Lethal Hardcore VR Review 2022 – New exciting studio – Worth your money?

Explore your craziest fantasies in VR at Lethal Hardcore VR! Cheerleaders, hot schoolgirls and the nastiest cheating housewives are all up to fuck! Are you ready?

Quick View: Is Lethal Hardcore VR worth it?


  • Excellent variety of niches and kinks
  • Hot pornstars
  • Compatible with every device
  • Easy and secure billing
  • Nice extras


  • Just 5K resolution
  • Low models variety
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

What is Lethal Hardcore VR?

lethal hardcore vr cheerleader blowjob

Lethal Hardcore VR is a new VR porn site (-> Top Ranking). They want to bring our fantasies to life in VR, playing with kinky plots and irresistibly sexy models.

They don’t stick to a specific niche. Lethal hardcore VR wants to satisfy a more significant number of people instead.

The studio explores classic fantasies combined with new ideas, with a pinch of taboo on top of almost every video.

You get to fuck quite a bunch of cheerleaders, scouts, schoolmates, and cheaty housewives.

The plots don’t go too far, but they’re fun to explore and pretty diverse. You also get some nasty daddy plots, cheating, sneaky sex, and more.

Exciting! But where does this studio stand among to all the other sites in our top ranking? Read our review and find out everything there is to know about Lethal Hardcore VR! And of course, if this site is worth your money or not!

The Content of Lethal Hardcore VR – Aiming for diversity is never wrong!

More content diversity is something we’re all craving in VR porn. Some sites, like VR Bangers  (-> Review) or  Virtual Taboo (-> Review), are starting to do it better and more often. New plots, different body types, and even some camera tricks to top them all, aiming for a unique experience for the viewer. Some sites nail it; others don’t.

But how’s Lethal Hardcore VR doing in this aspect?

lethalhardcore brunette cheerleaderWell, let’s start with the basics, of course.

At the time of this review, there are 107 VR porn scenes on the site produced by Lethal Hardcore VR.

I’m saying this because, with this subscription, you get an old collection, too: a piece of the old WhorecraftVR catalog, a fantasy-cosplay VR porn site that no longer exists. But more on this on the “Site and Extras” section of the review.

The content on this site is indeed diverse. They’re exploring a lot of fantasies and kinks, and they seem to do it pretty well.

Not much to complain about when it comes to content. The site has high-quality, original videos. The scene number is still low, but you will have a lot of fun exploring them.
You get some creampies here and there, even squirting, handjobs, tit fucking, sex toys (-> Top 3 teledildonics), etc.

It’s a great site in terms of content, and they seem to try to release a scene once a week. You can keep this in mind, too, when you consider subscribing; available content is essential, but the release schedule is also relevant.
All their content is compatible with every primary VR headset (-> Best for VR Porn) and can be downloaded once you’re subscribed. In addition, lethal Hardcore keeps up with every headset release, so Pico Neo 3 Link and -> Lenovo Legion VR700 files will also be available.

Lethal Hardcore VR offers unlimited downloads!

I’ll rate them 4.5/5 for content!

Visual Quality on Lethal Hardcore VR – There’s always room for improvement

lethal hardcore vr facial brunetteFirst of all, if you don’t already know, there’s 8K VR Porn available. Sites like -> VRBangers and -> CzechVR are pumping insanely looking 8K VR porn scenes on the market right now.

And with the Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide) being such an affordable 8K-capable device, this will become mainstream very soon. Just wait for the new Meta VR headsets (-> Porn guides)!

Lethal Hardcore VR, on the other hand (together with most other sites), still releases scenes in 5K.

Is this bad? No, it’s not. But it’s not the best, either. 

VirtualRealPorn (-> Review) is an example that 5K can be done right, too. Their videos are outstanding even though they’re not shot in “high-end resolution.”

And this brings me to the next crucial thing: post-processing.

If done well, a 5K scene can smoke a poorly executed 8K video. Considering all these, the scenes at Lethal Hardcore VR are somewhat average. Which is not a bad thing, actually.

Most of the videos have good lightning, and I haven’t encountered any scaling issues so far – something that’s very rare. The girls look good in VR, with pronounced features, soft skin, and expressive eyes.

Next to your dick, of course.

The only problem I had with the 5K60fps (and 120fps on some new releases) videos at Lethal Hardcore is that some of them (4-5) seemed a little blurry.

This used to be an acceptable occurrence “back in the day” because the device you were using to watch the content mattered a lot, too.

Different settings and post-processing methods were adopted, and this gave birth to some errors.

Nowadays, though, blurry content is not at all ideal for a Premium VR porn experience.
Yet again, this happened only with a few scenes at Lethal Hardcore VR. If you’re not a very active VR porn user, you might not even notice. It was mild, but still, something that needs to be mentioned.

The rest of the videos are great, though. I like their colors and how they choose to shoot specific scenarios. The scenes on Lethal hardcore VR are immersive, and they indeed fit on the list of exclusive, premium VR porn experiences available! I’ll rate them 4/5 for Visual Quality!

Variety in plots and models – Something else Lethal Hardcore VR does well!

lethal hardcore spreading brunette Lethal Hardcore VR is a premium VR porn site. This means that they get to work with very well known pornstars who have a reputation and the necessary experience to shoot excellent VR porn scenes.

