Czech VR Fetish – 8K Fetish VR Porn Site – WORTH the money in 2023?!

Czech VR Fetish is a premium kink VR porn site powered by -> Czech VR! Explore the hottest fetishes in -> 8K quality! Those pussy close-ups are out of this world!

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Quick & Easy: Is Czech VR Fetish worth it?


  • 8K quality (the BEST!)
  • Sexy Euro models
  • A big, growing catalog
  • Hot fetishes explored
  • BONUS Czech VR + Czech VR Casting (900+ Videos)


  • “Only” European Girls

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

The content – what we love the most about Czech VR Fetish!

Czech VR Fetish latex legsCzech VR Fetish is a unique VR porn site (-> Top ranking) for multiple reasons.
The first and foremost is the range of fetish niches they’re covering. Fetish VR porn might sound like one niche, but if you’re into this genre, you know how far it can get!

You can watch fetish group scenes, solo or lesbian. Classic BG or BGG videos are also welcome, and everything else in between.

There’s no limit when it comes to shape, size, or the girls’ age in their videos. The essence is the kinks they cover in these scenes.

Czech VR Fisting hardCzech VR Fetish makes sure to get the best out of the flexibility this niche offers!
You can watch a ton of fisting videos, anal scenes, insane pussy close-ups, toys (-> Best VR Sex Toy), and latex play. Enjoy squirting, deep-throating, milking, gaping, feet play, anal prolapse… you name it.

If you have a kink, you’ll find a high-quality VR porn video to satisfy it on Czech VR Fetish!

I personally enjoy the fisting videos the most. Seeing popular models having fun and getting stretched is something I’ve never thought I’d witness in such high-quality VR.

Czech VR Fetish milkingThe latex videos, quite a few actually, managed to turn me on every time.

Czech VR Fetish seems to like this niche a lot, and I LOVE their latex girls.

Stupid hot chicks in all sorts of costumes and positions... damn.  You have to watch some to understand what I mean.

These are just a small percent of the videos: there are many more fetishes explored (-> VRFootFetish). The only site covering such a vast array of categories is maybe -> KinkVR, but other than that, there’s nowhere to go if you want be crazy in VR.

The videos end around the 12-15 minutes mark on average, but I never felt the need to watch more. The essence of the experience is different, so long sessions are not necessary for me.

So, Czech VR Fetish is a niche site, and they deliver. The content is excellent, the execution is world-class, and you’re getting new videos weekly.

You’ll be getting 250+ videos for the subscription! No way you’ll ever get bored on this site. And with the Czech VR Network bonus… Well, yeah. But more on that in “Sites and Extras

For Content, I’ll rate Czech VR Fetish 5/5!

Visual Quality at Czech VR Fetish – Nothing will impress you more!

Czech VR Fetish tits and feetIf you reached this point in the review, you’re probably thinking that subscribing to Czech VR Fetish is a good idea already. Content-wise, not only that they’re among the few to produce fetish VR porn (-> Best videos), but they’re also damn good at it. Our rating never lies!

Once we have that sorted out, we need to dig a little deeper. Well, not as deep as some girls do with their hands on Czech VR Fetish, but deep enough.

We should also have a look at the Visual Quality this site offers.

As I mentioned initially, Czech VR Fetish started releasing 8K VR porn at the same time Czech VR did. This is the highest resolution on the market, and just a few sites can reach it so far, with just a few affordable headsets able to play it, like the -> Meta Quest 2 or -> Lenovo Legion VR700.

Our test winner, (-> Full Review), is one of them.

Their older videos are in 5K (-> Best VR Porn), which was the industry standard when they launched and what most of the VR Headsets (-> Best for VR Porn) on the market can play right now.

Czech VR Fetish 8K qualityCan Czech VR Fetish nail it in 8K, too?

They definitely can! Just get your Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide) or -> Meta VR porn headset, visit Czech VR Fetish, and see yourself. You can download free trailers to check out the quality. You’ll be back for the full version of any video in seconds!

Don’t get me wrong, though – Czech VR Fetish looks outstanding on any device, but the ones who can play 8K VR porn like the Quest 2 have a significant advantage.

Technically speaking, there’s not much to say about Czech VR in general – they’re among the best. Unique angles gracefully combined with their insane resolution and natural colors. I’ve never had scaling issues, and I watched more than 50 videos for this review.

And I’ll go back for more afterward!

Czech VR Fetish stretch

What stood out for me were the close-ups. In such high resolution, the face-sitting, pussy-spreading videos are a killer.

It’s like you’re seeing a real pussy right in front of your eyes, stretched, pink, and wet. This is where the 8K resolution becomes more than worth it – it’s ESSENTIAL! It brings the experience to a whole new level.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m gonna see Angel Wicky’s huge tits pouring out of a latex costume… well, I’d very much like it to be in the highest resolution possible. You’ll probably agree with me on this one.

The same goes for girls like Cindy Shine and her round, delicious ass. Or her perfect pussy. I love every video she’s in, but I swore never to go back when I discovered her in high-resolution. And I didn’t!

Czech VR Fetish Angel Wicky TitsIf you want to get your love for fetishes to the next level, then Visual Quality must be a priority.
Czech VR Fetish delivers, but we didn’t expect something else from a site that’s part of one of the best Premium VR porn networks out there.

