VirtualXPorn – New FETISH VR Porn Site – How good is it?

Are you into pregnant milfs? Do you like seeing flexible teens bending just to suck your cock? Or maybe you feel like fucking a chubby girl in VR? VirtualXPorn has them all!

Read our full review to find everything you need to know!

Quick View: Is VirtualXPorn Worth it?


  • Excellent variety
  • Fetish oriented
  • Natural hot models
  • Growing catalog


  • Just 4K resolution

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

What is VirtualXPorn?

virtualXporn pregnant white lingerieVirtualXPorn is one of the newer VR porn sites (-> Top Ranking).
It launched in 2019 with 60 scenes straight “out of the box.”
The site focuses on kinky content and brings quite a fresh breeze on the market! A lot of exclusive, original videos. Tons of new and exciting pornstars and new territories are explored in VR.

But is it good enough? Is this site worth your money?! Scroll down to find out everything you need to know!

The content on VirtualXPorn – what they are best at so far!

VirtuaXPorn flexible teensAs I mentioned in the short introduction, VirtualXPorn doesn’t really want to align with the other VR porn sites. Their videos are unique.

From pregnant girls to flexible girls, fisting, anal fisting, BBW (-> Top 5 VR Porn videos) all the way to overweight models and even 60+ milfs!

One of the main fetishes (-> best VR porn videos) explored in their videos is flexible girls.

You get to see a lot of unusual positions, something that’s very new in VR. If you’re into this, then you’ll like VirtualXPorn!

If you’d like another fetish site that explores a different niche, we recommend you check out -> WankitNOWVR and their JOI VR porn videos!

VirtualXPorn lesbian coupleYou get both POV (-> Best VR Porn) and voyeur videos, as well as hardcore sex, solo masturbation, dildos – all the good stuff.

Diversity is vital, and kinks come right after.

It’s a great site if you want to explore a lot of territories in VR at once. All the scenes are either straight or lesbian (-> Top 10 VR porn videos), with plenty of solo scenes too!

At the time of this review, the 82 scenes on the site range from under 8-9 minutes to 25-30 minutes in length.

There are very few videos lasting more than 30 minutes. For me, it didn’t matter at all, because if I were into one of the pornstars (and I kinda am, check out Sophie Luuna), I didn’t care how long the video was. I always came before the end anyway.

But if you do care, you should know that the average is around 20 minutes per video.

I like the diversity on this site. The content is good because you have a lot to choose from.

It’s clearly niched, so I can’t give it the highest rating. And the video count is still low.

I’ll give VirtualXPorn a 4.5/5 for Content!

Visual Quality on VirtualXPorn – Is it at the industry level?

virtualXPorn anal brunetteVirtualXPorn has 4K videos. Considering that big VR porn sites like (-> Review)VRBangers (-> Review) and CzechVR (-> Review) upgraded to -> 8K VR Porn already, the quality might be questionable. At least when it comes to resolution.

I probably watched more than 40 scenes on the site, and most of them were sharp and clear.

Except for some slight issues with the lighting in some of them, I didn’t see anything else that would bother anyone else.

They get the right angles and proper post-production. The videos are high-quality overall, but they definitely need to upgrade their rig. VR Headsets like the Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide), -> HTC Vive Flow, and Meta (-> Porn guides) can play 8K without issues, which will soon be the new standard.

VirtualXporn flexible blonde milf4K is pretty outdated still!

I like how they choose to position the camera in some of the solo scenes.

There’s a type of creativity involved in these videos that somehow vibes with my personal preferences.

The videos on VirtualXPorn are definitely at the industry level. At the same time, though, I could see some improvements. With great content comes great responsibilities!

I’ll rate VirtualXPorn with a 4/5 for Visual Quality.

Variety in plots and models on VirtualXPorn – Is there enough diversity?

Yes, that’s the way I would describe the content on VirtualXPorn in one word: diversity.
As I said before,
they’re not afraid to experiment.

VirtualXPorn pregnant blonde milfThis is something we need in VR, and they’re doing it pretty well.

Their flexible girls shoot some fantastic videos that can’t be overlooked.

Such content is unique in VR, and if you want to try something new, you have to look it up for sure.

And then there are the pregnant girls – a lot of them, actually. And in diverse age groups! Lots of sizes, too – from skinny to chubby pregnant models. You get solo teens, lesbian milfs, and fat chicks, fucking you or masturbating.

You get your dick sucked from positions you never thought were possible. Latex, toys (-> Top 3 VR Sex Toys), whips, anal fisting, and whatnot.

