Best VR Sex Cams – Top Sites Ranking 2020

Looking for the HOTTEST Live Shows?! VR Sex Cams are the BEST thing you could try!
We gathered the BEST Live VR Cams Sites for you, scroll down to find out more!

1. SLR Cams

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 20

 ✔ No subscription needed

  User friendly app

 Amazing video quality

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2. StripChat

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 21

  Exclusive girls

  Insanely hot models

  Cam-to-Voice Feature

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

3. XVR Chat

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 22

  VR Dedicated

  Fleshlight Synchronization

  Mobile Friendly

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

1. Best VR Sex Cams Site – SLR Cams

SexLikeReal (-> Review) is one of the most popular VR Porn sites (-> Best 47+ Sites Ranked) out there and for good reason. They have a huge catalog, some very high-quality scenes on their own (SLR Originals), and the will to be up to date with everything that is happening in the VR Porn World.

They want to be futureproof and VR Sex Cams must be a priority from now on if you’re looking for success in the VR Porn industry.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 23

SLR Cams is the best option right now if you’re looking for high-quality VR Live Cams, not only because it’s almost exclusive on the market and they offer 4K, 60fps streaming, but also because they’ve been in this industry for so long that they simply can’t mess this up. And they don’t!

Offering over 10.000 VR porn videos (-> Top 10’s By Category) with their subscription, SLR is among the biggest VR Porn Tubes out there. They provide the best content from the best VR Porn sites, no compromises!

Even more than that, they have a ton of offers all year round. You should check out their site, maybe you’re lucky and they have a crazy sell right now!

How to watch SLR Live VR Sex Cams – Easy Guide For Every Device

  1. Go to -> SLR Cams
  2. Register to SLR in the top right corner
  3. Choose your favorite VR Sex Cams Model from the list
  4. Once you clicked on her page and the video is open, look for the “Open in SLR App” message and click on it
  5. You will be prompted with a box asking you to download the app, click “Download Now
  6. Choose your VR device and download the SLR App for FREE
  7. Enjoy the BEST VR Sex Cams!

SLR Cams Free Access? Can you watch Live VR Sex Cams without subscription?

Definitely, you don’t need to subscribe to -> SexLikeReal to watch the VR cams! You can create an account just for tipping the girls, and then everything is up to you. If you’re subscribed to another VR Porn site (-> Top Ranking) and you don’t need more videos to watch, you’re always free to watch just the VR Cam girls on SLR!

Best VR Sex Cams and Models on SLR Cams

I loved watching some of the girls on SexLikeReal. Most of them are new to VR, too, and it feels different!

One of the hottest girls I’ve seen, a very teen-looking blonde admitted in chat that after she watched other girls in VR she now feels closer to her viewers, she understands how they see her and the level of intimacy a cam show can have in VR!

She really got into my mind with that one. And she was so incredibly hot that I’ll never forget her.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 24

You’ll feel different, the girls you’re watching will feel different on their own, it’s a new world that waits to be discovered, so I wouldn’t miss the chance.

I watch SLR VR Sex Cams weekly now and I wouldn’t ever go back to 2D cams. VR Sex Cams are ten leagues over, and as soon as even more models, thus more diversity will be available, I’ll be the happiest!

I feel like there are far greater chances for you to fall in love with a camgirl in VR, just like I did. I won’t tell you her name, but I’m sure you’ll easily guess who she was if you discover SLR Cams!

All the VR Live Sex Cams are available in browsers, thus are compatible with basically any VR device.

But even though they’re live on browsers, you need an app like DeoVR or, when it comes to the best cams on SLR, the SLR app that’s available for every device!

You’ll be able to connect to the VR Sex Cams immediately, without any issues. Keep in mind that you need a very stable internet connection, though, as 4K 60fps streaming is very demanding.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 25

After installing the app you’ll be able to watch all the live cams together with the SLR videos, streamed or downloaded, if you decide to subscribe to -> SexLikeReal.

It’s easy to set up and once you’re done you’ll be chatting with a hot VR cam model in no time!

