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Damn! She’s hot – I know. Well, that’s VirtualRealPorn-standard. Get used to it!

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  • So much Content
  • Price-Performance Winner with great offers
  • 5K Visual Quality
  • Two releases per week
  • Works on every Device
  • Safe and Secure Billing


  • Other sites (Gay and Trans) not included

Visual Quality
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What’s not in the rating: They are cheap as fuck! Cheaper than any other site.

Experience Virtual Reality

Due to the advanced technologies, we have today, it is now possible to create a world in which you can experience fascinating stories, games, movies, and of course adult content by VirtualRealPorn. Furthermore, those videos are processed by advanced software to create a believable copy of the recorded world. The POV recording makes you the main protagonist of the scene!

Experiencing porn in Virtual Reality is vastly different from watching a flat screen. It feels real. Your headset makes your brain believe that you are in this room with this hot girl. It is a fascinating experience. And you know what: It is so easy and cheap to get started just check out the Box above. You don’t need the best hardware to start. In the beginning, a Google Cardboard will be enough.

It’s always fun for me to show this new technology to my friends. Everyone is totally flashed after the experience and can’t stop grinning. That is the power of this new world. Virtual Reality has changed the way I experience best HTC Vive porn. I firmly believe it is the future, not just for the adult industry but every aspect of our lives. And it’s just beginning!

Everyone is totally flashed after the experience and can’t stop grinning.


VirtualRealPorn was the first!

They were the first company to get into VR as early as winter 2014. They established themselves as the leaders of the whole industry. And have thus become the number one choice for many out there. In this VirtualRealPorn review, I will showcase if this is still the case and if they deserve the title of industry-leader.


The future is bright. Be a part of it, don’t miss out!

By being the first, VirtualRealPorn had to do a lot of Research and Development on how to record sex scenes with his new technology. Hence, they were the ones establishing stereoscopic 3D, 60 FPS, 180° FOV and Binaural Sound. Basically, everything that makes it the great experience it is. We owe a lot to their courage to go where no company has gone before.

VirtualRealPorn were also the first to support teledildonics (yes, that’s a word). Those are advanced sex toys that sync with the video you are watching. It gives another layer of immersion to the experience so that your brain is convinced that you are fucking a hot girl. There are many inventions still to come but VR Porn already is shaking up the adult industry.


The content King

Being the first also implies having the most content. And that is so true for VirtualRealPorn. They nearly offer over 300 videos. That is by far the largest library you will find on any site. With this much content, you can fap happily for a few weeks or even months. Depending on how long you last considering, that VR Porn comes freaking close to having real sex.


330 Videos. With this much content, you can fap happily for a few weeks or even months!

What’s really remarkable is the ability to download everything they offer – once you have a subscription. That’s why I recommend the 30 days. It gives you enough time to download the huge library of videos. Furthermore, every video is 2-7 GB of size, which is due to the high quality needed.  If you don’t have 100 Mbit/s internet connection, you will need way more than two days.

In addition, VirtualRealPorn releases new content every week. With consistently better quality every time.  That is why I keep my subscription active, to always get the newest piece of awesomeness right at the release date. It’s great, and I look forward to it every week. And, of course, I am not addicted!…

All in all, the amount of the content is the greatest of any competitor. Of course, the quantity isn’t the only important aspect when it comes to the content. We also have to ask if the content has enough variety, quality, and length to play among the best sites.


Content variety

Virtual Reality videos are difficult and expensive to produce. The high-end cameras have to be static. That is why the recording of most videos is in the POV (Point of View) of the male. So, by nature, it has not as much variety as regular porn. It is just not possible to do all the positions, especially if the man has to move. With that being said, the experience can still be unique every time.

The producer can either write a story, feature different settings and environments, experiment with anal, threesomes or more and star a variety of great talent. All those examples are being used by VirtualRealPorn to spice things up. I personally absolutely love the three- or foursomes. Everywhere you look beautiful girls are fucking you. It’s just great.

Regarding the stories VirtualRealPorn offers. They are, well, porn stories. Simple and to the point, it is mostly about creating an attractive setting, like fucking the student or having a hot Spanish girlfriend. Nothing special here but it serves its purpose. I would like to see more variety from VirtualRealPorn in this aspect. Maybe some cosplay or a more fleshed out story.


Getting top-notch Pornstars

VirtualRealPorn has some of the best talents out there. Excellent models like Misha Cross, Viola Bailey, Cherry Kiss or Gina Gerson. Of course, there are many more. They produced over 200 VR Porn videos after all. Still, those quality pornstars are needed to give the content variety it needs. Giving you the feeling of owning a harem.

