VirtualRealTrans Review- Best Shemale VR Porn?

The oldest Shemale VR Porn site with the most content! Good stuff!

Quick & Easy: Is VirtualRealTrans worth it?

  • High quality content
  • Good visual clarity
  • Hot Transsexual Models
  • Great variety in scenes and models
  • Easy site navigation


  • Separate subscription from Virtual Real Porn
  • No access to network sites
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

VirtualRealTrans is an adult VR website that was launched earlier about a year back. The website focuses on bringing next-level immersion VirtualRealPorn with the focus on transsexuals. This is a sister site of Virtual Real Porn and figures as a part of their network.

Time to check out whether VirtualRealTrans can really cut it with the best of the best in VR porn.

How good is the Content of VirtualRealTrans?

They released their first video on last year and has since then amassed almost 90 videos on the site that specialize in nothing but pure transsexual eroticism. One of the points to note is that transsexual itself is a huge porn niche, and there’s still endless sub-plots and sub-niches that can be explored like shemale step mom and stepson or shemale girlfriend with boyfriend’s mom (like the Girlsway video series).

virtualrealtrans video sorting option

In addition to these, they have been successful in eroticizing standalone situations like a hot shower, pornstar introductions, pajama party etc. The best part though is the addition of other niches like massage, casting couch, sex with neighbors, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and workout sex.

As a result, there is a huge variety in terms of the story and plot used in these videos. The sets, costumes, props, and locations used also add a ton of value for immersion. Thankfully, the team has extended the same love to these videos as are made available to Virtual Real Porn videos.

An added benefit of watching videos from VirtualRealTrans is its integration with Lovense and Kiiroo products. Since the scenes have been aligned with Kiiroo and Lovense products, users can not only watch, but feel the same sensations, if they were present in the amorous session.

virtualrealtrans teledildonics

My rating for Virtual Real Trans’ content is 5/5.

Visual Quality of VirtualRealTrans

The site offers streaming and downloading options at 60fps. There are no options at 30fps. Oculus and Vive have videos at 1080p and 1600p. The 1080p lack clarity and can seem pixelated, but the 1600p are much better. For smartphones, videos are available at 1080p while PlayStationVR’s can enjoy content in 3D.

virtualrealtrans download options on video page

The quality of the frames affects immersion experience as a whole and plays the key difference in normal 2D porn and 3D VR porn. The quality is one of the best in the industry given the current level of technology that is used in VR porn today.

The videos are recorded in the newest 5k quality. As a result, when looking at a transsexual milf rubbing her hard cock, you can feel her sitting right across you and feel it to be real.

The camera angles, camera distance from performer and the use of light was also found to be satisfactory. As a result, I’ll rate VirtualRealTrans at 5/5 for visual clarity.

Is there enough variety in models and plots on VirtualRealPorn?

As usual, variety will be judged based on the variety of models and plots in the videos. As mentioned previously, there is a wide distribution of plots used by the team.

busty trans vanessa johns sucks your dick for breakfast

While this is usually positive, they must be vigilant to ensure that they do not lose the opportunity to create a unique identity. Websites dabbling in a wide variety of plots often risk being labeled as too generic with no clear specialisation, while niche websites run the risk of producing similar content and exhibiting lack of creativity.

When talking about the models, there’s a lot of variety given there are 40 models currently visible on the website. These models represent 6 nations and can be found in varying age groups from teens to cougars.

sexy trans wife holly harlow fucked in the ass

There are blondes, raven-haired, red-heads, petites, ebony and any other variety you can think of. The only commonality that exists that all of them are supremely hot!

Based on the variety of content and performers used, I’ll rate VirtualRealTrans a 5/5.

Future of the Site

Even though the site has been around for some time, it took them a while to get things going. But given the type of content that is being offered, the current outlook can only be described as positive.

There’s still a lot of space left to be explored, including the first post-op transgender performer. They recently released their ‘first anal sex scene’ with Kelmanny Koutty.

jonelle brooks transexual solo fuck on couch

In the times to come, it remains to be seen how they create a separate identity from their parent site or if they prefer to be recognised under the ‘Virtual Real’ banner.

Either way, the outlook is positive and there’s every reason to hope that they will itself a huge following like its parent site. Based on such observations, I’ll rate Virtual Real Trans a 4/5.

Site and Extras

The site follows the same website template as used for Virtual Real Porn. In fact, all of the sister sites use the same template. As such the color palette used for each of the sites is the only thing that differs.

The navigation distinctively displays the options for Videos, Models, Support, and other useful links. The landing page starts off by displaying the screenshots from the latest videos. The section below shows how Virtual Real Trans easily incorporate next level immersion with Lovense and Kiroos’ teledildonics.

virtualrealtrans video screenshot

The video display section shows the latest scenes, video description, screenshots of the videos and even offers the option to download free trailers. The tagging system is simple but enough to justify the needs of the site.

The video listing page offers robust sorting and filtering options. It even has a search bar. Most sites forget to use this simple but extremely useful feature. It would have been better if the same could have been used in the navigation bar.

virtualrealtrans model filter sorting option

The model listing page does not have a search bar, though. It does have customised sorting options including year of birth, hair colour and nationality. Those who are VR porn aficionados will truly appreciate this feature.

The video detail page provides the ability to stream trailer, in addition to providing options to download trailers for all devices. Additionally, video descriptions, tags and performer profiles have also been included.

Check their Twitter page.

I’ll rate the site and extras a 4/5.

Is the VirtualRealTrans subscription safe and secure?

virtualrealtrans pricing options

They offer four different pricing options. The monthly option is priced at 15.95€, while the quarterly option costs only 29.95€ and is payable once every 3 months. The annual option is priced reasonably at only 89.98€ and is billed once every year.

The annual option provides the greatest savings since the average per month costs figures at about 7.49€ per monthly only. However, they should be credited with another very flexible pricing option that is targeted at those streaming videos on smartphones.

Secure, Easy, and Anonymous. Never had a problem with my sub! Worth it!

Conclusion: Is worth it?

VirtualRealTrans has been successful in establishing itself with its beautifully shot, sensuous, and erotic adult transsexual performances. It is one of the best VR trans porn websites online right now

It’s an extremely well-thought venture that offers that best of the class to the viewers at the best possible price. I’m pretty stoked with my VirtualRealTrans membership and am looking forward to all its goodies in the weeks to come.