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SexBabesVR has been around for some time now. Even though the majority of the market is dominated by bigwigs like -> VRBangers or -> BaDoinkVR, independent and non-network sites such as SexBabesVR are also a thing!

They’ve been successful in making a name for themselves and reaching out to the average VR porn (-> All sites ranked) lovers.

The Content of

The content offered by a site is one of the most critical factors when making a purchase decision.

Some of the factors I use to decide whether the content makes sense for me are – quantity, niche, plot, and production quality.

They released their first video on September 6, 2016. Currently, they have around 325+ VR porn videos (-> Top 10’s for every category) available for their members.

Given their tenure of operation and the fact that they are a non-network independent site, 325+ videos is a very commendable offering.

They release two new scenes every week, basically at a gap of 4 days.

It’s nice to see such consistency at the production level and exhibit professionalism.

For a potential subscriber, it shows that the money is being spent in the right place.

SexBabesVR VR Models

Strangely enough, these guys haven’t really focused on any specific niche (-> Best VR Porn Videos) that is very mainstream but opted for a somewhat broad area – Babes.

This is obvious from the model line-up as well. Each and every one of the 150+ models they’re filming with currently is extremely beautiful and sexy.

They all are what you would rightfully call babes.

The video plots and screenplay however, play around a variety of sub-niches like taboo, BDSM, office, reality sex, massage, masturbation and even virtual sex.

There is a nice distribution of videos around these plots which makes each porn experience different from another.

Another bonus point, when compared to sites like -> MilfVR, -> WankzVR and -> HoloGirlsVR is that since there is no preponderance with body type or plot, there is much more variety of content available.

The sets, costumes and locations used in porn affect the quality of content. The sets used in the videos seem very organic, whether its living room scene or a bedroom scene and do not exude that typical mainstream porn film aura.

italian blonde rosella fucked sexbabesvr

However, there is a lot of inconsistency/variety (depends on how you want to see it) in how the videos are shot. The scene progression is different and suggests that there are various producers with independent styles how are shooting these scenes. But newer videos do show a more consistent quality.

The videos are very sexy. This might just be because they have some of the hottest girls out there. They all look like perfect, dream-like 3D characters that you’d like to see in games (-> Best VR Porn Games) Nevertheless, the production quality seems to also do its part!

Great content – so sexy girls – I mean look at them. Every girl is hot as fuck!

I can with good conscious give a 4.5/5 for content. They provide enough in terms of quantity of videos and space of improvisation within the niche, but with certain room for improvement in production.

Visual Quality of SexBabesVRs Videos

The videos are available at 60fps, while there are no streaming (-> Best VR porn stream) options, downloading options are available for -> Gear VR, -> Vive, -> Oculus, -> Meta with -> Meta Quest and Quest 2, -> PlaystationVR, and -> Cardboard.

SexBabesVR is basically available for -> all the popular VR Porn Headsets. Vive and Rift users can enjoy 5K resolution videos while the other VR headsets have options for both high-quality resolution and low-quality resolutions, depending upon you preference.

The visual clarity is pretty great, especially after the upgrade to 5K (-> Best VR Porn). There weren’t any obvious signs of pixelation (beyond what is normally accepted as of now), and the light and color treatment in the post-production helped as well.

They also seem to choose the distance between your viewpoint and the girls, and that’s a great thing – you wouldn’t want to always be so close to the girls and miss the view of their whole body, or worse, be too far away. All the scenes are -> POV VR porn videos, so you’d want them to look as natural as possible.

Hot red lingeree

In terms of scale, it sometimes varies but overall it’s good. Especially the new 5k videos are a pleasure to watch!

No complaints over here, except that I’m waiting for an even better 7K or 8K rig! I’ll rate this section at 4.5/5, the video quality is still well above average.

5K Videos Baby! Oh yeah. So glad they upgraded. Visuals are just so important to be immersed!

Variety of Plots and Models on SexbabesVR

Variety remains a very important factor to ensure that it doesn’t get boring and you get your money’s worth. There are two different sections we look at for variety – plot and models.