2. StripChat – Hot Live VR Sex Cams Models

StripChat is a every popular cams site, so they can definitely nail anything that’s cams related. Even though they’re not necessarily experienced in VR, all their models use the best rigs on the market, so they stream in 4K 60fps for the best possible experience!

Their huge advantage is that they have some exclusive cam models that you can only see on Stripchat. And they’re not the kind that you would want to miss either!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 26

Also, considering that you’re here because you want to find information on VR Sex Cams, so there’s a huge chance you’re already into live girls then you can be sure that the StripChat account is definitely worth it.

There are tons of hot girls on Stripchat that are always live on traditional cams. They’re not to be neglected either – you’ll always have what to choose from. Cam girls in VR is just a huge bonus.

How to watch StripChat Live VR Sex Cams – Easy Guide For Every Device

  1. Go to -> StripChat and register your new account
  2. Go to
  3. Choose your device and download the GizmoVR app for FREE
  4. Launch GizmoVR
  5. Use it to go to -> Stripchat and Sign In
  6. Pick your favorite VR Sex Cams and enjoy!

You can also watch this official video by StripChat and follow the instructions:

StripChat Live VR Sex Cams – The “Cam To Voice” Feature

They’re also introducing a very unique feature called “Cam to Voice“, which means you’re going to be able to actually talk to the models in a private session instead of typing if you choose to do that.

Way more convenient when you’re using a -> VR headset! And of course, it can get you even closer to the Cam girls you love the most. It’s out of this world if you ask me!

How to watch Stripchat VR Sex Cams – Easy Guide For Every Device

When I first started watching VampGirl (yeah, look her up please) on Stripchat I wished it never ended. Same with ImRoxy, one of the hottest Sex Cam Girls I’ve ever seen in my life – and I’ve seen some CamGirls, it’s always been a passion.
I’m so glad that I can experience such beauty in VR!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 27

Can you watch Free StripChat Live VR Sex Cams?

As soon as you have your account set up, you can watch the VR Porn Cams on StripChat just like you do with the other Sex Cams.

There’s one huge advantage that I have to talk about regarding the Stripchat VR Sex cams – you’re tipping with the same tokens that you use all over the site. For me, that means that I’m getting the Premium VR Sex Cams for the same price of the old, boring 2D Live cams, which is amazing!

It’s just a normal cam, but the difference is that it can rock your universe as soon as the girl gets naked. And even before that, it’s all about your personal tastes.

I don’t think you have any reason to regret signing up for StripChat, anyway.

You’re in and you’re free to watch Hot VR Cam Girls – tipping is just something extra that you can do so the girls can stay in touch with your personal wishes.
You have Free VR Live Sex Cams at your disposal, what you’re gonna do next is up to you.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 28

Best Live VR Sex Cams and Models on StripChat

I honestly couldn’t divide the girls like that even if I were to choose. I mentioned some of my favorites earlier, but that doesn’t mean they’re “the best“, they’re incredibly hot and really my type, that’s all.

All the VR Cam Girls on Stripchat are really sexy, there’s no way you won’t find one to come back to everyday!
I already mentioned ImRoxy and VampGirl, but you could definitely check out DianaCherry when you get there, she has a lot of fans! Those big tits,  beautiful blue-eyed face and her blonde hair makes her irresistible!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 29

VampGirl looks like an actual doll came to life, she’s a beautiful brunette with a damn thick ass and the most badass tattoo ever.

Roxy is just my favorite. Maybe I have a thing for sexy tattoos and I didn’t realize yet?
These girls and many other have tons and tons of fans and they’re coming from traditional cams – they know how to make you happy!

3. XVR Chat – Live VR Sex Cams

XVR Chat is a VR cam site that’s dedicated to mobile users.

