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Young, fun, sexy cam models in VR – what could be better? SexLikeReal Cams has them all and more!

When I made ➜ Best VR Sex Cam Sites Ranking, I kept saying over and over that Live VR Porn Cams are the future of porn.

Getting so close to a cam performer is no joke, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, you should definitely do it now! One of the best sites that you can try for the first time is SLR Cams. In this article, I’m going to talk more about them and why they’re simply the best Cam site in VR right now!

How to watch SexLikeReal Cams – Easy Step-by-step Guide for All Devices

  1. Go to ➜ SexLikeReal.
  2. Open the menu to the right and go to “SLR App. “
  3. Download and Install the app for your VR Device (FREE).
  4. Open the SLR App.
  5. Register your new account for FREE.
  6. Go to “VR Cam Girls.”
  7. Choose your favorite model.
  8. Enjoy your Live VR Sex Cam Show!

Does SexLikeReal have high-quality VR Sex Cams?

As you can probably already tell, SexLikeReal Cams is the “Live VR Cam Site” (a very important one) of the viral VR Porn site, SexLikeReal (➜ Review).

slrcams redhead girlIt’s not a separate site, you will find it on SexLikeReal right underneath the “VR Porn Videos” category in their menu. I think they chose to do this because their site is already regarded as one of the best out there when it comes to VR Porn (➜ Best Sites Ranking), and their visitors are definitely interested in the VR Cams too.

The great thing about it, though, is that you don’t need a subscription to watch the VR Sex Cams as you do with all their videos – you just need an account and the SLR App! Just like with traditional Camgirls, you’ll need to purchase Tokens for tips, but nothing else apart from that – it’s basically a regular Cam Site, but in VR! SexLikeReal is a growing site, and their interest in being in line with the newest VR technology always helped them stay at the top.

They’re doing the same thing with their ➜ Live VR Porn – streaming at 4K 60fps, with incredible image quality; their live shows are no joke! The number of girls is increasing almost daily, and so is the overall diversity; this means you’ll have more and more girls to choose from in the future, which is fantastic!

slrcams models list

The Zoom In function is also great, and it’s acceptable with full 4K resolution. Sometimes, you might just feel like getting closer to the action, and I don’t blame you!

All the VR Cams have the same image quality, the only difference being the actual background/rooms the girls are in and the lightning – but nothing major. I have enjoyed every live show I have watched on SLR until now, with no image quality issues.

Keep in mind, though, that streaming in 4K 60fps is very demanding, and you need a strong internet connection for it to work flawlessly, just like with VR Porn Videos (➜ Top 10’s for All Categories)!

Are their CamGirls hot?

Yes, they do. As you might already know, the most important thing for someone who’s looking into Cam sites, VR or not, is how hot the girls are.

Of course, you can have crystal clear image quality and plenty of diversity, but if the girls in front of the camera aren’t hot enough to make the experience unforgettable, then it’s not worth it.

slrcams mandala model

Luckily, SLR Cams has them all! All the girls on their site are absolutely gorgeous; I have no words for it. It’s a mystery to me how they find them, but I hope they’ll keep their standards this high forever.

All the models seem European, but I never had a problem with that – plenty of room for diversity anyway. From curly, curvy ➜ brunettes to gorgeous ➜ blondes and shy ➜ teens. The dream!

SexLikeReal Cams – Young Camgirls in VR

That’s what got me at first: under each Cam stream, there’s a little description – you know, a few words from the girl herself – and their age. There are so many 18- and 19-year-olds; it’s incredible. They’re all so cute and excited; it’s a pleasure to tip them. And see them naked, of course.

slr cams model 2The SLR Cams girls gave me more of that essential impression that is absolutely necessary – that they’re genuinely having fun while dancing, laughing, and typing in the chat with me. I don’t know how often this really is true, but I don’t even wanna know – it felt that way, and that’s all that matters!

The most fun I ever had with a camgirl was on SexLikeReal Cams – we started slowly with little jokes and small tips, and then things quickly got to dancing and flashing tits, ass, and all that I found attractive about her. Everything ended with me activating her sex toy (➜ Best VR Porn Toys) over and over again for fun – she was laughing at the beginning and then started moaning uncontrollably – enough to turn me on like crazy. Was it worth it?! Definitely.

Was she hot? Yes, and she became ten times hotter while we were actually interacting with each other. Plus, the fact that all this was in VR was absolutely perfect. I was there with her, and she was there with me while I was sitting in my chair with my Meta headset on. ➜ Meta Quest 3, by the way – and it looked amazing!

slr cams model 3One of the things I love the most about SLR Cams is that if you ever opt for a Private Show, it will be automatically recorded on your SLR account, and you’ll be able to watch it later as many times as you want. That’s awesome! These girls are amazing, and you have to see it for yourself!

Young, sexy girls are ready to have more fun with you than you can handle – and all this in VR! You will feel like you’re actually there, watching from up close. It’s incredible, and it feels so different from traditional 2D cams. ➜ SexLikeReal also coaches their new girls about VR and how to act in VR so the shows do not become boring – and they’re doing a great job, in my opinion! The attitude must be different in VR because the viewers are more immersed. There’s literally no reason not to try SLR Cams!

Male/Gay VR Sex Models

While you can see some male models online from time to time, there aren’t enough in VR yet to satisfy the gay public (or female public, of course!), but the fact that there already are some male performers on SexLikeReal Cams means that there will definitely be more in the future, so keep an eye on it!

The Future of SexLikeReal Cams

I have nothing to say but good things about what’s going to come. As I said many times in my ➜ Best VR Sex Cam Sites article, Live VR Porn cams will play a very important role not only in the future of VR Porn but in the future of the whole porn industry in general. It’s the best thing that VR will bring to us together with Amateur VR Porn – but that’s another discussion.

➜ SexLikeReal is one of the leaders in the VR Porn industry today, and their attitude towards change and innovation will surely bring them even more success.

slr cams imroxy

SexLikeRreal Cams is one of their main focuses these days, and it will surely thrive just like their site did. I expect them to be the leaders in the VR Sex Cams industry right from the beginning, so their future is guaranteed to be great.

I’ll follow their evolution very closely, and I’ll update my review with everything necessary. SLR is already planning to double the bitrate for way higher-quality streams and even increase the FOV by 30 degrees, which would make everything absolutely perfect!

Conclusion – Is SexLikeReal Cams Worth it?

As I stated before, there’s no reason not to watch the SexLikeReal Cams – you register your account, and then it’s basically ready to go. Tipping is just up to you and your preferences.

Definitely something that everyone who owns any type of VR Headset (➜ VR Porn Guides For Every Device) should try at least once. SLR Cams and VR Sex Cams, in general, must be a day-to-day go-to for every VR Porn enthusiast because they’re unique and very-very satisfying!

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