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Hi! I’m VRPornDave. I got my first Virtual Reality headset back in 2014 and knew instantly that VR porn is going to be the next big thing. So, I created this site: VRPornMania! Tada! I became quite the expert over many years of reviewing VR porn sites, toys and games. What stuck with me most over all those years is how fast the industry is moving. While some people might think VR is dead, I can assure you it is not. It just starting and like Mark Zuckerberg, I too, belive that virtual and augmented reality is going to be the next big thing! So, join me on this venture by following VRPornMania and our Blog. I’ll make it worth your time!

How I, VRPornDave, became an expert on VR porn

I have always been a total tech geek. From when I was a child I dreamed about computers you could take with you in your pockets and from creating other worlds through technology. As a Sci-Fi addict, I had a good idea of what is likely to come. So, when virtual reality made its first appearance I had to instantly become an early adopter.

VR is the future. That was clear to me when I first put on my VR headset. Not long after dabbling with this new technology, I had one thought: Let’s try some VR porn! Oh god was I in for a treat. VR porn is just fascinating. Your brain just starts believing what you see is real and that makes it pretty hot.

Next, I did what everyone would do when being in awe of something: Make a website and become an authority on all things VR porn! I reviewed over a hundred (!) different VR porn sites (You can see the full ranking here: VR porn sites) and also all the VR porn games out there (See my top list here: VR porn games).

That was quite some hard work. But now I have officially a certificate for VR porn!

Wearing Headset VRPornDave

What’s in the future for me

I decided to become VRPornDave, your friendly neighborhood VR porn expert. After all this studying the next step will be to make VRPornMania the leader of information completely encompassing all virtual reality sex. From VR sex toys (See my top 3 VR sex toys here), over VR porn sites, VR porn games, VR sex cams (it’s starting!), to guides for every VR porn headset!

Especially, the last part is so important. Often, people just don’t know where to start and how to watch VR porn and they are missing out! If you are unsure if you watch the right way I have researched and written guides to every VR headset out there: How to watch VR porn.

The thing about VR is that it’s a new technology with lots of problems. But new headset releases like the Oculus Quest 2 will make it more accessible to a wide variety of people. And like always with new technology adult is leading the pack. And I want to be the alpha up front!

Conclusion: What you might find at VRPornMania

VRPornMania will become the biggest information source around VR porn, I will see to that. I invite you to follow us on twitter: Twitter VRPornMania. I’ll provide you with lots of information and videos about Virtual Reality. See you there!

All in all: Virtual Reality will have a bright future and I, VRPornDave, will be part of it!