You’re only supposed to use the VR cams on your smartphone – but you can probably get around that and use it on your headset. I think it’s best to watch Live cams on mobile anyway, so they probably have the same idea.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 30

How to watch XVR Chat Live VR Sex Cams – Easy Guide for Every Device

  1. First go to -> and register your account
  2. Choose your favorite VR Live Cam Girl
  3. Under the video player, click the “Connect VR” button
  4. Scan the QR code given to you on your smartphone
  5. Place your phone inside your VR Glasses
  6. Enjoy your VR Live Cam Show!

Does XVR Chat have Exclusive VR Sex Cams Models?

VR Chat also offers EXCLUSIVE VR Sex Cams and they seem to choose their VR Cam Girls very wisely because they’re all hot as hell!

They have some of the sexiest and most fun exclusive cam girls in VR that I’ve seen so far. I talked a lot about how much the attitude matters when you get into a live show, especially because VR hits differently. The girls on XVR Chat are fun to watch anytime!

Even though they lack just a little bit in video quality, this thing can definitely change in the very near future. It might be different when you’re reading this, every VR site updates their content quality very often, it’s a growing industry.
It’s still 4k 60fps, so there’s no way you’ll be dissapointed, ever.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 31

That’s one advantage that makes XVR make it so easily in our top ranking – the fact that they heavily focus on VR Sex Cams, and they’re probably among the first to improve their content beyond the market level. I have no way of knowing this, but it seems like it’s the most likely thing to happen.

While they lack in numbers compared to the other sites, their girls are young and enthusiastic. It’s a pleasure to watch live cams on XVR Chat!

We’re definitely looking forward to their future as a VR Sex Cams site and we highly recommend you checking out their VR Cam Girls, you won’t regret a minute!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 32

XVR Chat Fleshlight Synchronization Guide – How to use Kiiroo VR Sex Toy on Live Cams

XVR Chat hase very special trump card besides the live voice chat feature – the possibility for you to connect your Kiiroo Fleshlight in real-time to the models toy.

Stripchat and SLR offer traditional Lovense connectivity where you can buy different sets of vibrations for the model to feel, just like the majority of the cams out there. This can definitely change in the future, but for now XVR has the exclusivity.

What XVR offers instead means you’ll feel like you’re inside her – every move, every stroke she makes with her own toy will be instantly replicated by your fleshlight. If you get a -> Kiiroo Onyx+ you’ll feel real strokes as the model uses her own toy on herself.

If this isn’t next level, then I don’t know what is!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 33

You’ll feel every movement and private shows can become a real sexual experience.
I reviewed -> the best VR sex toys too and made a Top Ranking, and -> Kiiroo is the winner.

Definitely worth buying for all kinds of synchronized porn, not just VR Sex Cams.
The only downside to this is that not all the VR Sex Cams offer this option, as some models don’t use compatible toys yet – but it’s still something, and if the option exists then it means more and more girls will have it in the future.

Imagine the future where the Kiiroo Fleshlights will be so advanced that you’re going to feel warmth and tightness… Can’t even think about it. VR Live Sex Cams are the next thing and the -> Kiiroo Fleshlights will be up there with them, too!

Best VR Headset for VR Porn Cams

It’s hard to decide what’s best, I only have my own experiences as an example, other people might simply prefer something else.

I watched VR cam girls using both my -> Oculus Rift to feel the high-quality and imersiveness, my -> Quest and my -> Cardboard paired with my phone.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 34

Honestly, the difference isn’t huge yet. The experience is pretty much the same, each device having its own advantages and disadvantages.

When we consider the higher-end devices like the Rift, price is a huge deal. You can’t just buy a Rift to watch VR Sex Cams, it wouldn’t make sense. It works only if you already own one. Same with every other expensive device.

And as for now, the image quality doesn’t match that of the VR Porn videos (-> Top 10’s in every Category) on the market, so you don’t need such a high-end device to watch VR Cam Girls. There are obvious differences in image quality between a Rift and a -> Cardboard, but nothing that makes Cardboard unusable.

Also, the Cardboard is easier to set up and so is the -> Oculus Go, for example.

It’s what you chose – higher quality now and way higher quality in the future with a high-end device, or just testing the waters with a Cardboard, Oculus go, or something similar.

