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Quick and Easy: Is JVRPorn worth it?


  • High-quality uncensored content
  • Hot Japanese pornstars
  • Works on every device
  • Safe and secure billing
  • Lots of videos


  • Site navigation is limited
  • Unclear releasing schedule

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Japanese VR porn (➜ Best Japanese VR Porn) is usually very popular, mostly because of their production quality and the level of detail they go into while filming a porn film. JVRPorn is a Japanese VR porn site that produces uncensored ➜ XXX VR Porn.

In today’s review, we’ll run this site through our system to check whether it stands up to the rigors of being a top VR porn site (➜ Best Sites Ranking).

The Content on JVRporn, is it enough?

At the time of writing this article, the site has 120+ uncensored VR porn videos live on the site.  They do not cater to any specific niche other than being a Japanese site. Within that broad spectrum, the site has managed to cover a wide variety of plots and storylines, which are otherwise just as popular as JAV (Japanese Adult Video).

These range from office flings, mom and daughter, daughter and dad, schoolgirl, massage, salesman, date sex, etc. Some of these niches, like mom and daughter and schoolgirl sex, are really popular in the JAV niche and should find the same amount of love in VR.

jvr porn 1

However, watching Japanese porn is a bit different than European or American-produced porn. The models will often be found moaning in a way that might seem like crying. Additionally, typical JAV would censor videos where they would pixelate the pussy and dicks. JVRPorn, however, has no pixelation. If you prefer pixelized content, check out VirtualRealJapan (➜ Review).

"The costumes they use in the videos are standard for JAV and seem pretty realistic. However, the bedroom locations could have used a bit more creativity. They also seem to repeat the sets in several scenes, hampering the immersion."

The models they use on the site are really hot, and the production values, lighting, and audio aspects are at par with the industry's best.

Based on the quality of content, I’ll rate JVRPorn a 4.5/5 for content.

Is the Visual Quality at the industry standards?

JVRPorn offers 3D videos with a 4K and 5K resolution and binaural sound for better acoustics. They shoot the videos in 180-degree (➜ Best 180-degree VR Porn) FOV. Recently, they started churning out 8K videos as well! JVRPorn announced to the public that they are planning to update every video to 90 FPS for a “headache-free” experience. And they did that!  Which is awesome!

The files available for download only display HQ (high quality), LQ (low quality), and resolution indicators. It seems that they support only smartphone resolution for PlayStation VR even though PSVR supports up to 2880 x 1440 without any issues.

jvr porn 2

They shoot all videos in voyeur modes and provide first-hand experience of being with a sultry Japanese beauty. The 8K resolution paired with exquisite lighting makes sure the visual quality is sharp, but the scale remains a big issue since the images look really tiny and make it hard to view videos.

Considering the videos' resolution, immersion, and FOV, I’ll rate them 4/5 for their visual quality.

How well does JVRPorn manage their variety of content?

We judge the variety of content based on two aspects – a variety of plots and a variety of models.

jvr porn 3Even though the catalog is limited as of now, there are still a lot of diverse plots and storylines that have been used. JAVs are known for their really intricate storylines, unlike American productions, which focus more on the hardcore aspects of porn. The same can be observed here. The stories are well-developed and have the potential to develop sequels after the first video. The sex focuses more on foreplay, which helps the scene develop into a feature-like video.

Sub-niches like office sex, after-date sex, private tutor sex, mom and daughter threesomes have already found a lot of dedication. Squirting again is a common aspect in most of these videos, and some models really excel at it.

For Variety, I’ll rate JVRPorn a 4.5/5.

Future of JVRporn, what’s next?

jvr porn 4

The guys at JVRPorn started posting VR Porn videos (➜ Best Videos by category) a while back and have since then done well to attract interest. They had a real problem with their image scale and needed to upgrade their camera rig. Thankfully, the situation is better nowadays.

Considering Japanese porn in VR has been improving its scale and production technology, JVRPorn needed to do as well. They did start and it all looks better! As a result, for the future, we’ll rate JVRPorn a 4.5/5.

Site and Extras

The site uses a very simple design without cluttering the screen with redundant information. However, this simple design can be a boon or a bane, depending on what you look for in a site.

Since they use a simple and direct design, the landing page also works as a video list page. Below the landing page banner, the latest scenes are displayed. This section provides the video title, a thumbnail, the number of likes, and the performer(s) name. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the video plot other than the title.

jvrporn 5

On clicking the title, the site takes you to an internal page with more information regarding the scene. However, there still aren’t any noteworthy video descriptions, with most videos sporting nothing more than a single line of dedication about the scene. Screenshots of the scene and downloading and streaming options are also available on this page.

Unlike other VR porn sites (➜ Best Sites Ranking), there isn’t any models or pornstars page. The Video page lacks any sorting/filtering or search options. A few tags are available on the internal video pages, but that’s about it. This is probably due to the lack of depth in the catalog as of now, and we should see them develop more sophisticated navigation options soon enough.

Is the Billing safe and secure?

JVRPorn provides three subscription options to its users – a 3-day Trial, 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year. The trial subscription lets the users download three videos across three days for a one-time payment of only $9.99.

jvrporn 6

The monthly subscription provides unlimited streaming and downloading options at $29.99 per month, while the yearly subscription costs the least on average, at only $9.99 per month.

Safe, secure, and anonymous billing!

Conclusion – How good is JVRPorn? Is it worth it?

This Japanese porn site offers the best of Japanese porn with popular niches, uncensored genitals, hot models, sloppy blowjobs and frantic squirting scenes. Their video quality is one of the best in the industry and offers a direct impetus for JAV fans to at least take a trial subscription.

The fact that they uploaded their videos in 90 FPS and even converted the old ones offers them a huge plus, too.

"If you’re looking for some authentic JAV porn for your VR headset, you don’t need to look any further."

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