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How to watch adult content on the Oculus Rift?

VR porn reviews with the Rift has been the greatest experience for me. The sheer quality even leaves behind the HTC Vive in terms of clarity. The pixels arrange in a way that the Oculus Rift is excellent for watching videos. Virtual Reality lets you be the one fucking the girl. You are not just watching someone else. For this feeling, you need to immerse yourself in the world completely. And the better the device and video quality, the better will be the immersion. The Oculus Rift is perfect!

Watching videos is pretty similar on every device. You need to download the videos and then start them in an app/program of your choice. I’ll take you through some quick steps for the Oculus Rift!

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Start with our test winners

At the top of the page are our test winners. If you are new to VR porn, I highly recommend you choose WankzVR. It’s just the best Virtual Reality porn site. They offer so many full-length HD VR porn and have a release schedule of twice per week! However, it is all your decision, you will, however, have to pay. There is no free adult content for the Oculus Rift. The quality you find is so bad you get cancer from watching it. It also is cheap and totally anonymous to get a sub.

Do yourself a favor! Once you paid, you can download every video you want and watch it for the rest of your life.

Movies for the Oculus have to be of a higher quality than, for example, for the Cardboard. The resolution of the Rift is good, and thus the resolution of the Virtual Reality videos need to be, too. Only this way is the clarity and quality good enough. All sites I list offer such a high quality. Mostly they list the downloads separate as “Oculus Rift/HTC Vive” So, choose one and let’s get to the next step!

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Install the right VR player and start watching

Every VR porn headset has their own list of video players. They also differ between each operating system. The Oculus Rift can be used with a lot of different players. I personally use Virtual Desktop because I already have Steam and it is available on the market. Once you start the app, you just have to choose that you want to use it with the Rift. There are other great VR porn players, too. For example, Deo VR or Whirligig which are less expensive.

There is no real bad player. They just have different features and prices.

Almost all Virtual Reality adult videos you’ll find will be 180° and Side-by-Side (SBS). Even so, 360° sounds great, in my experience, 180° is best. You focus on the action, and the woman is closer and more intimate. Once you decided on the video you want to watch you can just right-click on the file and choose “Watch with Virtual Desktop.” And that’s it. Pretty simple, right?

Mostly, it doesn’t matter which player you choose. By now, nearly every player can play all the Virtual Reality videos. Some players allow you to tweak some settings more like Whirligig; others are easier to use like Deo VR. I use “Virtual Desktop” because I don’t want to put off the headset to use my computer every time. While you run “Virtual Desktop” you can use your Desktop like with a standard flat screen. I love this feature!

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Finding the right content for you

Virtual Reality is not even comparable to regular porn. The immersion you get, the feelings that arise, the intimacy and the closeness you have with the pornstar that is fucking you right now – it can’t even be compared. Thus, unlike with regular porn, the quality of the videos is so important. Do you like the girl? Is the image quality perfect? Is the scale all right? Is she just hot as fuck? With Virtual Reality, all those questions matter way more. And thus, you will have no way around buying the quality content you deserve.

High-quality videos are essential for a good Oculus Rift porn experience!

You can find a lot of reviews to various providers on VRPornMania. All sites we review have high-quality videos. Some VR sites go more for the cute type of girl, some more for the pornstars. All websites have their strengths, and you can find out which ones exactly by looking at our reviews and tests. If you like big tits, you should definitely get Naughty America VR, if you are more like me and like cute girls you should look at WankzVR or VirtualRealPorn.

Additionally, I put together a full Top 10 list of the best VR porn videos out there. Here you can just pick a video at random, and it will be excellent! By buying the Oculus Rift, you already showed your sense for quality. You shouldn’t waste it on bad quality videos. Go for the best; it will be worth it!

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Getting sex movies for the Oculus

I am sorry to let you know: But if you search for free Virtual Reality content, you will be in for a bad time. The quality of anything free you will find will be bad. Most are just Trailers. I haven’t found one site yet with true full-length free VR porn. Beware! Some sites claim they have free stuff, but they are just redirecting you to paysites – at best. Most times they will try to give you a Virus on the way. So save yourself the trouble, go with our quality-winner BaDoinkVR!

I have a subscription on every major Virtual Reality site, and I haven’t regretted it once. It is cheap, it is anonymous, and I never had any troubles with my membership. You just need an Email and some way to pay. The payment goes over a third party with no connection towards the site. Don’t worry! Once you have a subscription, you can download all the videos you want!

All in all, the Oculus Rift is just the perfect headset to watch Virtual Reality sex. With the right videos, you can have the best time and truly enjoy the new and awesome way to watch porn: Virtual Reality!