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Daydream: The successor of the Google Cardboard

Let’s see how well the Google Daydream works with VR porn! You can find a best VR porn site above. Or first, let me tell you about some things about it. The Daydream View is the official successor of the Google Cardboard project. The Google Cardboard was a cheap VR headset that basically just holds your phone and has integrated lenses. With the Daydream, Google wants to catch up with Samsungs Gear VR. The Gear VR offers own tracking and has some more features, like buttons at its side, than the Google Cardboard.

Google’s attack on the Samsung Gear VR. Can they compete?

The Daydream View comes at 79$ with a controller and an own Daydream App that offers compatible Games and other experiences. It is of higher Quality than the Cardboard which was, well, out of cardboard. The device is fully covered in fabric and foams, with an elastic band to fit on the head. This is way more comfortable than the cardboard and even the Gear VR which is pure plastic. However, I do miss the strap that goes over the head; it can get a bit uncomfortable after a while.

The Google Cardboard is the cheapest way to get into VR porn. It’s spread gave the porn industry a reason to invest into Virtual Reality fully. Can the successor of the Cardboard do the same? Is it even compatible with full-length VR porn videos and which is the best for the Daydream View? I’ll answer those questions but first, let’s look at the features and the biggest feature of this new device is the controller. Let’s take a closer look at it and its potential.

Showcase of the headset

The Controller: Control your VR porn the best way

Update: The app Fulldive VR updated its support for the Daydream. You have to launch it in the Daydream App (not separately) then it should work with the controller. It is still no official player from Google, however.

The controller that comes with the Daydream VR Headset is basically an advanced Wii Controller. You can select the menu items by pointing and clicking and navigate with it through the Virtual Reality. It can be used as a steering wheel or a wand. I had thus far no problem with the tracking of the controller. It works nearly as good as any other VR controller. So, you have your Daydream App, and you are searching it for an app that lets you watch VR porn. Now the problem: Google has not yet released a native VR porn video player! But there are already some alternatives like the above mentioned Fulldrive VR.

I honestly have no idea why Google would not have a native VR porn player for the Daydream.

Controlling VR porn through that controller while wearing the Daydream is simple and great.

When it comes to gaming, however, the Headset really takes off because of the controller. The games are a wonderful fun VR experience. The controller is a great asset and lets the Daydream View leave its competitors behind, at least on the mobile VR market.

Controller Picture

High-End Smartphone for the optimal Experience

At launch, the Daydream is only compatible with Googles new Smartphone Pixel! You can, however, use it with any other Smartphone like a comfortable Google Cardboard. Google promises that soon other Smartphones will follow soon. We will just have to wait and see how big Daydream VR porn eventually gets. The Pixel, however, is a fantastic Smartphone and ideal for VR. The regular-sized Pixel has a resolution of 1080 pixels and the XL version of 1440. That is good enough for some great VR sex. At least until proper 4K Phones release.

The Headset itself has high-quality lenses and the optics are as good as with the Gear VR. However, it doesn’t completely close of and light can sicker through. All in all, with the controller in mind, I do prefer the Google Daydream for porn.

That there is no native VR player also means that there is no real advantage above a normal Cardboard when it comes to VR porn. Still, the porn looks great; the integrated lenses are of a high enough quality, and with the right full-length VR porn, the experience is satisfying.

Finding the best VR porn

Finding the best VR porn for the Daydream is basically the same task as with every other VR headset. Just look around this VRPornMania, and you will find reviews and tests of the best VR porn providers out there to choose from. Still, I will give you a short overview of VR porn and which one is the best for the high-end smartphones that are compatible with the Headset.

The Pixel XL has a vertical resolution of 1440 Pixels. To fully use this resolution there is no way around high-quality professional VR porn. Like BaDoinkVR (-60% right now) or others offer. If you buy a subscription, you can choose which quality the downloaded VR adult videos should have. The maximum download size is mostly the Vive/Oculus option at 1440 pixel. Download those! Even so, it is not specially made for the Daydream.


Is there free Daydream VR porn?

Daydream VR sex has to be of high-quality. I am sorry, but currently, there are only paid services that offer this kind of quality. You can just get a truly cheap Trial for a few days at VirtualRealPorn, one of the best providers of VR sex, to get a good look at what good quality looks like. The Trial comes at 2,95€ for two or 5,95€ for 15 days. They also have a few free videos that you can download!

The production cost for Virtual Reality pornography is extremely high. That is why there is no good amateur VR porn. If you absolutely want to enjoy excellent quality support those companies!


Here is a list of the Pros and Cons of the Daydream View:


  • Cheap: It comes at 79$ with high-quality VR Headset and Controller.
  • True Virtual Reality: With the expensive Pixel Smartphones you can experience Virtual Reality at its fullest.
  • Getting Started: Like the Google Cardboard, the Daydream View is an excellent way to get started with VR.
  • Comfortable: Definitely the most comfortable mobile VR Headset I tried.
  • Tracking: No problems with Tracking at all.


  • Usability: A great controller which works perfectly with Daydream Apps. However, Google needs to release a native VR Video player for the Daydream!
  • Smartphone: You will need a compatible Smartphone to use it for more than just a Cardboard.

Watching VR porn on the Google Daydream is a great experience. However, the setup needs to be easier to justify the price of both the Pixel and the Daydream View. You can also check out how to watch VR porn on HTC Vive.