VRFootFetish Review – The First Feet-Only VR Porn Site!

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about VRFootFetish: a very exciting, foot-fetish-only VR porn site for enthusiasts.

Introduction – VR is so much better for feet lovers than 2D porn

VRfootfetish closeupThere’s something about filmmaking and sexy feet. The angles are easy to obtain, and every position seems perfect to capture some sexy soles.

Quentin Tarantino knew it very well, and VRFootFetish aims to bring this art to the next level!

Foot fetish VR porn (-> Best videos) is more than just porn. If it’s done well, it can play with your head like nothing else before.

Virtual reality is a new space where thousands of VR porn content creators are experimenting right now – and damn, did we need a foot-fetish VR porn site!

It’s here, and it’s called VRFootFetish (yeah). So let’s dig into this unique site! Get ready to droll over the sexiest, cutest feet in VR.

Keep out – Feet lovers ONLY!

Unlike most -> VR porn sites in our top ranking, VRFootFetish has content addressed to a particular public.

While studios like -> VR Bangers or -> Czech VR explore a variety of fetishes that can be consumed by any porn lover, things are different at VRFootFetish.

VRFootfetish two girlsIf you don’t love feet, you can’t really watch the content they create. Why?

Because everything revolves around feet and toes. You get to watch insanely hot girls in VR, of course, but there isn’t much -> hardcore action for you.


If you like seeing girls getting naked but also instructing you how to masturbate, -> WankitNOWVR is another great studio you should check out!

The rule is that everything is focused on the gorgeous feet only – something any connoisseur would appreciate.

If you have a foot, this studio is a goldmine. You don’t need hardcore content; you need beautiful feet to be hypnotized by.

VRFootFetish is the only VR porn site that produces foot-fetish-only content.

This means that you get over 130+ videos of feet graciously swinging in your face.

I was mesmerized by their very first -> 5K resolution video and how real it felt. It’s delicious!

Plots diversity – what other fetishes are explored on the site

Even though the whole site revolves around showing off feet, the contexts differ from video to video.

VRFootFetish Transparent socksYou’ll get to watch girls in solo scenes or a couple of scenes. They could be dressed or undressed in high heels or barefooted.

There are plenty of outfits and styles you’ll go through between the videos.

It’s clear that the filmmakers aim for diversity here, and they don’t want you to get bored.

So you can watch flight attendants, teachers, or the hot girl next door stroking your cock or just teasing you with dirty words and the beauty they possess under the socks.

It’s definitely not dull, and I feel like you’re able to taste the intimacy a foot lover would enjoy in a variety of contexts.

For such a niche site, VRFootFetish does a great job with diversity.

Visual Quality – Enjoy the cutest feet in 3D 5K resolution

So, let’s talk about visuals.

In VR, what you see is the most important thing.

VRFootfetish Licking own toesI’ve watched tons of low-quality 2D porn before VR. If the girl was hot and the atmosphere was sexy enough, even a 480p video would be more than fitting for a quick wank.

In virtual reality, things are VERY different. For example, you can’t watch a blurry mess covering your whole field of view in a VR Headset. It can literally make you nauseous – far from ever making you horny.

VRFootFetish does an excellent job showcasing beautiful feet. It would be a shame if they wouldn’t look crisp and clear so you can enjoy every detail, right?

Fetish porn is not hardcore porn. You can’t get turned on by the actions or the shapes you’re barely seeing.

Details are essential herefrom textures to clothes, nails, skin imperfections, creases, and all that.

You know better – feet are fascinating through every detail. It would be a shame if a dedicated site like this wouldn’t put an accent precisely on that.

VRFootFetish CheerleaderIt’s safe to say that even though 5K is a bit outdated right now (sites like -> VR Bangers, -> Czech VR, and other top sites are pushing the -> 8K limits as we speak), what I’ve seen on VRFootFetish is a very well optimized 5K.

Everything looks natural, and I never encountered dealbreaker issues while watching the videos. You can taste every detail on these girls’ bodies, and the attention to the camera distance is excellent.

The feet are always close enough for a great look, swinging between close-ups and a more general view of the scene meant to tease the viewer.

The scenes look great overall, so if you have a -> Meta Quest 2 or a -> Reverb G2 you’ll be mindblown by the visual quality.

Model diversity – will you find your type at VRFootFetish?

This is an aspect where VRFootFetish has it easier than other VR porn sites.

A foot fetish site doesn’t need diversity in body shapes or ethnicity as much as other porn sites.

All we care about here are the feet, and in this aspect, every girl is unique.

As much as I’m tempted to say that I’ve only watched cute girls with gorgeous feet on VRFootFetish, this is too much of a personal taste issue.

If you love feet, you’ll love this site. It’s a whole new world that’s waiting to be explored.

VRFootfetish dildo handjobThe videos themselves are experiments with different scenarios, camera angles, and outfits to highlight the beauty of what lays under the knees of their beautiful models.

The girls range in age, from very young to more mature women. Most of them are Italian, but there are apparent exceptions to this rule, especially in the latest videos.

In the end, it’s all up to you – your best bet is to visit the site and explore the Models page yourself and see who turns you on first. I’m sure a hot lady will quickly catch your eye!

Site and Extras at VRFootFetish

Now let’s talk a little bit about the site itself.

Remember that visual and structural reworks are very frequent in this industry, so new things might be added from time to time.

The site is user-friendly, and it’s obviously content-oriented. Everywhere you’ll navigate, the videos will be the main point of interest.

Once you’re subscribed, you can stream or download any video you want, anytime you want. In addition, you can choose download files for the most popular headsets, like -> Meta Quest, -> HTC Vive, -> PSVR, and more.

Like any other VR porn site, VRFootfetish has a page dedicated to their hot models. You can check them out one by one and jump to any video they’re featured in.

I find the tags under every video handy when watching a specific genre. For example, I go for “Barefeet” every time, so the default Tag was a goldmine when I tried to filter over 130 videos.

The search bar at the top of the page helps filter content more than anything. So I always appreciate its presence.

The site is snappy no matter what, and I haven’t gotten any navigation issues.

The design is relatively modern and user-friendly.

Nothing much to complain about here! The only thing I found underwhelming is that the trailers are not very suggestive, so new users might not find the videos very appealing at first.

Other than that, it’s a great site overall!

Conclusion – Is VRFootFetish worth your money?

Considering that VRFootFetish is the only studio that’s dedicated exclusively to this kink, I’d say it’s more than worth it.

They could improve with hotter models and better visuals, but that’s something that can be fixed relatively easily.

A catalog of over 130 videos to satisfy your thirst for feet in VR is priceless, in my opinion.

The price is around $24.95, but it’s obviously subject to change. Just check them out and see what offer (-> VR porn discounts) is up right now!

If you’re into feet and you just discovered how far VR can get you, you HAVE to subscribe to VRFootFetish. There’s no way around it. You’ll thank me later!




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