SexLikeReal Premium – Best VR Porn Stream in 2023?

SexLikeReal Premium (SLR) has slowly positioned themselves as the best platform to view and download VR porn. What started as an aggregator platform, has now repositioned themselves as the Netflix of VR Porn.

Quick and Easy: Is SexLikeReal Premium worth it?


  • Close to 5000 VR porn videos
  • Playable on every VR device
  • Great upgraded visual quality
  • A wide range of niches and pornstars available
  • Stream & Download


  • Nothing in particular, other than some small improvements this is as good as it gets for a perfect VR experience.

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

SexLikeReal Premium Content

stripzvr on SLR premium

The site has one of the largest collections of VR porn videos on the internet. There are close to 5000 high-quality VR porn videos and over 150 new releases per month available for consumption with SLR Premium. That is a huge total, considering most studios have catalogues that run no more than hundreds of videos.

For the uninitiated, SexLikeReal Premium does not produce any videos. In contrary, it acts as an aggregator hub and provides streaming services, in addition to downloading facilities. One of the key differentiators for SLR is that they rectify videos to ensure a better experience for the users.

Is SLR the best porn aggregator for VR enthusiasts?

Since all the videos come from VR porn sites, the overall quality, length and niche of videos differ. As of now, there’s a wide range of video length available on the site. Starting from shorter videos in the sub-10-minute duration to full-fledged feature titles over 30 minutes in length.

Similarly, the acting of the pornstar varies with experience and talent. While some are really good at what they do, other still require a bit of work to break in the ‘star’ category. But for most part, the actual sex is quite awesome thanks to the bevy of high-quality studios that SexLikeReal Premium has tied up with and their own video enhancing capabilities.

That’s why for Content, I’ll rate them a 5/5. Their repertoire of skill sets fit the niche and their huge catalogue of videos serve as a Disneyland for VR porn enthusiasts.

SLR’s Visual Quality

The visual quality aspect of the videos has been one of the main draws for SexLikeReal Premium. The videos are available in 50FPS, 60FPS, and 90FPS. However, these options are not available for all videos. Almost all of the videos on offer for the premium section are in 60FPS. While some have been interpolated to 60FPS, others were produced by default in the 60FPS format. There are also 90FPS videos which seem to have been interpolated to enhance the quality.

visual quality features

As I mentioned previously, the biggest differentiator for SexLikeReal is that it rectifies videos on its own. Which makes the videos on the platform better in quality when compared to the original production. However, these improvements are mainly for videos which were misaligned or required a bit of editing or colour correction. The videos with a crown icon on their thumbnail are shown as SexLikeReal Premium mastered.

The same can be said of the scale. While some studios have already perfected the scale in videos, others continue to improve.

Most of the videos I sampled on the premium section are in 180 degree FOV. While there may be 360 degree FOV available in premium as well (they are available a-la-carte on the usual SLR site), they might be fewer in number.

Hot VR latina on SexLikeReal premium

The site supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Gear VR, Daydream and Cardboard, making it one of the all-service studios. In addition to having 4K and 5K videos, the premium section also provides access 6K video titles. All in all, the visual aspect of the site deserves a 5/5 for its quality and variety.

In addition to that SexLikeReal Premium also offers Viewport Technology, you can now watch original 5K and 6K videos with your Android Headset on all devices. The Viewport already works for Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, GearVR, Daydream and Cardboard headsets.

SexLikeReal Premium Subscription Variety

The variety is usually judged using two factors – variety of niches and variety of pornstars. Both of these are strong points for SexLikeReal Premium. This is particularly due to the very nature of SLR’s business. Since they work as an aggregator (remember the Netflix of VR Porn metaphor?) there’s basically no dearth of variety. There are currently over 120 studios available with the premium version of SLR.

When talking about their titles, they have everything from amateur, teen, striptease, milf, JAV, BBW, taboo, fetish, lesbian, reality, art, hentai, anal, creampie, squirting, etc. As you can see, the range of titles is huge. For everyone and anyone, it should be more than enough variety to keep them hooked. Additionally, you also get a few variations for each niche due to the variety of studios.