I must admit that I watched some of the best anal VR scenes on VirtuaXPorn! And I saw quite a few before this. Extra points for good anal scenes for sure!

virtualxporn fat brunetteYou’ll find some famous pornstars on VirtualXPorn, too: Alexa Flexy, Lady Dee, Cindy Shine, Loveny Lux, Krystal Swift, Angel Wicky, and more. There isn’t a vast number of models: 33

But suppose you compare it to the total number of videos. In that case, you realize that it’s improbable to get more diversity than this.

Most of the girls are naturals, too, which we always appreciate in VR porn.

The plots aren’t that thick. It’s more about the action and the pornstars. I personally don’t mind it. It doesn’t really go beyond the classic “Skinny milf masturbating,” “Flexible lesbian teens having fun” type of plot.

If you’re into stories, check out the trailers to be sure before subscribing. They’re free to watch!

For me, the action makes up for this, but it might not be the same for others.

VirtualXPorn keeps an eye on their scenes diversity for sure. It’s one of their main attributes – VR porn for all tastes! And I personally think they live up to this statement.

I’ll rate them 4.5/5 for Variety!

Site and Extras – What else do you get with the VirtualXPorn subscription?

free VR headset virtualxpornThe most important thing to mention here is that if you subscribe to VirtualXPorn, you get a FREE cardboard VR headset (-> Porn guide) for your smartphone.

If you’re in need, it might come in handy!

Just fill in the delivery details, and it will come at your door.

At the same time, you get access to 100+ 2D porn sites from their network, with over 10.000 videos. Unlimited access and downloads, just by subscribing to VirtualXPorn!

Now, on the actual site.
On the VirtualXPorn homepage, you’ll find the classic banner showcasing the latest VR porn videos (-> Top 10’s for all categories).

The site has a simple, dark theme.

Scrolling down, you’ll go through a few of their scenes. You can sort them by Most recent/Most Popular/Title.

If this isn’t enough, in the menu, you have the option to browse the whole catalog.
But there’s no search bar! I have to take away some points because of this.
You get the same sorting options I mentioned above while visiting the whole catalog, too.

virtualxporn homepageIn the same Main Menu, you can browse to Pornstars, sorted by a few categories. That’s something new that I like.
You can also navigate to their photo albums.
They have quite a bunch for every video, so if you’re into stills for some reason,
this is a nice extra. Nothing notable other than the usual things.

The site is quick, and all the videos can be either streamed (-> Best VR Porn stream) or downloaded.

Haven’t had issues with either of these. It works well, and because the VirtualXPorn is a VR version of an old, popular 2D pornsite, that’s to be expected. They know how to deal with bandwidth. You get free trailers for every video, just as you should on every VR porn site.

The extras you get for the money, together with the free cardboard VR headset for your phone, are definitely notable. The site is decent, but it’s missing categories/search options. Other than that, no complaints!

For Site and Extras, I’ll rate them 4/5!

The Future of VirtualXPorn – Will they make it among the best VR porn sites?

I tend to trust every site that brings new content to the market. And when I say new, I don’t mean newly released scenes – but original, intriguing videos that can attract a specific public for good. In my opinion, that’s what VirtualXPorn is.

virtualxporn anal fistingJust like VRFirstTimer (-> Review), or -> VRFootFetish, Virtualxporn is a niche site that has massive potential if everything is managed correctly. If they keep releasing scenes like these, they’ll do great.

If they upgrade their camera rig, I’m sure they will become famous very quickly.
VirtualXPorn offers quality niche/kink VR porn that’s hard to find on any other site.

And because of this, I think their future success is almost guaranteed. I’ll give them a 4.5/5 for Future!

Conclusion – Is VirtualXPorn worth your money?

Virtualxporn cute brunette spreadingIf you are looking for something new and exciting, then yes, it is totally worth it.

We’re all tired of boring, repetitive porn. The same skinny, perfect looking girls all the VR porn sites are hiring.

A studio like VirtualXPorn proves that VR porn can be just as good as 2D porn, without the “consumer-heavy” plots and pornstars.

If you want to watch unique content, then this site is just for you. Hot pornstars, natural girls, chubby girls, teens, and all the kinks in-between.

virtualxporn big ass brunetteKink-oriented sites are a must-have in VR because they’re so rare. And if the content is good and the visual quality is above average, then you got yourself a nice VR porn treat.

That’s what I feel about VirtualXPorn – it’s a new, promising site.

The producers understand what the industry needs, and they’re pumping out hours and hours of quality content into our VR headsets (-> Porn Guides). This is how it should be! 

The price is $29.95/month. If you get the 6-month subscription, you’ll pay $15.99/month.
Finally, if you buy access for 1 year, you’ll be paying $8.33/month.
The prices are fair compared to other sites in the industry, it’s only up to you to decide what subscription to get!

You should check out VirtualXPorn for sure! It’s just the right site for a new -> Meta Quest or Quest 2 owner!




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