VR Conk Review – Innovative VR Porn Site? Worth it?

Among the select few studios that are making their foray in VR porn, VR Conk looks very promising.

Quick and Easy: Is VRConk worth it?


  • High visual quality
  • 5K resolution
  • Really hot pornstars
  • A wide range of niches


  • Need more frequent releases
  • Larger catalogue needed

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

The Content on VRConk, is it at 2020 standards?

vrconk content

The VR porn site (-> All Sites Ranking) posted their first video in April 2018. As of the time of writing this article, there are about 78 videos live on the site. While the catalog might be construed as limited given the site’s short existence, we will be judging them on their available videos and the prospect for the future.

There is no single niche which the site targets. Different sub-niches including -> lesbian, -> threesome, -> cosplay, -> milf and more are offered here. The quality of the content looks promising and there seem to be some aspects of scene-setting before jumping into the good stuff (I love the build-up!).

The pornstars featured are both amateurs and professionals. Some of them, like Krystal Swift and Jennifer Mendez, have plenty of experience working with a VR rig and understand the environment well. The amateurs don’t slack off either. Talents like Fantasia know how to be sexual with the camera and themselves.

VR Conk Review - Innovative VR Porn Site? Worth it? 2

The video’s lengths vary depending on the content. The solo videos generally range between 10-15 minutes, while full spectrum videos are generally over 30 minutes in length.

They specialize in innovative parodies and cosplay videos, like “The Truman Blow” or “Fuck and Furious”, basically porn adaptations of very well known movies.
Not only that, but they also go to sports and other themes, too. They want to create unique content that appeals to a lot of people and I think they’re doing a great job so far.

Their costumes are very good, the choices for the titles are funny and attractive, the pornstars that work with them are as good as you get in the industry and their future looks good if they continue this way!

For content, I’ll rate VRConk with a 4.5/5. While there is still room for improvement, they have certainly gotten off to a great start! And their themes are unique.

Visual Quality of VRConk.com, does it perform well?

The visual quality aspect of the videos has been one of the main draws for VRConk. The videos are available in 60FPS. All videos are shot in 3D 6k resolution as the benchmark. Most of their catalogue is in 180-degree FOV.

vrconk visual quality

The scale in the videos is fine and I did not have a problem with it.

The position of the camera also got better overtime. As of now, in the sitting cowgirl pose, most of the times the camera is positioned exactly in line with the pornstar’s eyes. While it adds personality to the scene and allows the viewer to connect, I felt that it was a bit unnatural given the height of the placement sometimes. But newer scenes are different, and that’s great!

A bit below would be perfect since the talent can interact with the camera and the viewer and feel as if she’s sitting right on top of him. These are aspects that can easily be improved over time though, so no huge complaints about that.

For visual quality, I feel a 5/5 rating for VR Conk does justice. They do have visual quality on par with their top competitors.

Variety of the Scenes and Models

The variety is usually judged using two factors – variety of niches and variety of pornstars. Let’s start off with variety of niche.

The site currently features content from different categories (-> Best VR Porn Videos By Niche) including lesbian, office, shower sex, reality, cosplay, solo and more. There might be over 70 videos up on the site right now, but they sure aren’t going for monotony.

It bodes well that the site owners understand the importance of keeping variety in content. It will help them retain existing users as well as attract a wide variety of new subscribers.

When it comes to variety of pornstars, it’s a slightly different story. There are over 40 pornstars working with the site currently. While the likes of Krystal Swift, Jennifer Mendez and Fantasia aren’t likely to get boring any time soon, it helps to keep a variety in their talent pool. I’m not complaining about this either – they’re doing a good job!

vrconk pornstars

Adding some more -> Asian and -> Ebony pornstars might help their existing East European lineup, but they already have a nice variety of big tits, -> big ass, European, -> Latina, petite and -> teen stars in the mix.

For their variety, I’ll afford them a 4/5.

The site’s Future

To anticipate how well your investment is going to use at a new VR porn studio, we adjudged some markers. We observed that user interaction, investment in new technology, and forward-looking policies were often the signal bearers for companies that would do well. So, we’ll look at the same for VR Conk.

jennifer mendez hot booty

Another important point to note is their investment in technology. The site features videos in 6k and 5K, which actually bodes well for them since there are still studios producing 4K videos. An upgrade to a better, moving rig could do wonders for the end-product but we should allow them the time.

Their approach to plots and video themes could definitely get them among the best VR Porn sites out there after their catalog grows. It’s definitely worth the investment for now, and we’re will really be looking forward to their future releases!

All in all, there’s definitely a future if you invest in VR Conk. I’ll rate them 4/5.

Site and Extras

The website design is very simple and straightforward. There are navigation options at the top of the site guiding users to Movies, Pornstars, VR Room, Categories and Home.

vrconk video list

The home page lists the latest videos along with the main banner advertising upcoming videos. The movies page allows you to go through all their videos. It also hosts an advanced sorting and filtering options including length, FOV, and categories (tags). This is one of the best-designed video listing pages we’ve come across recently.

The pornstar page lacks similar filtering options but offer alphabetical sorting. Best of all, there’s an universal search function that allows you to search for video titles, pornstars and categories (-> Best VR Porn Videos by Niche) from any part of the site.

While there aren’t free stills on offer for the subscribers, there is a special function that can make watching VR porn on the site quite fun. They call it the ‘VR Room’. It offers a cinematic experience to your VR experience and allows you to scroll through videos, browse and watch them in an artificial environment, much like how FullDive VR allows you to.

Also, check out their Twitter page. For sites and extras, I’ll rate VR Conk 4.5/5 for their design and user experience.

Is the Billing Safe and Secure on VRConk?

vrconk billing

VRConk is the best VR porn site if you are on a budget.  There are four membership options on the site – Lifetime, One Month, Three Month and One Year Membership. They are pretty self explanatory.

They also have great limited-time offers, so check their prices for any -> Discounts, you might get lucky!

Payments are safe, secure and discreet, which means no references of adult websites will be reflected on your bank statement.

VR Conk: Conclusion

VR Conk Review - Innovative VR Porn Site? Worth it? 3

In conclusion, VR Conk focuses on a variety of niches leveraging their portfolio of some very sexy and insanely hot stars. They have been able to drum out some really cool titles. Going by their upcoming titles, some very hot stars are about to make their way into VR Conk.

It certainly bodes well that they already provide a high-resolution visual quality and their production values are actually better than average. But if you’re still not sure, try their Gold membership and see for yourselves.