For example, if you’re into lesbians, you have general lesbian videos from different sites, plus content from YanksVR and LezVR (both of which are dedicated lesbian sites and with a different treatment).

pornstars on SLR premium

Similarly, for pornstars, there’s no dearth of talent. You get everything from a natural, hentai, ebony, Asians, blondes, big tits, fake tits, big ass, petite, Latina, Czech, European, American etc. For a list as big as that, there’s something for everyone. Also, you can see complete videography with different studios for each model.

So, for variety, it’s a hands-down 5/5 for SLR Premium.

SexLikeReal’s Future

When it comes to judging the future of a site, there’s isn’t an easier evaluation than SLR. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, the nature of their business model ensures that it’s not required to create any content itself. Secondly, there’s no dependency on a single niche. Thirdly, their visual output is a bit better than others.

There is sizeable experience in the management team and the company understands what works for them. They are also the ones behind SLR app which looks similar to DeoVR player. They are also the ones behind DEOVR player. So, there’s business know-how and technical ability mixed into one.

videos from 52 studios in SLR premium

Plus, they have always invested in working for a better product and actively engage with fans and users on Reddit and other such social networking sites. Overall, it’s an excellent company to bet on. For that, I’ll award them a 5/5 rating.

Site and Extras

The website design for premium is the same as their normal version. After the main banner on the home page, the site opens up their catalogue with a list of sorting and filtering options. Among these options are video tags and niches like anal, threesome, squirting, creampie, shemale, gay, female POV, orgy, milf etc.

sexlikereal premium video cards

You also have some pretty advanced sorting options avilable, you can sort videos by Premium, Scenes, Pay Per Video, Sale, Pornstars and and Studios. Below that, there are further sorting and filtering options. Even the sex positions and visual quality appear as options in this section.

With their old website one thing I didn’t like was that they wouldn’t properly separate the Pay Per Video section from the Premium one. This caused some confusion. With their new layout that’s no longer the case, you have a clear section for Paid Videos and another for Premium ones.

The new Pay Per Video page makes it extremely easy to browse. Every video has a thumbnail, displays the View Angle of videos like 180° and 360° and also include the amount of frames each video has, 60 FPS, 90 FPS. The studio and the price for the video are mentioned too

The navigation bar on the site shows Studios, Pornstars, Scenes, Niches, Free Porn and Download App (SLR app) as links. The pornstar page lists all the talent featured on the site and allows sorting option according to alphabetical order, by recency, popularity and amount of work done.

The video title pages show the option to stream the videos and also download them according to your device. As an extra, there are stills available from the video on the same page. Additionally, there are 24 Free VR Porn videos available as well (after registration and downloading SexLikeReal app).

They are also very active on Reddit and on Twitter!

For sites and extras, I’ll rate SLR 4.5/5 for their design and user experience.

Billing and Cost of SexLikeReal Premium

Now, you might think that having access to nearly 5000 full-length videos with over 150 new videos added each month, would cost you an arm and leg. And that’s what I thought initially too. I was shocked when I saw a monthly subscription fee of $24.99, some studios featured on SexLikeReal Premium charge double that for the same videos on their website. If you want an ever better deal, go with the annual suscription, you will only pay $20.83 per month. I have to be honest, this is probably the best deal you are going to get in the VR porn industry.

Is safe?

For payment options you have the usual Credit Card and PayPal payment processors, as well as cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. The payments are Discreet and Secure. To protect your privacy no adult terminology appears on your bank statement. You will see “” or “V.R.S.Tech” only. 

sexlikereal premium video cards

Is there an alternative to

Considering the quality of the content, it’s hard to find a good competitor at this price. SLR is a great choice even if you want to go cheap. Free alternatives to such big catalogues of full lenght VR Porn videos are nowhere to be seen yet, and they probably won’t be for some time. Premium Conclusion

In conclusion, SLR focuses on no particular niche but works as a hub for VR porn videos. The site offers an SLR app for download which allows those with Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Cardboard devices to enjoy the videos. Those with tethered devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can enjoy titles by streaming them from the site or downloading them on their PC. The app picks up the best file out of 30 to match your system preferences.

Given the variety of titles, additional SLR mastering services and the subscription rates on offer, it is a great deal for those who want multiple studio subs at a reasonable offer. So, why wait? Get on the bandwagon and head on to SLR.




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