Czech VR Fetish deserves a 5/5 for Visual Quality; there’s no question about it here!

Variety – Does Czech VR Fetish manage to bring enough fetishes to life? How about their girls?

Czech VR Fetish has been flawless so far! Is there anything we don’t like about this site?
Well, not really. It’s a matter of preference, but I’ll still mention what I didn’t like as much as everything else on this site.
Czech VR fetish fisting 2While Czech VR Fetish has next-level visuals and excellent, original content, their talent could be more diverse.

Alike the leading Czech VR site, most of the girls on Czech VR Fetish are European hotties.

I love them all – every inch of their perfect bodies! But I’d like to see a little more variety. Maybe bring some Asian (-> Best VR porn) girls or some of the Ebony (-> Best VR porn) models shooting in VR right now.
There are plenty, and we’d love to see them in some hardcore fetish videos!

czech VR fetish outsideBut as I mentioned before, if you have a fetish, it’s most likely you’ll find some videos with it at Czech VR fetish.

But I, as a fetish lover myself, know that you can’t look for just one fetish in particular. Any fetish enthusiast enjoys diversity.
This also allows you to discover new stuff you’re into!

As I always say – everything is different in VR, with porn at the top of the list. It all feels so much better! It’s real, it’s authentic, and it’s happening right in front of your eyes.

If you came here from 2D porn, go on, subscribe, and watch some of these videos. You’ll NEVER go back. Normal hardcore sex in VR is impressive, but fetishes… will literally blow your mind! Whether it’s a -> POV VR porn scene or a voyeur adventure, you’re in for a treat.

Czech VR Fetish does a great job proving kink content. We can’t forget that a niche site can sometimes be lacking in classic hardcore content, and you might feel the need to watch that too sometimes. They got you covered with the full network subscription you’ll get as a bonus!

With all this in mind, I’ll rate Czech VR Fetish a 4/5 for Variety!

How does the Future of Czech VR Fetish look like? Will we watch them in 2 years?

Czech VR Fetish feetThe VR porn industry is growing so quickly that it’s hard to guess what will happen in 2 years.

Most people will already watch virtual reality porn instead of 2D, that’s for sure. But we can only anticipate the future of a specific VR porn site judging by its performance in the present.

Czech VR Fetish is tied to one of the biggest, most hyped, and appreciated VR Porn networks. This already gives it a considerable advantage: amazing pornstars, great visuals and post-production work, and plenty of funds for new videos.

Czech VR Fetish latex assIt’s safe to say that after you subscribe to Czech VR Fetish, you’ll get new videos every week for a very long time!

As mainstream porn becomes less popular, people will flood the VR porn sites, and they will look for all sorts of genres.  When this happens, Czech VR Fetish will most likely adapt to the situation and keep releasing incredible scenes.

The future looks bright for a site that has a giant to back it up and tons of premium, exclusive content up already. You can follow their progress on their Instagram or Twitter!

I’ll rate them 4.5/5 for their Future potential!

Site and Extras – What else do you get with their subscription?

Czech VR Fetish homeIf you subscribe to Czech VR Fetish, you’ll also get the whole -> Czech VR catalog AND Czech VR Casting! Your video count for the money will be around 900+ now.
You will also get VR Intimacy and some other 2D porn sites with thousands of videos.

Quite the extra, I’d say, for a subscription starting at $24.95/month!

The Czech VR Fetish site itself is organized like Czech VR. Basically, the homepage is the videos page at the same time.
You can see big thumbnails and download the trailers for any headset (-> How to watch VR porn) right away. Scroll down for more or go to “Videos” if you want to sort your findings by different tags.

Czech VR Fetish ass to assNavigating to the “Girls” tab will let you choose any pornstar you want to see.

You can log in, too. But first, you have to sign up!

Once you’re an accustomed user, you can also check the News page to find out more about new releases and other related topics.

You don’t get a search bar yet, though. It can be difficult to find a video you liked if you didn’t save it previously! So as a tip, bookmark your favorite scenes. Just like you should do with our -> Best videos ranking!

The network bonus is HUGE for the price. They deserve an excellent rating just for this!

I’ll rate Czech VR 4.5/5 for Site and Extras!

Conclusion – is Czech VR Fetish worth your money?

Czech VR Fetish cindyIf you consider everything we analyzed so far, Czech VR Fetish is not only worth it, but it’s a MUST-HAVE!

You’ll get Czech VR and Czech VR Casting for the money, one of the best VR porn catalogs out there, while also being able to explore your favorite fetishes in high-quality VR.
900+ VR Porn videos and thousands in 2D. Quite the collection!

It’s a no-brainer; Czech VR Fetish is a must-buy, along with every site in their network.

As I mentioned previously, you can get everything for just $24.95/month.

But if you want to stick around more (which I recommend you to), your other option is the three-month subscription for oly $49.95.
You can get the 6-month sub for $84.95. Also a great deal!

The future looks bright, and if you’re into fetishes, then Czech VR Fetish will make you obsessed with them even more in a glimpse. Check them out on your brand new -> Meta Quest headset!




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