Lethal Hardcore seems to do the best thing possible in this aspect: mixing new talent with very active pornstars when shooting their scenes. The results are positive: you’ll see new faces (and tits), but at the same time, you’ll get quality stuff from highly-professional pornstars.

lethal hardcore vr teen spreadingNot that they’re hiring amateurs like VRFirsttimers (-> Review) – everyone at LethalHardcore is a pornstar. Still, some are less familiar and thus considered “new.”

Of course, you’ll get your taste of Abella Danger, Britney Amber, Tiffany Watson, Khloe Kapri, Elena Koshka, Marley Brinx, and the list could go on. If you have celeb favorites, they’ll likely be on Lethal Hardcore VR.

The dominant niche in their catalog is teens (-> Top 10 VR porn videos). When browsing to categories, next to “18+ Teens,” you’ll see 81 videos. So, out of 100+, more than 80% feature teens.

Is this true? Well, not really. Yes, there are many young, fresh-looking pornstars on the site – but they’re not all teens for sure. Still, if you love young girls, it’s a great place to cum.

lethal hardcore vr cheelreaderYou get quite the treatment if you like big asses (-> Best 7 VR porn videos) and big tits, too. Not so many mature/milf pornstars, though.
All the models at Lethalhardcore are hot babes with flawless bodies that just enjoy sex to its fullest.

If this is your thing, I wouldn’t be surprised: it’s my thing too!

The real diversity comes from the situations these models are presented in schoolgirls, teachers, friends of friends who want to get dicked down, a cheating young horny chick, and so on. You get the point.

This studio does it exceptionally well! You won’t get bored for sure, believe me on this one. If you dreamed about fucking those hot cheerleaders at school when you were younger, you get the chance to fuck the hottest ones at Lethalhardcore.

lethal hardcore vr girl scoutSame with girl scouts – you thought that those at your school were hot? Just browse through the Lethal Hardcore VR gallery, and you’ll find something better. The girls on this site are indeed very sexy.

And that’s what we all need in VR – mild fantasies explored with girls that look flawless. And know how to suck you dry. Not so much racial variety, though – basically almost no -> Asian girls, -> Ebony beauties, or -> Latina pornstars. It’s a pity, so definitely less points for diversity because of this.

For Variety, I’ll rate Lethal Hardcore VR with a 4.5/5!

Site and Extras – You get what you get. And a little more!

lethal hardcore vr brunette doggy has a unique dark theme that I haven’t seen on other sites. You’re not welcomed by a huge banner, but by the videos themselves on the homepage, and maybe the current sale if they have an active one.

No search bar on the homepage, but! You get a search bar when browsing the video catalog itself! Or “VR Experiences,” as they’re called in the menu and all over the site.

Classically, you can browse through every video, as I mentioned, or on the Pornstars Page where you see all the girls they’ve worked with in no particular order.

You can browse to Categories, too, if you want to look for your favorite niche real quick. Lethal Hardcore VR also has a menu for sex toys. This doesn’t interest me as long as they can’t be synced to VR Porn in real-time like the ones in my dedicated -> Top 3 VR Sex toys article. So far, so good.

lethal hardcore vr redhead galleryAn exciting extra is the videos from WhoreCraftVR – outdated but unique nevertheless. If you ever wanted to fuck an elf in a mission or a hot female knight that hasn’t had any good dick in a while, you might be happy with this bonus.

They say these fantasy VR porn videos are not included in the price, and we appreciate it!

Another fun extra is the galleries. Most videos offer a free high-quality gallery with photos from the set before and during the action. You get 30+ (on average) pictures of these cute girls getting ready to shoot and while they’re performing.

All the pics are free for anyone who visits the site, but they can’t be downloaded in batches.
Still, a nice bonus.

You can also watch free short trailers for every video, but that’s a standard already.
I’d consider the “unlimited downloads” feature an extra, too, so I’m mentioning it here once more. You have no download limits after you subscribe, meaning you can pick all their content with any subscription. Neat!

For Site and Extras, I’ll rate them 4.5/5!

Future of Lethal Hardcore VR – Will they be big?

lethal hardcore vr behind big assLethal Hardcore VR had a popularity boost after launch that still hasn’t faded. That means their first quality scenes were accompanied by newer ones which were equally good.

With this in mind, we can safely say that they made their way towards the top of the ladder. They might get there, but it’s still tricky because of their visual quality issues. If they’ll upgrade the rig to 7K or 8K, or at least a better 5K, they could get far.

The studio has catchy plots, and their videos are not only sexy but fun to watch at times. The scenes are immersive, and they don’t “go unnoticed.”

Once you watch a video at Lethal Hardcore VR, you’ll want more for sure.

So, with this in mind and hoping for a better camera rig, I’ll rate them 4/5 for Future. It can change anytime, though.

Conclusion – Is Lethal Hardcore VR worth your money?

The final and most important question: should you buy Lethal Hardcore VR?

After watching a good chunk of their videos, I think it’s totally worth it.
Their standard pricing for 1 month is $14.99, with lots of sales during the year.
You’ll pay $39.99 for 3 months and $99,99 for 1 year. The differences are not substantial, so I’d definitely go for 1 month first and see what’s what.

You get unlimited downloads, after all!

Lethal Hardcore VR is a premium site for sure; there’s no question about it. They have a decent release schedule, and a good catalog so far. It’s worth the price for sure, especially if you’re into smoking hot young babes!

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