LustReality Review – New Solo VR Porn Site – Is it WORTH it?!

Solo and Hardcore scenes, new talent, popular pornstars… A little bit of everything, but is it good enough!? Scroll down for the conclusion!

Quick & Easy: Is LustReality worth it?


  • Exclusive Solo scenes
  • Amazing models
  • Good Video Quality
  • Sexy new talent
  • Very competitive pricing


  • Lack of search bar and filter options

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

In this article, I’ll take a look at LustReality, a new but increasingly popular VR Porn site. They focus both on solo and hardcore scenes and they also offer the whole VRSexperts gallery, another great VR Porn site, completely free with their subscription!

I will rate every important aspect of the site like Visual Quality, Model and Plot diversity, pricing, and more, comparing it to all the other high-quality VR Porn sites (-> Top Ranking) that I reviewed so far to see if their subscription is actually worth your money and if they earned their place in the industry!

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Content on LustReality – Is there enough and is it high-quality?

I already mentioned that this site offers the whole VRSexperts catalog for free with their subscriptions. This is relevant when it comes to content quantity – the more videos, the better.

I can’t include them in the quality section, though – I’ll only refer to the new LustReality videos, their original productions when judging the quality.

We already know that the VRSexperts catalog is entirely 4K60fps videos. Most of them have good scaling and image quality, nothing to complain about here. It’s just a bonus after all.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 2

The real deal is the new LustReality originals – and trust me on this one, you just can’t miss some of them. You just can’t.

I’ve seen one of the best VR Porn scenes (-> Top 10’s in Every Category) ever on Lustreality – “Now Play With Me” with Eveline Dellai, a very hot and young Italian model that keeps filming better and better scenes in VR.
This one though is her best one so far, and she has two more amazing videos on the site. Totally worth checking out!

Scenes like these are a great start to convince your public that you’re serious about your work and the subscription is totally worth every penny.
There’s a total of over 180+ videos on the site. Most of them are new, 6K and 8K scenes from LustReality.

I feel like they’re choosing the pornstars very wisely for the type of content they’re delivering and that’s a great thing. I see new talent rather often and even though they don’t experiment that much with their plots, it doesn’t get boring either.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 3

Their main focus is lusty, teasing solo scenes meant to make you go crazy for the girl. I feel like they’re very good at what they’re doing

They also mix it with hardcore scenes once a week is awesome, and we can only appreciate it. -> POV VR Porn and voyeur action at the same place can only turn my attention on!

Still a little room for experimenting and lots of videos to catch up with the numbers, but other than that, it’s a great site!

For Content, I’ll rate them 4/5.

Visual Quality on LustReality – How good is it?

As the VR Porn industry grows bigger and bigger, every newcomer should impress the public very early if they want to have any real success.

And what’s more important than Visual Quality in VR? Well, some could argue that a bunch of other things are more important, but I think that the first thing you’ll ever notice when you start playing a new video from a totally new studio is the clarity, scaling, and lightning in the scene – the post-processing results.

First of all, the site offers 4K60fps6K60fps and 8k60fps videos respectively – the 4K videos are there because of the old catalog on VRSexperts.

All their new scenes are in 8K (-> Best VR Porn), which is fantastic for the current industry standard – most of the sites have yet to overcome that 5K (-> Best VR Porn) limit.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 4

The great majority of their scenes have very good scaling – an important factor in VR if you want your videos to be immersive.

It’s very obvious that the post-production team also works on lightning quite a lot, another huge bonus. The image is crisp and clear, but that’s something you should expect from 6K quality.

When you’re new in the industry you already know what kind of mistakes the “older” studios did and you’re able to avoid them – that’s a huge advantage, and it seems that LustReality made the best out of it.
For Visual Quality, i’ll rate them 4.5/5!

Variety in Plots and Models on LustReality

When it comes to the plots, it’s more than clear to me that this studio doesn’t want to get “boring”.

They play around a lot with the plots and while the setup might not be the best all the time, it certainly doesn’t get repetitive. You get your occasional nurse, stepsister, local agent, girl next door things, but nothing too crazy.

