so it’s recommended you use a pair of headsets along with your device of choice if you want the maximum amount of immersion.

You can -> any Virtual Reality Device to watch VR Allure! They offer lots of video options!

Can you download or stream the videos?

Both options are available for each video and in many resolutions. Streaming (-> Best VR porn streams) the video works for most consoles and you’ll get a link from where you can download them for your own preferred VR player format (depending on your VR headset).

VR Allure has the option to stream the content directly to your smartphone, which makes viewing these VR porn movies that much easier to do. Of course, you’ll compromise a bit on the quality of the stream.

And that’s why for a fully immersive experience, where you make the girl of your dreams do what you please, you should consider downloading them in full resolution so that you don’t get any interruptions (maybe because of the internet quality on your side, as they have great servers from what I’ve seen).

How to Play VR allure on Oculus Rift/HTC Vive/Windows MR

If you have any of these consoles, consider yourself lucky, as they can sustain the highest of quality (up to -> 5k VR porn).

Yes, you heard that right, VR Allure has both streaming options as well as a download option for every single porn video in 5400×2700 resolution for these ->VR headsets.

You can also download it in 4k if you want. But what’s most important is that the video is in 60FPS.

A good framerate is what’s required for the experience to be as realistic as possible, and 60fps is closest to real human sight, so it doesn’t look like a badly made cinema movie, but as if that girl is right next to you. Other studios stepped up to 90FPS, though, so that’s a thing to keep in mind while trying to decide if you’re going to buy VR Allure or not.

It still looks great and there are more important things when it comes to the quality that you should care about when deciding. We’ll talk about those, too!

VR porn Stream

If you’re lazy to wait for a porn movie to download, or simply want to avoid having that on your hard drive, the best way to do it is to simply press the stream button and copy that link in your VR console browser

You can find the download files under each video you select. If you want to see the full step by step guide, check our how to play porn on the -> Oculus Rift guide, or the same guide for -> HTC Vive.

There are other similar VR Headsets that can use VR Allure:

How to Play VR Allure Playstation VR (PSVR)

You can download 2.8k videos that play in 60 fps for the PSVR. You’ll need to download them on your computer and then move them on a USB stick to use it on your Playstation VR.

If you don’t know how to do it precisely, check out our -> PSVR Porn guide!

How to Play VR ALlure on Gear VR/Daydream/Oculus Go

If you want to play the porn on Samsung Gear VR, you’re free to both stream and download each video. Not sure why they put the Gear VR in the same category as the Oculus Go, but it’s probably because the price of the headsets is quite similar.

Again, if you want to see how to download and play or directly stream you can check out our full guide on how to -> watch VR porn on the  Gear VR, or -> Daydream and even our favorite one,-> Oculus Go.

List of pornstars on VR Allure

As a recently new addition to the VR Porn market, VR Allure features somewhere around 20 models each with a few videos., so the numbers add up. What’s more, they always add new pornstars, once in a while so the content will always be new and fresh by the time you finish viewing the current pornstar’s videos.

They have some of the bigger names in the industry, like Adriana Chechik and Brandi Love, as well as some of the hottest new pornstars that you might not have seen ever before.

You can see a sample video in 180 degrees (-> Best VR Porn) of each pornstar and their videos, and even check out their specs, like weight, age, and even breast size.

Even if you’re using only on a smartphone, you’ll be amazed of the quality and how immersive it is.

The movies available have a Field of View of 180° which is quite enough for me. You can look around but are mainly focused on the action anyway. Talking about action: Sound is a significant part of the experience. Without a good directional sound, you can’t really immerse yourself in the scene.

They use high-end binaural recording, creating a complete 360-degree audio experience. With the right earphones, this results in a realistic copy of any sound made during the recording.
They are leading in quality due to high-tech recording techniques and an extraordinarily high interest in user experience.

What types of porn can you find?

The current variety includes anything from Latina girls, to ebony and white European Teens (-> Top VR Porn Videos).

You’ll find their choice of models rather interesting as some of the older models like Brandi Love and Nina Hartley are still there for your exclusive VR indulgence.

Different scenarios are played with every model, from girlfriend roleplay, to massage or stepsister, you name it and you’ll find it. More are soon to come, and that’s a good thing that it’s not too overwhelming.

Don’t be afraid to buy a subscription. It is anonymous, safe and fast. You will be able to download everything.

Website speed and bandwidth on VR Allure

Probably the most surprinsing feature of this website is how fast you can download the movies and how smooth they play even by streaming.

I have been able to download the videos in the blink of an eye, with speeds over 20mb/s (if your local bandwith allows you too, of course).

How much does VR Allure cost (and payment methods)

All good and professional, but how much do you pay per month for having access to this repertoire of VR porn goodies?

Think it’s $100…. What about $50?

Not even close to that.

All you need to pay monthly is $7.50 if you get a year membership. But even if you just want to try it once, you can do so and pay $14.95 for a one month membership and if you decide to stay, get an anula membership after.

You could also buy a one month membership and download all the porn videos and do your thing for a while and then come back again when there are even more new pornstars to play with in your VR world.

As payment methods go, you can choose to pay with your debit or credit card securely or with paypal directly.

The price is justified considering the cost of the cameras (high quality footage).

Can you find VR allure porn for free?

The thing about VR porn is that it’s harder to create than standard porn, as it requires more expensive cameras and professional setup, they also need really good servers, as transferring 5k files or streaming them directly from the browser is no easy feat.

That’s why most VR porn won’t be free, and the one that is, is usually not full porn clips, but rather samples and in lower quality.

This means that trying to get it for free online won’t happen soon, especially with a recently released website like this.

So what about saving your hundreds of dollars gadgets, files, and data, and simply pay the worth of 2 Starbucks coffees and have the highest quality there is and also virus-free.

Conclusion – Is VR Allure worth it in 2020?

VR allure is one of the newcomers in the VR porn industry, but they definitely started strong with one of the highest quality porn graphics and a collection of some of the cutest porn stars out there.

Should you wait for them to make more content?

Why not have a look at the sample videos and then ask yourself if it’s worth to have access to all those full videos with the price of 2 starbucks coffees.

If you’re curious if it’s worth it to invest, considering there’s not as many videos as some of the older VR sites out there, keep in mind that the quality does compensate for it and the thrill of  seeing how you get new videos monthly is something to look forward to.

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