I compared the performance of amateur and professional pornstars and have to say: The difference is enormous. Things you wouldn’t even care about in regular porn scenes, like how she looks at the man or how exactly she moves, becomes so important in the Virtual Reality. You are intimate with this girl in front of you. Like you would be in real life. It is a fundamental need that she is attractive.


The pornstar being attractive is essential for a great Virtual Reality Porn experience.

Let me tell you: If you want to fuck one of the pornstars you find on VirtualRealPorn’s site. There is no way for you not to get a subscription. Just get one to download this one scene with this girl. You won’t regret it. I promise you.


VirtualRealTrans and VirtualRealGay

VirtualReal offers, even more, content in three separate sites: VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealTrans, and VirtualRealGay. They consistently update all their sites.

VirtualRealTrans offers Trans videos and VirtualRealGay offers Gay videos. Both sites are basically the same structure and quality of VirtualRealPorn. So you can get a pretty good idea of the quality by reading this review.


The Visual Quality is so important

The company with the most experience in recording Virtual Reality is hands down VirtualRealPorn. They were the first to start in the business and have since then consistently improved. Unfortunately, this means that especially the early videos aren’t up to the quality standards we are used to today. They are still worth watching, but they do have a few problems with clarity, color, and FPS.

Let me begin by saying that it is of utmost importance that the quality is perfect. Virtual Reality is all about getting immersed in a different world, and the immersion requires a high-quality video. Everything that is strangely different than the real world will remind you that you are just watching an adult movie in your room. You don’t want that. You want your brain to convince itself that you are fucking a hot pornstar, that’s what it’s all about.

In early videos produced by VirtualRealPorn, the clarity and color were the main problems. The colors were unsaturated and the videos kind of blurry. They fixed this issue long ago, in our test of the most recent videos the colors and the clarity are very lifelike.

The scale, how you perceive the size of the women and the environment, is pretty much the same as in the real world. Which is what you want.


They now offer 5K videos! That’s an amazing VR quality!

Compatible with every device and player

After you subscribed, VirtualRealPorn will ask you which device you use. This isn’t important, but it shows how VirtualRealPorn tries to be compatible with every device. And they are. They offer separate downloads for the Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift/HTC Vive. Also, they provide different quality downloads for the Headsets Rift and Vive. Thus you can enjoy the content even with a low bandwidth.

VirtualRealPorn even released their own player! The VirtualRealPlayer can be found on their website and offers a nice solution to watch the content on every device. Of course, you can also watch the videos with any other VR Porn Player you have. I tested the videos with every player I could find, and I haven’t had problems so far.

Not only do they support every Headset they also support VR sex toys like Lovense and Kiiroo. Both produce specialized teledildonics synchronizing with the action on screen. This has an interesting effect and immerses you even more into the action.


The VirtualRealPorn website

On September 12th, 2016 VirtualRealPorn released a statement that they are updating the site. This had a noticeable effect on the user experience. The site runs smoothly, and the downloads are as fast as your bandwidth allows. I tested with 100 Mbit/s and had no problems reaching that speed.

The structure of the website is industry-standard. You get a nice menu and a full-width site. The videos can be filtered by tags and sorted. However, there is no search function. It isn’t needed, and you can find every genre you are looking for through the tags. Once you decide for a video, just click on it and download the version you need for your device.

VirtualRealPorn offers a support page that is great. Some competitors are hard to contact which can be annoying. You will also find a FAQ and relevant information on this support site, for example how to cancel your subscription which is relatively easy. However, you will need a subscription first. You can join by clicking on Join Us or by trying to download any video.

There is a Blog on the site. Unfortunately, it is mainly used to describe the new videos they release. I would like to see interesting news all around Virtual Reality on this Blog. This would be a great addition.


VirtualRealPorn is extremely cheap

Let’s get to VirtualRealPorn’s biggest strength: The price. It is the cheapest site out there. You have a variety of options to choose from. Get the month or just pay for three months or a year. With the year being the cheapest option at merely 85 €. I still highly suggest buying the 90 days at 34 €. That’s just so cheap.

VirtualRealPorn offers various payment methods. All are anonymous and secure. You and the payment will not be associated with the site. The payment is handled by a third party industry-standard like epoch or PayPal in a discreet way. You can even pay with Bitcoin to be sure that absolutely nothing can be lead back to you.

You will need to subscribe if you want to enjoy high-quality VR porn. There is rarely any free out there, and if you can find them, the quality doesn’t even compare.


Honestly, there is no reason why to not give it a try. I love my subscription and never had a problem!