It felt awesome to watch on all the devices I tested the sites on and to be honest, I felt like it’s ideal to watch using your smartphone – that’s why -> XVR.Chat feels so important to me and why it made it to the list.

You’re in bed, you feel like watching something nice, you put your cardboard/ -> GearVR on and you’re ready. Finding a hot VR Cam Girl is not an issue because you already know where they are so you’re basically instantly set up for some fun!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 35

Are VR Sex Cams the future of VR Porn?

The best VR Porn sites (-> Top Ranking) have been helping us to live our sex dreams to the fullest for a very long time already. Being transported into a different world it’s something we’ve all been dreaming about ever since our imagination started flying around.

Then there came the sex dreams – the best dreams. We started with porn, basic porn. Then we got to discover the categories that fitted our tastes the best, we started having our own fetishes and sex adventures. Met our favorite pornstars and got addicted to their videos over and over again.

And then, finally, came the VR Porn videos (-> Top 10’s for Every Category).

The best thing this world had to offer to us – total immersion. No matter what you started with – the incredibly hot pornstars on the best site we know, -> VRBangers, or the huge catalog on -> CZechVR. Or maybe some of those incredible videos on -> VirtualRealPorn caught your attention first, it doesn’t matter. You knew you were in the right place and that you discovered something very, very important.

Transporting yourself in the middle of your hottest fantasies, experiencing the most beautiful bodies you’ve ever seen in detail, right in front of your eyes… Priceless. Absolutely priceless!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 36

Now it’s time for the next important step: VR Porn Cams. Real girls, right in front of your eyes, pleasuring themselves and making you happy.
Live-action, live emotions – what could be better?

In VR Porn, you might sometimes feel disconnected from the action. Maybe it won’t get where you wanted, or maybe things don’t happen as quickly as you wanted. Maybe the blowjob lasts too much and you want to see it inside them.

There’s a lot of compromises when you’re a spectator to something that’s predefined to be in a specific way. It’s great when you discover a video that you like and watch it over and over, but overall it’s not ideal.

That can be very different with VR Sex Cams – Live girls that can do anything you want, anytime you want. And as many times as you wish. Girls that you can connect to by watching them every time they’re online – hot models that can answer your question about their day and then get intimate in a live show.

I found so many cam girls that are hotter than ANY pornstar I’ve ever seen it’s unreal. Once you discover all the possibilities you’ll never go back, ever!

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 37

What could be more beautiful? Being in someone’s room, in real-time, while they try to please you with their perfect bodies. SLR Cams and Stripchat have the hottest European models and they’re improving day by day as VR Sex Cams are starting to become a thing.

As VR Sex Cams Sites work on their model diversity and start increasing the video quality on their VR Cams, this industry will grow to be one of the most important not only in porn (-> All Best VR Porn Sites Ranked) but on the whole internet.

Being immersed like that is no joke, and our readers, as VR fans, know what I’m talking about.

A new level of intimacy is ready to blow our minds into the near future, and that’s VR Sex Cams!

While looking for the best sites to watch live VR Sex Cams, I noticed that I enjoyed the presence of each one if I joined at the right moments. It feels… so real it’s actually unreal. You see everything from such a new perspective and you become way more than a spectator.

You’re never intrusive because the girls have their eyes on you all the time – you’re in their room watching them and they’re aware, enjoying it to the fullest.

Best VR Sex Cams - Top Sites Ranking 2020 38

Now the rooms matter, too, and on the Best VR Porn Cam sites that we know every room of every girl I’ve seen was very cozy and inviting. Never too distracting – the girl is always the main focus – but not boring either. Enough to make you feel “at home” if you keep “visiting” the girl over and over again. And trust me, you will!

Honestly, it actually feels like that – visiting an incredibly hot chick while she masturbates and doesn’t feel surprised at all, but even more than that, she’s pleased and ready to get to the next level while you’re watching.

You simply can’t miss this incredible step that has been made towards complete virtual intimacy – VR Sex Cams are the future, and the best VR Sex Cams Sites are here, ready to be explored!