They have shown great diversity with respect to the video plot. There is a balanced distribution among BDSM, taboo, office, hardcore, reality sex, massage, and many such plots (-> Best VR Porn videos by niche).

SexBabesVR Video Ratings

BTW, look at those user ratings! They MUST do something right.

In addition, there is a virtual sex scenario which has been used multiple number of times. These usually showcase a solo scene with teasing and virtual sex.

The models used are all very pretty. The ‘babe’ theme has been consistently taken care of throughout the process. Even so, there is a healthy distribution in talent sourced from Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

There are -> blondes, -> brunettes, and redheads, apart from the typical big tits and -> teen models. Basically, a wide lot of stars to choose from to get your motor running ;). Girls like Stacy Cruz (-> Best VR porn videos), Lexi Donna, Sybil A, Alyssa Bounty, Venera Maxima and many, many more!

For the variety displayed in the choice of models and storyline, I rate them at 4.5/5. But honestly, if you love the girls you see, that rating shouldn’t bother you.

Sooo sexy Babes – If love babes this is just a 5/5! For me it certainly is.

The sites Future – Always getting better

The team released their first video in September 2016. They worked with over 150 models and released over 320 videos to date.

During these time, they have shown great dexterity in shooting variety of scenes with top models across variety of plots. Additionally, they have showed the intention to compete with the best and provide a quality product as they upgraded to 5K resolution recently.

Another important thing is that now, with SLR Interactive (-> Our Test) being out you are able to connect your Kiiroo Onyx+ (-> Review) while you enjoy SexBabesVR. It’s a great first step, but hopefully in the future there will be more teledildonics (-> Best VR Sex Toys) supported.

busty japanese sharon lee fucked during massage

As a final verdict, SexBabesVR are a promising independent site that has the potential to be a major contender. They do have their work cut out for them, though. I’ll rate a 5/5 for their future potential.

Since 2016 they are constantly improving and releasing – I don’t think they are going anywhere!

Site and Extras


The website design and look feel is suited to teenage girls and is portrayed with their pink, blue and yellow template. Love it! The design feels right for such a site. Here’s their -> Twitter page. And if you want to dive even deeper check out their -> Reddit Profile!

The landing page also works as the video list page and showcases the latest and most popular scenes as well. However, there’s no tag, scene description or category information on these videos.

The “Girls” page on the website feature all their models. There’s a rating system for them to, all ratings being given by the users. But it doesn’t seem like the page actually sorts the models by rating even when you select that option. Well, at least you can sort them alphabetically…


They do have the option to first stream every trailer! That’s great, you can easily decide to buy them (do buy them – totally worth btw). I have to say I became quite fond of the improved website they have to offer. They are moving forward!

They also keep their users updated about incoming scenes using this post on their forum. They update it every time a new video will be uploaded specifying the date, the title and adding a little teaser with a photo of the actress. It’s a nice touch and as a fan you always have something to look forward to.

No search bar. Category tags available only in scene information page.  But at least you can find everything with them.

I gave up on a search bar. Like no VR Porn site has it. But whatever. SexBabesVR does a great job with the site but sadly there are no real extras to the subscription. My rating for sites and extras is 4/5.

The site just suits them. Really like the feel.

Billing and Subscription on SexBabesVR – Safe, Secure & Anonymous

The amazing thing about SexBabesVR is their prices, for over 300 videos and 150 pornstars you will only pay $24.95 for a month, which is amazing for a network that offers mostly 5K content. This, and the fact that they have special offers very often giving you the possibility to pay way less!

For the payment options you have Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. SexBabesVR also offers a safe, secure and discreet payment. Which means you will have no adult references appearing on your credit card statement.

For me, it’s worth the subscription! Clear billing, no hidden costs. That’s how I like it 🙂

blonde petite babe misha cross blowjob

Conclusion: Is Worth Your Money?

SexBabesVR offers a fresh breeze of pretty faces in VR porn. They have some really hot and fresh talent that haven’t performed with most other sites.

They really keep in touch with their customers and fans, too – and that’s a rare sight.

Their content quality is by far their best feature, hey offer 5K quality videos with great post production and attention to details. And if you’re looking for a nice variety of hot VR porn and you’re into babes, this should be your pick.




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