Still, the plots don’t get boring and that’s all I want from a site that focuses mostly on solo content – it doesn’t get much better than this in my opinion.

At the same time, a huge factor in Variety is represented by the models they’re working with.
There are 72 Pornstars on the site currently. The great majority is European talent, with the occasional -> Asian or -> Ebony twist, but not enough to spice it up.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 5

There’s still enough variety even for the pickiest – you get your fair share of petite, thick, -> big asses, big tits, young, -> teens, -> milfs, -> blondes, -> brunettes, redheads, etc. The site doesn’t lack variety, but more Asian and Ebony scenes would be welcome.

There are also a lot of very well known pornstars on the site like Alexis Crystal, Sybil A, Liya Silver, Nancy A and others while at the same time you’ll find a decent number of new pornstars here, too. A bit of everything and that’s great for a new site!

For Variety, I’ll rate them 4/5.

Future of LustReality – Will the site keep up with the industry?

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 6

It’s always hard to talk about a site’s future, especially if it’s a new one.
One thing is certain though: they’re off to a great start and their catalog is more is getting richer and richer. They didn’t cease to release new scenes twice a week and they seem to keep their promise to release more hardcore scenes – that’s awesome!

It seems like even though it’s a niche site, they’re trying their best to get ahead on the market and if they continue to do so, their future looks bright to me. With a little more diversity in plots and models, there’s a big chance you’ll find them among the most popular sites very soon.

They’re taking their work seriously and it seems that they’re always trying to please their public, another great thing that will increase their popularity.
For their Future, I’ll rate them 4.5/5!

Site and Extras on Lustreality

Lustreality follows a very traditional site layout: bright theme with a big banner on the front page showcasing their best videos and pornstars, with a “Recent Videos” and “Top Rated Videos” preview further down.

You can open the menu on the left and you’ll find the usual Videos, Categories, Pornstars and Help buttons along with your personal Profile page.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 7

They didn’t opt to have a search bar, something that I never liked on porn sites.

You can sort the Pornstars by the most recent or alphabetical and on almost every model page you can find out things like their birthdate, hair color, eye color, country of origin, and ethnicity along with every video they’re on on the site. Pretty good addition, who knows who you’ll fall in love with?

There’s no option to sort the videos themselves, though – you can only do that on the Categories page and it’s less than ideal, to say the least.

The site could really use a search/filter system for their videos so we can find what we’re looking for without scrolling through their entire catalog.

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 8

Are there any Lustreality Free Trailers?

Every video is available for all the popular -> VR Headsets, from the old -> Oculus to -> Meta headsets like -> Meta Quest to the -> Vive, -> PSVR, -> GearVR, -> Cardboard, etc.
Unfortunately, there are no free trailers available on the site. You can only download the full versions once you’re subscribed to the site.

I’ll rate them 3.5/5 for Site and Extras!

LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 9

Lustreality Billing – Is it Safe and Secure?

It is, just like with every other high quality VR Porn Site (-> Top Ranking), your payment is safe, secure and anonymous!

If you want to subscribe, you should know that they offer four options: 1 or three month access, 1 year access and Lifetime subscription.

You will pay $14.99 for 1 month access, while the 3 month access is only $11.66 a month billed as a $34.99 payment. 
You’ll pay only $5/month for the yearly access, billed as $59.99,
The Lifetime access can be bought for $249.99.

Choose whatever fits your needs best, I always opt for the yearly option when I subscribe to a new site – that way I get the lowest price and I have access to all their new releases. 
Lifetime is a great option too, you just pay once and everything they release is yours forever!


LustReality Review - New Solo VR Porn Site - Is it WORTH it?! 10

Conclusion – Is LustReality worth the money?

For a new site, I think they’re doing pretty well. They have a decent catalog for an even more decent price – $15 for one-month subscription is no joke in VR Porn – and some legendary must-see scenes already!
I’d say it’s totally worth a try, especially if you’re into solo content!

Their hardcore scenes are also among my favorites I’ve seen from newer sites, so there’s nothing to lose here.
This site is totally worth the money!

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